Google’s self-driving car is far from ready, can’t drive through rain, snow or parking lots

There’s no arguing that Google’s self-driving car is a thrilling development worthy of enthusiastic discussion, but there are a number of reasons to rain on this parade – rain itself, for one thing.


Google, like Amazon, trialing drone deliveries in ‘Project Wing’

Amazon isn't the only Web giant planning to make deliveries by drone. Google has just revealed that for the last two years it's been developing its own unmanned flying machine in an ambitious Google X initiative called 'Project Wing.'

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Nexus X Rumors: Google’s next tablet may come in two models

There has been much debate over the existence of the Nexus 6, but now it seems the Google smartphone is on its way from Motorola with the code name Shamu.


Asus smartwatch news: ZenWatch revealed in new promo video ahead of IFA

Asus could be planning to release its first Android Wear smartwatch at the IFA tech show in September, and to ensure it stands out against the competition, the price could be significantly lower than other devices.


165 Awesome Android Apps for Summer 2014

We've completely overhauled our Android apps list. Here are more than 160 of the best apps available on the Google Play Store and beyond. We've got apps in every category, organized so you can find what you want fast and easy.


Google said to be considering historic LA aircraft hangar as office space

Google could be about sign a deal to take over a massive aircraft hangar in LA where Howard Hughes' famous 'Spruce Goose' plane was built. A report Tuesday described the space as "atypical," suggesting it would be perfect for the Web giant.

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Google’s self-driving car needs a steering wheel, California says

Google may think tomorrow's cars won't have steering wheels, but that doesn't jibe with today's safety rules. California won't let Google's self-driving prototype on public roads until the tech giant fits it with manual controls.


Amazon gets into games by acquiring Twitch streaming service for $970 million

An announcement from Twitch confirms that Amazon is set to acquire that video streaming service that spawned from


Acer’s Chromebox CXI is a tiny desktop running Google’s Chrome OS

Acer just revealed a new desktop that's small, cheap, and runs Google's Chrome OS. You can learn more about the Chromebox CXI here.


Now you can take 360-degree photos with Google’s Photo Sphere Camera on iOS

Google added its 360-degree Photo Sphere camera app to iOS. Now, iPhone users can take panoramic shots of their locations and share them on Views, Street View, or social media.


Google may make kid-friendly YouTube and Gmail accounts

According to a recent report, Google is currently making kid-friendly versions of YouTube and Gmail. Children under 13 years of age are currently forbidden to have such accounts.


One isn’t enough: Google set to launch ‘YouTube Music Key’ service to go along with Google Play

Google's expected YouTube music subscription service, now thought to be called YouTube Music Key, will reportedly cost $10 a month and bring offline playback of music videos and songs, with an audio-only option for background and screen-off listening.


Google acquires image-based city guides company Jetpac to improve visual search

Google is continuing its acquisition binge in 2014 with the purchase of Jetpac, an iOS app that uses public information from Instagram photos to create visual city maps and guides. Jetpac's image search capabilities open up intriguing opportunities for Google.


Google plugs its Field Trip app into Google Now

If you're a Google Now user, you'll start to see recommendations for nearby points of interest in the near future: Google is rolling parts of its Field Trip app into the virtual assistant.


Now you can talk to Google voice search in multiple languages at the same time

Google voice search can now understand you as you switch from German to English to Spanish and back again.The update is currently only for Android.