Dozens of Nest employees are heading to Google’s smart home division

Alphabet is restructuring Nest once again -- according to recent reports, dozens of Nest employees will be heading to Google to help bolster the company's smart home division. This is just one of many restructures that Nest has undergone.

Google is testing a new version of Inbox that may include Assistant integration

According to recent reports, Google may be working to integrate Assistant into Google Inbox, its email app designed to make emails more like a to-do list. The new features are not yet available to consumers.

Google finally bakes Cast directly into Chrome's flaky crust

Google Cast is stepping out of the shadowy realm of browser extensions and getting fully integrated into Chrome with the latest update. No more digging through menus to stream straight from your browser to your TV.

Have a few seconds to spare? Help Google make the internet a better place

Whether your expertise lies in improving the quality of Google Translate in your native tongue, or refining Google Maps on your home turf, you can play a part in aiding the Google community via Crowdsource.

Google’s Indie Games Festival reveals Android app finalists

Google is hosting its first-ever Indie Games Festival in San Francisco next month, giving mobile gaming fanatics a chance to check out a slate of 30 Android games prior to their public release.

Get the most out of Android 7.0 Nougat with these tips and tricks

Android 7.0 Nougat is here, but only for a handful of Nexus devices, the Pixel C, and Android One's General Mobile 4G. Take a look at some of our tips and tricks to stay on top of Google's latest flavor.

With new automatic transfers, Google Wallet users no longer have to ‘cash out’

As part of its ongoing attempt to make it easier than ever to pay -- and more importantly, get paid -- Google has updated its Google Wallet mobile app to allow for automatic transfers to your bank account.

There goes another Google app: Device Assist is pulled from the Play Store

Another Google app bites the dust. You probably haven't heard of this one, though, as Device Assist primarily offered troubleshooting tips and tricks for Android One, Nexus, and Google Play Edition devices.

Salt Lake City is Google Fiber's 7th (and possibly the last) city with fiber

In possibly the last city for its gigabit fiber, Google Fiber announced sign-ups for Salt Lake City. Faced with challenges, time, and expense of burying cables, Google may switch to high-speed wireless elsewhere.

Google uses artificial intelligence to develop smart image compression

File size plays a big role in technology like 4K, 360, and live-streaming, but a new artificial intelligence program developed by Google could find the best compression method based on each individual image.

Bye-bye productivity: Google lets you play Solitaire, Tic-Tac-Toe with just a search

Bored? Need to kill some time? Search Solitaire or Tic-Tac-Toe on Google to play the games directly from the search results -- no need to download an app. Say goodbye to productivity.

Google's new video-calling app, Duo, surpasses 5 million downloads on Android

Is there really room for yet another video-calling app? Google certainly hopes so, because it's just launched Duo, a super-simple FaceTime-like offering for Android and iOS.