The Russians aren’t coming to Silicon Valley, they’re already here

The idea that humans could engineer a path to their own salvation started long before Google, the internet, or even computers. The Russians were there 100 years ago, and planted the seed for today’s Silicon Valley transhumanists.

Google loses another bright mind to Uber: engineer Amit Singhal

Apple is to Tesla what Google is to Uber -- at least, when it comes to employee migration. On Friday, Amit Singhal became the latest bright mind to bid adieu to Google and bonjour to black cars.

Google’s Instant Tethering will make it easier to tether from an Android device

Google is set to make it a whole lot easier to tether Android devices -- the company is currently rolling out "Instant Tethering" to Google Play Services, which will allow users to quickly and easily tether devices connected to a Google…

Ads for Google products lord over most of its search results, study finds

Google promotes its products aggressively on its web properties. That's according to an analysis by The Wall Street Journal, which found that advertisements for Google's hardware and services appeared prominently in search results.

Google confirms Pixel audio bugs will be squashed in a future update

Pixel and Pixel XL users have been reporting static at high volumes since late last year, and it seems Google will soon deliver a solution. The company responded to customers, saying it's a software issue.

Google creates Tilt Brush Toolkit to help 2D artists work better in 3D

Google's Tilt Brush Toolkit joins the Tilt Brush app and Tilt Brush Artist in Residency program to help 2D artists working in 3D and help them showcase their work. The toolkit is available for download now at GitHub.

When is your phone getting Android 7.0 Nougat? We asked every major manufacturer

Android 7.0 Nougat is here, but most manufacturers and carriers are taking their sweet time pushing the update. We've reached out to most device manufacturers to find out when and if your smartphone is getting it. Here's everything you need…

Google acquisition could make it easier for developers to create apps

Looks like Google is buying (part of) Twitter after all. The companies have announced that Google will acquire Twitter's developer products, including the likes of Fabric, which owns and operates Crashlytics.

Google’s $20 Project Fi referral program has been extended ‘indefinitely’

Google has launched a referral plan for Project Fi that will give customers a cool $20 for each person they persuade to sign up. Not only that, since Google's feeling generous, the person who signed up will get $20, too.

New phishing scam has high success rate against tech-savvy Gmail users

A new phishing scheme, targeting Gmail users, aims to use your contact list against you by pilfering your inbox in an effort to compromise the accounts of your friends, family, and co-workers.

YouTube in-app messaging goes live in Canada first

YouTube's messaging service, previously invite-only, is now live for all Canadian users of the YouTube app on iOS and Android. For the first time, users can share content in private conversations entirely within the app.

This is how Google ensures the Play Store remains free from potential malware

Google works pretty relentlessly to ensure there is as little malware as possible on the Google Play Store. How? Well, for starters, every single app is monitored to ensure it doesn't compromise your data.