Google and Facebook launch tools to help find people affected by the Nepal earthquake

Google and Facebook have launched tools to help people find and track friends and relatives in the areas affected by Saturday’s tragic magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Nepal, which killed more than 2,200 people.


You can no longer buy the Nexus 7 from Google

Back in the day, the Nexus 7 was a cutting edge Android tablet at an appealing price. Two years after its launch though, Google has decided to take it off sale — so what comes next?


Google+ might be about to take on Pinterest

What's next for Google+? And is anyone still using it? According to a screenshot and tip given to DroidLife, the social network has a Pinterest-style Collections feature in the pipeline.


Trends with Benefits: In the future, we’ll watch Fuller House on a Tesla-powered wall

Google wants to be your mobile carrier and turn your home's walls into screens, Netflix wants to reboot Full House, and Tesla wants to power your home with a battery. Ain't the future grand?


Google sees ride sharing, solar power in the future of its self driving car

A Google executive speaking at an annual engineering conference has stated that the company’s autonomous cars hold the key to a future of road safety and innovation. Google predicts that an electric infrastructure and driverless A.I. will reduce costs and…


We know who put an Android peeing on an Apple in Google Maps

Some enterprising soul decided to put an Android on Google Maps in Pakistan, peeing on an Apple logo. It's unknown who added the defiant Android, but it's yet to be removed from the map.


Interview: Will AI be dangerous or benign? It’s up to us, says Ex Machina director

In the sci-fi thriller Ex Machina, a young coder interacts with the world's first true artificial intelligence. Director Alex Garland talks with Digital Trends about how close humans are to achieving that dream, and whether it's really something we'll want.

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189 Awesome Android Apps for 2015

We've completely overhauled our Android apps list. Here are 189 of the best apps available on the Google Play Store and beyond. We've got apps in every category, organized so you can find what you want fast and easy.


Want Google to be your cell carrier? Everything you need to know about Project Fi

Google's cellular service is mysterious no longer. Thanks to a massive leak, details concerning its pricing, operation, and launch have been revealed. The plan and pricing structure looks unconventional.


T-Mobile CEO John Legere Talks Project Fi

T-Mobile, known for its radical mobile carrier plans, has joined forces with Google on the company's new Project Fi. CEO John Legere says it represents the kind of "fresh thinking" the U.S. wireless industry needs.


Hilarious Chrome extension adds a Conchita Wurst beard to all faces in your browser

Once you've the extension switched on in your browser, Wurstify will use facial recognition algorithms to detect all the faces on any webpage you visit. Once it finds a face, it will instantly superimpose a realistic Conchita Wurst beard onto it -- regardless…


Android Lollipop updates: Nvidia Shield Tablet and Shield Portable will get Android 5.1

The latest version of Google's Android mobile OS, 5.0 Lollipop, could be coming to your smartphone very soon. Here's the latest news on which phones will be getting it, and when it's scheduled to arrive.


Google wants to turn your home’s walls into screens

Google was granted a patent on April 21 that gives it the green light to develop a new projector. The device would work with light-reactive paint to portray scenes designated by a computer or smartphone.


Google’s pay-as-you-go Project Fi wireless plan is official — Here are all the earlier rumors

Google may be in the process of setting itself up as a mobile network, and team up with T-Mobile and Sprint to make it a reality. The latest rumors say it'll launch before the end of April 2015.


You can now hunt for the Loch Ness monster with Google Street View

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Google's Street View team taking to Loch Ness is that it didn't do it sooner. The imagery is up now, though, allowing you to plunge to the icy depths of the murky lake in search of the legendary Loch Ness Monster.