Google's Chromecast Audio will set your music free without the Sonos price tag

These days, there are numerous ways to enjoy wireless streaming at home, but few options can compete with the rock-solid reliability afforded by Google's Chromecast Audio. Simple and affordable, the Chromecast Audio is currently $10 off.

Snap It to Lose It: Weight-loss app takes the hassle out of counting calories

Lose It is rolling out a new beta feature in its iOS and Android app called Snap It, which makes it easier to log your meals. Snap It uses image-recognition technology to identify foods and assign their caloric value.

Meerkat could be on to a real winner with its new video chat app Houseparty

Houseparty is the latest app from the creators of Meerkat. A video chat network aimed at teens and millennials, Houseparty is on its way to becoming a breakout hit, having quickly amassed an audience of 1 million users.

iPhone users, you’ll start seeing Search Ads in the App Store from October 5

iPhone and iPad users are about to see sponsored results with their App Store searches. Starting October 5, developers can pay to have their apps appear higher in search results – a system Google's Play Store adopted just over a year ago…

Want to make a Skype call on your iPhone? Now you can ask Siri!

Skype has just added a new feature that lets you ask Siri to place a call without even opening the app. The functionality has been made possible after Apple recently opened Siri up to third-party developers with the launch of iOS 10.

Samsung says it’s now investigating reports of new Galaxy Note 7 phones overheating

Recent claims that some of the new, apparently safer, Galaxy Note 7 handsets are also overheating are now being investigated by Samsung. In some cases, the replacement handset has reportedly been "too hot to place next to the ear during a…
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Selfie snappers, the ‘ballot selfie’ ban in New Hampshire is no more

In case you hadn't heard, there's a pretty big election happening in November, and in the age of the selfie a good many folks will want to snap a shot in the ballot booth. Some states ban the practice, but in New Hampshire you're now in the…

Apple appears to be storing a log of the numbers you enter into iMessages

Apple stores detailed logs of all phone numbers entered into iOS's Messages app -- and potentially others -- for a minimum of 30 days. That's according to law enforcement documents obtained by The Intercept.

Watch out Apple! Xiaomi reveals plans to open 1,000 retail stores by 2020

Apple may have some retail competition on its hands. Xiaomi has announced plans to open 1,000 retail stores by 2020, representing a shift in the company's strategies, which have traditionally been based on web sales.

Messaging Showdown: WhatsApp vs. iMessage vs. Facebook Messenger vs. Allo

Apple's overhauled iMessage is finally here, as is Google's latest message app, Allo. But how do they pair compare with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp? Check out our quick-hit comparison for a closer look at each platform.

Former Verizon employee faces time behind bars for selling customer records

Authorities brought charges against Daniel Eugene Traeger, a former Verizon employee who was found guilty of selling customers' private phone records. He pleaded guilty to the charge and faces up to five years in prison.

An FCC filing suggests Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime refresh is on its way

It looks like Samsung is prepping the release of yet another mid-range smartphone. A refresh of the Galaxy Grand Prime was spotted in an FCC filing, only a few weeks after it was seen in a Geekbench log.