Adobe celebrates the world’s cheesiest stock photos by sticking them on T-shirts

In an effort to spread the word about its own stock photo service, Adobe recently tracked down some of the world's cheesiest stock images and stuck them on T-shirts. And somehow they look kinda cool.

Here’s what ‘bokeh’ is, and how the iPhone 7 Plus fakes it

A key feature of Apple's newly announced iPhone 7 Plus is the much touted camera, and its bokeh effect. But not everyone may know what bokeh is. We explain this photography depth of field effect.

D-Link’s new Wi-Fi security camera gives a wide 180-degree view of your home

D-Link's latest home security camera can show you an entire room without having to pan, tilt, or use a second camera. It shoots in Full HD, offers integrated night vision, and and stores up to a week of 1080p video on a MicroSD card.

A digital polarizing filter is one of over 20 new features inside of Aurora HDR

In a 20+ feature upgrade, Aurora HDR has added a digital polarizing filter to its software. The latest update also offers faster processing, enhanced tone mapping, easy selection tools, and more.

Sorry drones, this 300-foot camera "zipline" can carry over 17 pounds of camera gear

Video sliders are either long or portable, but this 300 foot "slider" fits inside a backpack. That's because the Syrp Slingshot is really more of a zipline for your camera. The question is, are the portability features worth the heavy price…

Epson did the impossible: It got us excited about a scanner

Epson's new FastFoto FF-640 is touted as the world's fastest. Capable of scanning 4x6-inch prints as fast as one per second, we take a first-look at Epson's latest peripheral.

Canon adds advanced features to budget 70-300mm telephoto lens

With an information LCD, upgraded image stabilization, and a quieter, faster motor, Canon's budget 70-300mm telephoto zoom just got a little more interesting. Best of all, it's priced under $600.

Canon isn’t just flirting with mirrorless anymore, the new M5 is a serious shooter

Canon's new mirrorless camera warrants a serious look. The EOS M5 is no slouch, with DSLR-like performance, controls, enhanced speed, and a slew of new features.

A Kickstarter project filled a London subway station with photos of cats

A London-based art collective has achieved its aim of filling an entire subway station with photos of cats. Why? Because it wanted to give people a break from the constant barrage of advertising they're subjected to daily on their commute.

Qualcomm's Clear Sight uses dual cameras to deliver improved clarity, contrast

Qualcomm's new Clear Sight platform leverages dual cameras in supported smartphones to deliver pics with improved contrast, clarity, and sharpness. The chipmaker's working with manufacturers to build it into into future phones.

At 4 million ISO, Canon's multipurpose camera can shoot real-time video in starlight

Canon's ME20F-SH Multi-Purpose camera can shoot at a whopping four million ISO. But even at "just" 400,000, it's enough to shoot real-time video under starlight, as one photographer found out during the Perseid meteor shower.