The NES Classic is available in limited quantities at Target

Whether you're a nostalgic gamer or a proud parent, the NES Classic is the hottest item of the holiday season. Check out our guide to find out where to buy the console as soon as it becomes available.

Games that use a red cross to denote health violate the Geneva Conventions

The team behind Prison Architect learned that the use of a red cross to denote health packs violates the Geneva Conventions. The emblem has been used in popular franchises for decades without a reported issue.

‘Titanfall: Frontline’ mobile spinoff canceled after extensive development

Titanfall series developer Respawn Entertainment has canceled its mobile collectible card game spinoff Titanfall: Frontline, claiming that "the experience wasn't ready to deliver the intense action-packed gameplay synonymous with…

Hyrule has never been this big — 'Breath of the Wild' download size may cause frustration

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild's digital version will consume 13.4GB of the Switch's 32 GB internal storage, and prices for high-capacity MicroSD cards for added external storage are currently astronomical.

Nvidia’s upgraded Shield TV with 4K HDR streaming support is available now

Nvidia's updated Shield TV device is not only a 4K, HDR media streamer but also a robust gaming machine, and it's available now for $200, which includes a game controller and remote.

'Borderlands 3' won't be released for the Nintendo Switch, says Gearbox CEO

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has taken to Twitter to suggest that Borderlands 3 will not appear on the Nintendo Switch, prompting further questions about the system's outlook for third-party support.

Your ‘Superhot’ fan creation could get you a $50,000 contract

The developers of Superhot and publisher IMGN.PRO are offering a publishing contract to the modder who creates the best Superhot-inspired content. Competition thus far is extremely fierce.

Here’s where you can pre-order the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch may make it to the masses eventually, but, currently, pre-orders are hard to come by. Here's where you can currently find the new console listed for purchase.

Go play outside! ‘Steep’ makes you want to put down the controller and shred

Ubisoft’s open-world extreme winter sports game’s love for the mountains of its setting is contagious in a way few games are.

Here’s an Xbox One controller you can play with in the pool

If you love all things Xbox, then this new toy from Microsoft is likely to pique your interest. It's a large inflatable in the shape of an Xbox controller, though sadly you can't connect it to the console for a more offbeat gaming…

There won’t be a shortage of Switch consoles, claims Nintendo of America president

Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime said there won't be shortages of Switch consoles as seen with the NES Classic Edition in late 2016. Two million Switch consoles are slated to ship worldwide in the first three weeks of March.

Build your own Xbox One S laptop by following these step-by-step instructions

Illustrious console modder Ben Heck provided some details on how to make your own Xbox One S "laptop" in Episode 217 of Element14's video series, where he provides a step-by-step guide on making your own version.