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Series of screenshots of CNN Plus on an iPhone.

CNN+ is back from the dead as CNN Max debuts Sept. 27

CNN Max isn't quite what CNN+ was supposed to be before it was killed off in 2022, but it's built on much of the same structure.
Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka dual-wielding her white lightsabers in the Disney+ series.

Ahsoka review: A Star Wars celebration of the old and new

The new Disney+ series Ahsoka is a refreshing and fun Star Wars celebration led by Rosario Dawson's commanding performance.
Luke Skywalker faces Darth Vade in The Empire Strikes Back.

The 10 best Star Wars action scenes, ranked

From television to the big screen, we're counting down the ten best Star Wars action scenes of all-time in time for the Disney+ premiere of Ahsoka.
Sylvester Stallone stands and stares in Expend4bles.

Expend4bles trailer teases R-rated action and violence

The official Red Band trailer for Expend4bles, the fourth installment in the The Expendables franchise, features a lot of violence, blood, and guts.
A robot farms a field in The Creator.

3 movies you need to watch in September 2023

From the latest Agatha Christie mystery to a visionary sci-fi film from the director of Rogue One, September has an intriguing lineup of must-see movies.
Kirk and Spock look at each other in "Star Trek" (2009).

5 sci-fi movies on Netflix that need to be seen right now

Science fiction remains a tentpole genre in modern cinema, and Netflix movies like these five should be at the very top of every sci-fi fan's watch list.
The Enterprise crew looks at the camera in the 2009 film Star Trek.

Everything leaving Netflix in September 2023

Goodbye, Rocky, Titanic, and Kick-Ass. Live long and prosper, Star Trek reboot. Find out which movies and shows are leaving Netflix in September 2023.
Three male students sit together in Sex Education season 4.

Everything coming to Netflix in September 2023

New seasons of Sex Education, Love is Blind, and Virgin River -- plus the debut of Castlevania: Nocturne -- highlight Netflix's September 2023 schedule.
Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector still featuring Kei Mikhail Ignatov and Maiko Maya Stronskaya.

The best anime on Amazon Prime Video right now

It might be more of a supplement, Amazon Prime Video is a great place to stream some of the best anime like Psycho-Pass and Tomorrow's Joe.
Google TV free channels.

Google TV gives NFL Sunday Ticket top billing, adds FAST channels

Google TV and Android TV are getting even more free channels in the U.S., and look for NFL Sunday Ticket to place itself front and center.
Two men are covered in cake in Red, White & Royal Blue.

3 best rom-coms of 2023 so far

From a quiet tale of two lovers in London to a rom-com involving a prince and the son of a U.S. president, these 2023 rom-coms are the best so far this year.
Rosario Dawson in The Mandalorian.

The best female Star Wars characters, ranked

In honor of the Disney+ show Ahsoka debuting this week, Digital Trends ranks the best female Star Wars characters across the entire franchise.
Robin jumps from a plane in a DC comic.

Who should play Robin in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold movie?

Batman: The Brave and the Bold is still years away, but DT can't help but wonder: Who will play Robin, the Dark Knight's crime-fighting partner?
Jimmy the Robot Knight in Rebel Moon.

Netflix debuts first trailer for Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon

It's not Star Wars, but the first full teaser trailer for Zack Snyder's new sci-fi film, Rebel Moon, definitely looks Star Wars-adjacent.
Netflix final DVD envelope.

Don’t bother sending back those final Netflix DVD rentals

Netflix says you don't have to bother sending back its final shipment of DVDs, if you're the sort still using that ancient media.
Ahsoka Tano takes on Darth Vader in "Star Wars: Rebels."

Ahsoka vs. Anakin Skywalker: who would win in a fight?

With Anakin Skywalker set to appear in Disney+'s Star Wars series, Ahsoka, let's discuss whether or not he could best his former Padawan in a possible rematch.
A woman wields a knife in Sick.

3 underrated movies of 2023 you should watch

From the rise and fall of a smartphone company to an environmental-action thriller, here are three underrated 2023 movies that are worth your time and money.
Chris Hemsworth and Kristin Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman.

The best fantasy movies on Netflix right now

Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth team up for an action-oriented Snow White while Arnold Schwarzenegger gets back to his roots with Conan the Barbarian.
Spider-Man in "Spider-Man: Far From Home."

The 10 biggest mistakes the MCU ever made

Though the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a success, it has still had its fair share of blunders over the years. DT lists the MCU's 10 biggest mistakes ever.
Drew Barrymore screams into a phone in Scream.

The 7 best opening scenes in horror movies

It's essential for a horror movie to hook its audience with its opening scene, and these seven films did a frightening good job at introducing themselves.
Blue Beetle with blasters.

7 best characters in Blue Beetle, ranked

There's a lot to love in WB's Blue Beetle movie, but the characters are the best part of it all. DT ranks the best characters in the DC Comics superhero film.
Russell Crowe in The Pope's Exorcist.

This 2023 horror movie is topping the charts on Netflix. Here’s why you should watch it

This underrated 2023 horror film starring an Oscar-winning actor is the most popular movie on Netflix right now. Find out what it is and why you should see it.
Sidney Prescott is looking at the killer in Scream

5 movies leaving Paramount+ in August you need to watch now

From a mob movie classic to a Mark Wahlberg action movie remake, these five movies should definitely be watched before they leave Paramount+ in August.
A football rests between two helmets.

Where to watch Saints vs. Chargers: live stream NFL preseason games

One of the last NFL preseason matchups in week 2 is between the New Orleans Saints vs. the Los Angeles Chargers. Find out where and when to watch the game.

5 movies leaving Max in August you need to watch now

From a great Christopher Nolan movie to underrated Christian Bale film, these five movies are ones you should watch before they leave Max in August.
The dogs of Strays stand together.

Like Strays? Then watch these 3 raunchy R-rated comedies

Can't get enough of the adult-oriented comedy of Strays? Then check out these raunchy R-rated comedies starring Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, and more.
A girl and Okja in "Okja."

5 best Korean movies on Netflix you should watch

South Korean films have reached an unprecedented level of popularity, which has driven Netflix to add must-see films like Okja and #Alive.
The Griffin family in "Family Guy."

10 best Family Guy episodes, ranked

Out of all the episodes in Family Guy's 21 seasons, these 10 episodes are hands-down the Griffin family's best adventures.
A soccer stadium with a view from the crowd.

Spain vs England live stream: Watch the Women’s World Cup final for free

Excited to see the Women's World Cup final? Here's how to watch Spain vs England online and for free.
A football in a stadium on the field.

Where to watch Raiders vs. Rams: live stream NFL preseason games

One of the NFL's preseason enticing matchups in week 2 is between the Las Vegas Raiders versus the Los Angeles Rams. Find out where and when to watch the game.
A football rests between two helmets.

Where to watch Broncos vs. 49ers: live stream NFL preseason games

One of the NFL's preseason thrilling matchups in week 2 is between the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers. Find out where and when to watch the game.
A locker room.

Where to watch Patriots vs. Packers: live stream NFL preseason games

One of the NFL's preseason great matchups in week 2 is between the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers. Find out where and when to watch the game.
Two men hold each other's hands in Red, White & Royal Blue.

5 movies to watch if you like Red, White & Royal Blue

With Red, White & Royal Blue a big streaming hit for Prime Video, here are five movies to watch for fans of the rom-com starring Nicholas Galitzine.
App icons on the Apple TV homescreen.

Why you can ignore those ‘streaming vs. cable price’ stories

Maybe streaming is more expensive than cable. Maybe it's not. Regardless, you can ignore any story that tries to spin it one way or the other.
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