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The 34 best Apple Watch apps to download

Love your Apple Watch? Of course you do, so treat it right and load it up with the best apps available. We've gathered more than 30 together, and split them into handy categories, helping choose the right ones for you.

The 15 best iPad accessories to make more of your Apple tablet

Your Apple tablet is capable of all sorts of things directly out of the box, but you can easily increase its functionality with a few simple add-ons. Check out our picks for the best iPad accessories, whether you're into stands, keyboards…

The 15 best Moto G4 cases and covers for style and protection

Don’t risk cracking the display on your new Moto G4 , or scuffing up the frame. Check out some of our favorite cases and covers for Lenovo's new device, whether you're in need of some style or rugged protection. These will fit the Moto G4…

The 18 most stylish iPhone stands and charging docks

The right iPhone dock does more than just hold your phone. If you’re looking for the perfect dock for your bedroom, or one to sit discretely on your office desk, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here.

BioLite spreads holiday cheer with a limited edition camping gear kit

For the holiday season, BioLite is offering customers a chance to purchase seven of its most popular products in a single Limited Edition Holiday Faves Kit. The package costs $250 and includes the company's popular CampStove.
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Not sure what to get for your Secret Santa exchange? Here’s 10 geeky gifts for under $25

Secret Santa exchanges can be daunting if you don't know your assigned recipient. Luckily, we've put together a gift guide that highlights a swath of affordable presents for techies, most of which can be had for under $25.

Work hard, play hard with these versatile PC desks

Looking for a new piece of furniture that will fit in your office, dorm, or gaming cave? Here are some of our favorite computer desks on the market, whether you're a serious gamer looking for an upgrade, or just moved into a new space.

Treat your new phone to one of these 30 fantastic iPhone 6S Plus cases

The iPhone 6S Plus is a beautiful blend of glass and aluminum, but it's not invincible. Thankfully, these 30 cases will add protection and a touch of style to your Apple device without sacrificing its functionality.

2016 stole some of our favorite musicians, but gave us these 50 amazing albums

With everything from fresh new hip-hop and R&B concept albums to the siren songs of now-deceased rock icons, these are the best 50 albums we had the pleasure of listening to in 2016.

Ordering a beautiful Galaxy S6? We’ve got 30 cases you may want

The Samsung Galaxy S6 represents a beautiful fusion of metal and glass, but it’s still a fragile beauty that's prone to cracks and scratches if you don't protective it. Here are few of our favorite cases for the aging device.
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Confused by too many ecigarette options? We found the best of the best

From disposables to mechanical and box mods, here’s our list of the best e-cigarettes available on the market today to help you kick the cigarette habit.