Google Photos’ ‘racist’ error highlights facial recognition’s limits

Google Photos is facing some heat after a user discovered the software mistakenly labeled photos with racist connotations. Google immediately apologized and is addressing the issue, saying it's an unintended consequence of machine learning.


Source code changes hint Chromebook with Nvidia’s Tegra X1 is in route

References to the Tegra X1 have been found in tweaks to the Chromebook firmware. Coreboot, suggesting a model of Google's browser-centric laptop will utilize the chip in the near future.


Google is playing dirty, skewing search results in its own favor, study finds

Google is skewing search results in their own favor. According to the rather unsurprising results, Google favors its own content when returning local search results, which is -- surprise, surprise -- a violation of competition laws.


iOS Hangouts app gets Material Design overhaul, and a host of cool new features

Google has updated Hangouts for iOS, introducing a Material Design-style new look, and a variety of new features. Version 4.0 of the app includes new photo sharing options, and the new experience will be coming to Android in the near future.


Newest Google Maps addition: Every grade-level railroad crossing in the U.S.

Although injuries from grade-level railroad crossing accidents decreased last year, the number of accidents and deaths increased. In an effort to curb these incidents, Google will now include every U.S. grade-level railroad crossing in Google Maps.


Laggy touchscreen? Google’s Chrome TouchBot is here to help

Google's Chrome TouchBot, the product of Finnish design company OptoFidelity, tests Android and Chrome for input lag. It's open source, and Google's actively encouraging tinkering.

Android Army

Supreme Court declines to hear Oracle’s copyright case against Google

The Supreme Court declined to hear Oracle v. Google, sending the case over copyright back down to a lower court. The case will decide if the Java APIs Google used to create Android are subject to copyright.


Google’s self-designed, self-driving car prototype hits the road

The Google self-driving car prototype unveiled last year is now driving on public roads around Mountain View, California, albeit slowly. It's currently limited to 25 mph, with a human minder on board.


Google talks Project Loon: 14 different prototypes, leaks solved by using fluffy socks

Google X's Astro Teller has talked about the challenges the company faced when designing the balloons that will see its Project Loon plan take off in the future, from multiple prototypes to the type of socks worn by engineers.

Cool Tech

Google’s new chatbot wants to live forever … and fix your computer

Google researchers have unveiled a new chatbot AI using movie subtitles as part of its database — it's therefore able to go beyond its initial set of rules when chatting with humans.


Google is saving the environment, one renovated coal plant at a time

In the ultimate victory for environmental activists, Google is planning to spend $600 million on a server farm that will span 350 acres of land near Chattanooga, Alabama and will ultimately be 100 percent powered by green energy.


Weekly Rewind: 10 important tech stories you may have missed

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That's why, we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week -- just for you.


What happens when two self-driving cars meet? They avoid one another

According to a Reuters report, a Delphi Automotive car and a Google self-driving car successfully managed to avoid one another when they came into close quarters with one another in Palo Alto, California.


Can robots have road rage? Self-driving Lexus cuts off self-driving Audi in California

Two self-driving cars had a bit of a close call in Silicon Valley this week, as Google’s self-driving Lexus cut off Delphi Automotive’s self-driving Audi. Delphi’s vehicle was forced to abort changing lanes to avoid an accident.