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Feast your eyes on the first sizzle reel for ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ 2:56

The first sizzle reel for 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' reveals some of the action going on behind the camera and in front of it while filming the first standalone Star Wars movie in the franchise.
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‘Ghostbusters’ ain’t afraid to be a reboot, and that’s why it works

Nostalgia weighs heavily on director Paul Feig's reboot of 'Ghostbusters,' but the film's talented cast - particularly Kate McKinnon - and clever writing prove more than capable of shouldering the burden.

Vevo hits reboot, previews new features, teases subscription service

Vevo launched its biggest update today with a redesigned mobile app, new personalized video feed, and a more unassuming logo. Vevo plans to launch new original programming and have music experts curate playlists from different genres..
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Oscars may be so white, but 2016 Emmy nominees are the most diverse ever

Diversity -- or lack thereof -- was a burning issue at the 2016 Academy Awards, but that won't be the case at the Emmy Awards this year. The group of nominees is the show's most diverse yet.
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The first 8 minutes of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ are strange indeed — in a good way

Netflix has released a first look at its upcoming drama series Stranger Things, and the roughly eight-minute sneak peek is full of creepy moments. Prepare yourself for supernatural suspense and '80s horror.
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‘Suicide Squad’ is on pace to make Warner Bros. proud at the box office

Early Suicide Squad box office projections indicate that the DC Comics film could be a big one for Warner Bros. In fact, the film could even set an August record with $125 million.
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Samuel L. Jackson will catch you up on ‘Game of Thrones’ in a hilarious, NSFW video recap 7:40

Catching up on 'Game of Thrones' can take hours upon hours, but there's an alternative: Samuel L. Jackson offers a thumbnail sketch of the first five seasons in a hilarious video recap that takes less than eight minutes.
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Here’s the first look at Jude Law’s villain in the new ‘King Arthur’ movie

Jude Law makes his debut as Vortigern, the villain of Guy Ritchie's upcoming film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, in a new photo released by Warner Bros. Pictures. ahead of next week's Comic-Con in San Diego.
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Kathy Bates to get high on her own supply in Netflix’s ‘Disjointed’

Netflix has ordered 20 episodes of Disjointed, starring Kathy Bates as a longtime marijuana legalization advocate who sets up her own pot shop in Los Angeles. It's all part of Netflix's push to acquire more scripted, multicamera comedies.

Only Microsoft’s Edge offers full HD Netflix on Windows computers

Looking forward to binge-watching in full HD? If you're on Windows, do it in Edge. That is the only PC browser that offers 1080p Netflix streaming. Mac users should stick with Safari, which also offers full HD.