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Project Ara to launch $100k module contest to focus minds of developers

Project Ara is launching a $100k contest in a bid to encourage developers to design a vast array of useful and unique modules for its build-your-own smartphone. The new kind of device is set for launch in January next year.

Google Glass sells out within a day (Updated with quote from Google)

Google said Tuesday night it'd allocated all Glass units in its one-day sale to the public. However, we've no idea how much demand there was for its head-mounted gadget as the company is declining to give any information on numbers.

Google’s new Camera app can now refocus images like a poor man’s Lytro

Google updated its Camera app to include Lens Blur and Photo Sphere. With the update, Photo Sphere makes its way to non-Nexus devices for the first time, while Lens Blur uses software to focus on a subject while blurring out the surroundings.

​Project Ara: Google planning January 2015 launch for its modular phone

Google is really moving on with the development of its Project Ara modular phone. At its first Ara developers conference in California this week, the company was even in a position to offer a planned launch date: January 2015.

Microsoft releases Office Online Apps on Google’s Chrome Web Store

Microsoft released its Office Online Apps to the Google Chrome Web Store as well. Learn more here.

Google considering tiny cameras for contact lenses, patent application shows

If you thought Glass presented privacy issues, wait till you hear about Google's latest patent application. It outlines details of a camera-equipped contact lens that can snap a photo with the blink of an eye, and also offer help to the visually impaired.

Restaurant researches diners on Google, social media before reservation

Definitely a high tech, if not invasive, way to learn about your guests, NYC restaurant Eleven Madison Park uses Google to search for guests in order to learn about important dates, hometowns and interests.

Google acquires drone company Titan Aerospace

As part of its plan to blanket the Earth in an omnipresent wireless Internet network, Google has just acquired high-altitude drone manufacturer, Titan Aerospace.

Scan websites for Heartbleed with this Google Chrome browser extension

You can protect yourself from the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability with Chromebleed, a free Google Chrome browser extension. Learn more about how Chromebleed works, and how to get it here.

How to send webpages from Google Chrome to your Android phone or tablet

Viewing webpages using the desktop version of Google Chrome is easy, but it's not the most convenient when viewing said pages on the go. Check out our guide on how to send webpages from Chrome to your Android device, whether for online or offline viewing.

The ‘Let Me Google That For You Act’ could save U.S. taxpayers $1m

According to an Oklahoma Senator, much of the information provided by the National Technology Information Service can be found through Google for free — and he's put together a bill to close it down.

Google Glass goes on sale next week – but for one day only

That's right, folks, Glass is finally going on sale to the public – but only for one day. It's not a proper commercial release, but this move by Google to expand its army of Explorer testers suggests a launch for the masses is just around the corner.

Aereo will roll out for Google Chromecast on May 29

Definitely good news for any current Aereo subscribers in the United States, the company plans to add Google Chromecast support within the next eight weeks. Of course, you will need an Android mobile device.

Google Chromecast: Everything you need to know

Google unveiled the Chromecast yesterday, a small dongle you plug into your HDTV's HDMI port that allows you to stream content from any device, be it a tablet, laptop, or smartphone running on Windows, OS X, iOS, or Chrome, right to your TV. Here's what you…

Project Ara coming together as Google releases first resources for developers

Google has released its first Module Developer Kit (MDK) for Project Ara as it moves forward in its quest to create a highly customizable handset that consumers can easily build according to their smartphone habits and needs.

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