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huawei p40 pro hands on features price photos release date back

The best Huawei P40 Pro cases and covers

The Huawei P40 Pro is an incredible smartphone, with a powerful processor and a stunning camera. Keep it safe with one of the best Huawei P40 Pro cases.
iPad Mini Apple Pencil

iPad Air (2019) vs. iPad Mini

With newer iPads being released, the 2019 iPad Air and iPad Mini are still great buys. We pit them in a head-to-head comparison to see which is best for you.
best cameras for kids photo of girl using camera 3065909

The best cameras for kids

Here are some of the best cameras for kids for 2021 that are fun, easy to use and can take some abuse
best camera straps

The best camera straps for 2021

Beyond look and feel, the best camera straps are easily adjustable while still keeping your gear secure when attached.
Sony RX100 VI review

The best travel cameras

From rugged point-and-shoots to advanced mirrorless models, here are the best travel cameras for every type of traveler.
peak design travel tripod impressions 12

The best photography tripods

Even with today's stabilization tech, sometimes your camera needs to be steady as a rock. Here are the best tripods in the business, from tabletop to full-size models.
Panasonic Lumix S1

The best full-frame cameras

For the ultimate combination of image quality and performance, look no further than these full-frame DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.
Best wide-format photo printers

The best wide-format photo printers

The best way to view your photography is large and in print, and owning your own wide-format printer is the best way to get you there.
Nikon D850

The best DSLR cameras

The camera on your smartphone might be capable, but it's not as flexible as a dedicated DSLR. Whether you're looking for something bare-bones or a professional full-frame designed to do it all, we've rounded up some of the best DSLR cameras for seasoned and budding photographers alike.
google pixel 3a review hands on 1

The best Google Pixel 3a cases and covers

If you're looking for a midrange phone with stock Android and an amazing camera, then the Pixel 3a is the phone to beat. Keep it safe with a protective case.
Best Galaxy S8 Plus cases Peel Super Thin Case

The best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases and covers

Samsung's Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone is a premium and attractive device, but it's costly to fix. Here, we've rounded up the best Galaxy S8 Plus cases to date.

The best emails apps for the iPhone and iPad

There are many great apps for managing emails on your iOS device. Here are some of our current favorites to help you organize your inbox on the iPhone or iPad.

The best educational apps for Android and iOS

A proper education is crucial to success, but you don't need to go back to school to stay sharp, as there are plenty of apps to help you educate yourself.

The best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protectors

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra's 6.9-inch display is gorgeous, and it needs protecting. Here are some of the best Galaxy S20 Ultra screen protectors you can buy.
Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra case feature image

The best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra cases

When you buy a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra phone, the first thing on your mind should be a case to shield it from accidental damage. We round up the best out now.
Galaxy Fold

The best Samsung Galaxy Fold cases and covers

Lucky enough to own a stunning Samsung Galaxy Fold? You'll want to keep this expensive phone protected. Here are some of the best Galaxy Fold cases around.

The best photo-editing apps for Android and iOS

From simple filters to light leaks, photo-editing apps step up your smartphone photography. Start creating with the best photo-editing apps.
Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Nest Hello vs. Ring Video Doorbell Pro: Which is better for you?

Two of the most well-known video doorbell brands are Nest and Ring. In this side-by-side, we're pitting the Nest Hello against the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.
OnePlus 6T review

The best OnePlus 6T screen protectors

The OnePlus 6T remains a powerful and attractive smartphone two years after its launch. Here are the best OnePlus 6T screen protectors to keep it in one piece.
how to measure home energy use curb 4 720x720

How to measure home energy use

Energy bills can add up quickly. Want to know how much energy your household is using? Here's a look at some of the most reliable energy monitoring tools.

The best Elgato Stream Deck alternatives

The Elgato Stream Deck is a great device for managing your content while you stream, but that isn't the only option. Here are some of the best alternatives.
echo dot 2018 3rd generation

2nd-gen vs. 3rd-gen Echo Dot: What’s the difference?

What makes the third-gen Echo Dot different from its second-gen predecessor? In this breakdown, we compare the two in sound, looks, features, and availability.

Nintendo Switch vs. Xbox One

The Nintendo Switch is unique enough to stand apart from some consoles, but can it beat Xbox One? We compare the two consoles to find out which is truly better!
Personal holding an iPad mini 4 with two hands.

Apple iPad Mini 5 vs. iPad Mini 4

The iPad Mini 4 was the top-of-the-line miniature Apple tablet for four long years, but in 2019 the iPad Mini 5 arrived to steal its crown. Which is the best?
Elite Gourmet

The best toasters

Toasters have come a long way over the past several decades. From LED displays to motorized trays, here are some of the best toasters currently on the market.
how to unlock characters in super smash bros ultimate guide roster

Nintendo Switch games that run at a smooth 60 frames per second

The Nintendo Switch certainly isn't as powerful as other modern systems, but is capable of offering a great gaming experience at a smooth 60 fps for some games.
expert tips for wall mounting your tv stud finder and other tools

The best stud finders

Endlessly searching for a stud in your wall is a chore. Luckily, these stud finders are high-tech and straightforward, allowing you to hang with confidence.
amazon echo plus gen 1 vs 2 2nd

Echo Plus (1st-gen) vs. Echo Plus (2nd-gen)

If you're thinking of buying or swapping out your Echo device, the Echo Plus is a solid option. This guide compares the 1st-gen Echo Plus with the 2nd-gen.
new nintendo 2ds xl review 13703

Nintendo 2DS XL vs. Nintendo 3DS XL

If you're in the market for a Nintendo 3DS, chances are you'll have to choose between the 2DS XL or the 3DS XL. Which one is right for you? We can help!
cool waffle irons makers snowflake maker

The coolest waffle makers

We can all agree that waffles are some of the best of the breakfast foods, but these savory circles can get a little boring. Here are some unique waffle makers.
google nest hub max vs amazon echo show

Google Nest Hub Max vs. Amazon Echo Show

Which video home hub is the best? Google Nest Hub Max or Amazon Echo Show? We compare the two smart displays to find out which option is best for your home.
A person holding the iPad Air 4.

The best iPad Air 4 cases and covers

The iPad Air 4 has arrived, and it's an impressive device. But that won't save it if it tumbles out of your hands. Here are the best iPad Air 4 cases around.
Galaxy A72 Purple

The best Samsung Galaxy A72 cases and covers

The Samsung Galaxy A72's gorgeous 6.7-inch display with s 90Hz refresh rate deserves serious protection. Check out our picks of the best cases and covers.
OnePlus 9

The best OnePlus 9 cases and covers

Here are our picks of the best OnePlus 9 cases and covers, offering protection against minor and major damage while keeping your phone looking stylish.