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HTC Viveport online app store now open to virtual reality fans worldwide

Consumer electronics company HTC is rolling out its VR-focused digital storefront worldwide. It will allow HTC Vive owners to browse, purchase, and download virtual reality games and applications.

Google employs machine learning to boost translation capabilities to near-human level

Google's using a new method of machine learning to improve the quality -- and rapidity -- of Mandarin Chinese text translations in Google Translate. It's rolling out in the coming weeks.
Cool Tech

Ever needed a private meeting space in an open office? MIT, Google invented one

Open office spaces look cool, but disruption and lack of privacy are ongoing issues. Inspired by a conversation with Google, MIT's Self-Assembly Lab designed a drop-down cubicle that creates a 10-foot diameter private meeting area…

This Kickstarter is a literal toss-up: AER lets you throw your GoPro for aerial shots

No money for the Karma? This Kickstarter project gives your GoPro wings for a two-digit price tag. The AER is essentially a foam football for your GoPro, but the sample footage looks surprisingly steady -- and incredibly fun.

New 'Titanfall 2' trailer shows how powerful single-player Pilots really are

Titanfall 2's single player gameplay will make you feel like a god, as that's how it paints you. Able to do things that generic soldiers can't even imagine, you'll run, shoot, and stomp your way through the campaign as a true…

Amazon reveals ‘Breakaway,’ a streamer-friendly MOBA built with Twitch integration

Amazon Game Studios has revealed three new multiplayer games built with Twitch integration as an integral part of the experience. You can sign up for the alpha for one of these, Breakaway, right now.

Sky-high electricity bill? Four ways to measure home energy consumption

Want to measure the energy and electricity your house uses? We have the best ways to do it, from meters to apps, depending on how much time and effort you want to put into it.

The Japanese version of the NES Classic Edition is a must for collectors

Nintendo has announced the Japanese equivalent to the plug-and-play NES Classic Edition console, which boasts exclusive games and is powered via a USB connection, much to the delight of collectors.

Hyundai’s RN30 concept is armed with 375 hp and an array of cameras

The Hyundai RN30 debuting at the 2016 Paris Motor Show is the latest concept from Hyundai's nascent "N" performance brand. It previews an actual "N" production model due out next year.

Is ‘Battleborn’ going free-to-play? Gearbox strongly disputes a report that says it will

A new report suggests that the multiplayer shooter Battleborn will soon transition to a free-to-play model only months after the game launched. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford denied the claims.

Google’s Project Loon runs test of balloon-based internet service over Peru

Google's Project Loon initiative aims to supply internet access to remote locations via high-tech balloons, one of which spent the summer flying high over Peru to test out navigation systems.

Google's new Android Wear developer preview introduces an on-watch app store

Google has pushed back the release of Android 2.0 from this fall to sometime in 2017. It's also released the latest developer preview, Developer Preview 3, with a major addition: a wrist-optimized Play Store.