‘The Matrix’ revisited: Tech billionaires are certain we live in a simulation

According to some tech billionaires and observers, the chance that we are not living in a simulation is millions or billions to one. Two are hiring scientists to find a way to break us out of the game.
Virtual Reality

HTC launches virtual reality-focused Viveport M storefront for Android

Hardware manufacturer HTC launched a beta version of Viveport M, an Android-compatible client for its virtual reality storefront that gives mobile users quick and easy access to its library of VR apps.

Footage of Metallica video game ‘Damage Inc.’ surfaces years after it was canceled

Metallica fans got a rare look at the band's canceled car combat game Damage Inc. this week, as the first-ever gameplay footage from the scrapped project surfaced more than a decade after it was originally announced.
Cool Tech

Arduino-powered ping pong table play music to match the intensity of your game

Ping Pong FM is an Arduino-based ping pong game that's halfway between table tennis and the 'Guitar Hero' franchise. The faster you play, the faster the music plays. The slower you play ... well, you get the idea.

Oh, what a feeling! Microsoft Research demos tactile virtual reality controller

Microsoft Research has released footage of two prototype controllers for use with virtual reality headsets that allow users to touch and feel the surfaces of virtual objects in their surroundings.

If you forgive the resolution, Samsung’s quantum dot displays look impressive

Samsung's new C24FG70 and C27FG70 monitors are an attractive pair of displays, featuring quantum dots for better color palettes, and high refresh rates -- but low response times, all with gamers in mind.

YouTuber on trial for allegedly promoting ‘FIFA’ video game lottery

Two men from the United Kingdom have pleaded not guilty to charges of promoting a lottery and advertising unlawful gambling, after their FIFA lottery service was shut down earlier this year.

Rockstar teases more Red Dead, but leaves more questions than answers

Rockstar Games' Twitter account has begun sharing images that look to be teasing more Red Dead Redemption. Whether or not it's a full sequel isn't clear, as the company released Red Dead Revolver to PlayStation 4 just last week.
Game Review

‘Battlefield 1’ Review

'Battlefield 1' is as brutal, massive, and intense as the war that inspired it.

‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ beta is now available to PS4 pre-orders

The beta went live this weekend for the PS4, leaving Xbox One owners waiting for their respective platform launch of the beta next weekend. A PC beta version will not be made available, but the game launches November 4.
Virtual Reality

Spec Comparison: Does the Rift’s Touch update make it a true Vive competitor?

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are the two big names in the virtual-reality arena. Both are expensive headsets, so most people can only afford one. Our spec comparison will help you decide which one is right for you.

Xbox One Elite controller provides a better option for gamers with disabilities

Aside from the Xbox One Elite controller being considered top-of-the-line for serious players, its options for customizations and extra buttons on the back of the hand grip gives easy use to those who are disabled.