Microsoft reportedly in talks to buy Winamp, will the Llama get spared?

After it was announced that Winamp would be shuttered several days before Christmas next month, it turns out that Microsoft could acquire the player from AOL. Will the Llama avoid the axe?

AOL sells shuttered blogs to former AOL boss

Townsquare Media has purchased four of the blogs closed at the end of April by AOL in a move that reunites said sites with the man responsible for their creations: Former AOL Content chief (and now Townsquare EVP) Bill Wilson.

AOL closes multiple entertainment sites, cites ‘underperformance’

In a quiet end-of-week move, AOL closed multiple entertainment blogs and news sites last week without notice, including AOL Music's Spinner, The Boot and Noisecreep, as well as the award-nominated comic book site Comics Alliance.
Social Media is leaving AOL and getting back to its startup roots was acquired in 2010 by AOL, but today the company announced that with support from investors has been bought back by its co-founders. Startup mode, take two.

AOL boss: “Sandy was great for our sites”

If you're wondering, AOL's Tim Armstrong seems to have found the missing silver lining to last week's Hurricane Sandy: AOL traffic went up dramatically in the wake of the storm hitting the East Coast, he announced today.
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Hands on with AOL’s Alto: A webmail client that’s big on beauty, and has decent brains to boot

A big part of AOL's legacy is email, and now the company - of "You've Got Mail!" infamy - is introducing a new webmail application that groups your various inboxes into one stylish stop. But is there enough substance beneath Alto's gorgeous…
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AOL’s Patch to be profitable by 2014

AOL's Patch local service is headed towards profitability by the end of 2013, according to AOL CEO Tim Armstrong. Proof that the world still needs local media?
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HuffPost Live lets anyone be a news pundit

AOL's Huffington Post hasdebuted the next generation of Web news with HuffPost Live, a streaming news network that invites live audience contributions.
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Patch restructuring to turn into a Craigslist competitor?

Aol's moneysuck, Patch, could be reimagined as a Craigslist-type local commerce platform within the coming year.

The rumor that AOL will sell TechCrunch, Engadget is just that – a rumor

According to former TechCrunch writer Sarah Lacy's insider sources, the two AOL-owned tech sites might be on the chopping block. CEO Tim Armstrong is strongly denying it.
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Facebook to buy $550 million in AOL patents from Microsoft

Amid its legal battle with Yahoo, Facebook has decided to purchase $550 million in patents from Microsoft — some of the same patents that Microsoft just bought from AOL. Confused yet?
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Dark days for Patch as investors grow weary and editor-in-chief resigns

The hyper-local platform draws more criticism thanks to its unproven track record. Is it next on the chopping block at Aol?