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T-Mobile has big plans for Un-Carrier 11

T-Mobile wants to shake up the wireless industry yet again, this time by offering subscribers weekly freebies and even stock in the company. The new campaign is set to be unveiled on June 6, according to recent reports.

Google bolsters encryption for Blogspot domain residents with HTTPS rollout

Google is rolling out HTTPS encryption to all Blogspot residents. However, the feature doesn't support top-level domains or subdomains -- at least for now. The company has also released a tool for fixing elements that are broken on the new…

Google’s AI has been reading a lot of soft-core erotica lately

For the last several months, Google has been doing some pretty interesting reading, devouring books like Unconditional Love, Ignited, Fatal Desire, and Jacked Up, in order to improve its own language skills.

Hey, taxi! Lamborghini Huracan will get you there fast, but the fare is steep

A private-hire car license has been issued to the owner of a Lamborghini Huracan in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England. A 90 minute ride costs $505. It's doubtful it can get up to the 200 mph-plus maximum speed in city limits.

Trends with Benefits: Live weekly tech news roundup

This week's tech roundtable looks at two Guinness Records. The longest flight for a hoverboard, and longest time spent in VR.

Master the modular LG G5 with these 15 super tips and tricks 3:15

If you just bought a LG G5, you'll likely want to know how to make the most of your exciting new phone. If so, check out these tips and tricks, whether you're looking to capture a screenshot or customize the buttons on the home…
Virtual Reality

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says binging and virtual reality are not a good fit

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings explained in a recent interview how virtual reality has numerous problems that keep Netflix from investing money in content. Hastings does believe virtual reality will impact gaming.
Cool Tech

NASA stitched together thousands of Hubble images to create this mesmerizing galaxy zoom 0:37

Now you can experience what it's like to travel to the center of the Milky Way galaxy. NASA created a video of the journey using a series of wide-shot images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Ford shows off 50 years of innovation in a combined 1965/2015 Mustang

Ford recently joined parts of two Mustangs representing 50 years of innovation. The combination 1965/2015 Mustang is on display at the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum. You can sit in each side and hear the engines, but you can't…

Move over, FBI — the LAPD hacked an iPhone 5S in a murder case

Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department hacked into the iPhone of April Jace, wife of actor Michael Jace, who is accused of killing her. The method is unknown, but it calls into question why the FBI needed Apple's help to unlock…
Home Theater

Could the FCC’s proposed open set-top boxes accidentally encourage piracy?

The open set-top boxes championed by FCC chairman Tom Wheeler and others could end up accidentally encouraging piracy by making less-than-legal streaming services like Popcorn Time seem legitimate, lawmakers are warning.

Steam Broadcasting now enables users to stream their VR games to anyone

Valve has introduced VR game streaming to its Steam Broadcasting service, allowing users to share their experiences with friends or the general public. The service is still in beta, and allows users to determine precisely who can watch the…