Cloud Computing

Microsoft is going to give $1 billion in free services to help nonprofits

Microsoft has announced a plan to donate cloud services worth $1 billion to nonprofits and university researchers working "for the public good." CEO Satya Nadella said he hopes the initiative will enable recipients to "solve our greatest…

Apple gifts Greek users a free month of iCloud after financial squeeze

Due to the financial crisis in Greece, users can't make online payments at the moment, so Apple has decided to give iCloud subscribers a month's leeway for keeping their extra storage.
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Find your twin with Microsoft’s Twin or Not facial comparison software

A new project that makes use of Microsoft's cloud computing capabilities compares the portraits of two people and spits out a "twin score." The closer in appearance, the higher the percentage.

HP is dead; long live Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.

Well, it's official. As of November 1, HP will be shedding half of its enterprise operations and splitting into two entirely separate companies to adapt to a shifting marketplace: Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.

IBM’s silicon photonics technology could propel data centers into the future

IBM announced on May 12 that they have designed and tested a fully integrated wavelength multiplexed photonics chip. Data centers will be able to provide larger data rates and bandwidth in the future through this technology.

Google’s Nearline cloud storage will house all your unloved data for when you need it

Google's Nearline is cheap storage for infrequently accessed data. If you've got a huge stack of photos from five years ago, documents from your college days, or other data that you don't use everyday, you may want it.

Heating your home with cloud servers could be bigger in Germany than David Hasselhoff

A German cloud service supplier has developed an intelligent way to use excess heat produced by servers as an alternative energy source.

Larry Ellison steps down from CEO position at Oracle

One of the long-standing CEO's from the early days of Silicon Valley, Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison is shifting from the CEO position to a role that will bring his focus on the development of new technology.

Best of the cloud: 7 top cloud storage services compared

Choose the ideal cloud storage service for you to back up and share your documents, music, and photos with our comprehensive guide.

SteamOS and Steam Box: Streaming Towards The Future

Valve's SteamOS and Steam Box have made big splashes in the gaming community, but their streaming features hint at the future of computing for everyone - not just gamers. The computer of tomorrow may not be a PC of all, but rather a server…

Do everything in your browser with these 25 awesome webapps

Why download and install a bunch of desktop software when you can get the same things done with webapps? We've rounded up 25 of the best ones on the Internet so that you'll never have to leave the comfortable confines of your browser ever…

Microsoft investing $678M into massive ‘Project Mountain’ data center in Iowa

Microsoft's investing time and effort into its West Des Moines, Iowa, office. The office, known as the "Project Mountain” data center," is responsible for Microsoft's cloud and online services and will see a substantial $678 million…