Now you can try Street View in VR using Google Cardboard

If you're the sort of person that enjoys sofa-based vacations via Google Street View and you can get your hands on a Google Cardboard VR headset, then your globetrotting experiences are about to get a whole lot more immersive.

Spec Showdown: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 vs. Google’s Pixel C

After the big announcements today, Microsoft seems to be pulling out the stops in response to its competitors' take on its flagship all-in-one tablet, the Surface Pro. Here's how the specs for the new Surface Pro 4 stack up against Google's…

Stories you missed: Netflix price hike, water on Pluto, Lyft hacks Uber

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That's why we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week — just for you. From Netflix upping its subscription price to an attempted…

Microsoft Word versus Google Docs

Microsoft and Google both offer word processing programs, but their capabilities (if not their use cases) are quite different. Which one is for you? That depends on what you need to do.

Google’s OnHub router is actually a Chromebook in disguise

A team of determined hackers have been able to root the Google OnHub, which means that you might one day be able to load your own custom software onto the router and tailor it to suit your needs.

Google purchases entire alphabet domain name

If you ever wanted to own the entire Alphabet, we're sorry, Alphabet, Google's parent company, has beaten you to it, by purchasing up a domain that contains every single letter from a private owner.

Volvo, Google, and Mercedes-Benz will accept liability in self-driving car accidents

Volvo, Google, and Mercedes-Benz all have stated they will accept full responsibility in self-driving car accidents. By acknowledging responsibility, these automakers could push regulation along for autonomous vehicles.

With Marshmallow, Google sweetens Android rather than rewriting the recipe

Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the latest version of Google's mobile operating system, is a small but meaningful improvement upon its predecessor. We reviewed the latest version of the OS on last year's Nexus 6 smartphone.

Google now proud owner of

Having already secured the domain for its new "Alphabet" parent company, Google decided it'd be a good idea to get the whole darn alphabet, too. That's right, the Web giant is now the proud owner of

Google’s plan to speed up the mobile Web takes aim at Facebook Instant Articles

Google has introduced its own platform for publishers, named Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). It is an open source project to build a faster mobile Web, capable of loading webpages ten times faster as it does currently.
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Chromecast iOS app leaves features out, Microsoft wrap-up: DT Daily 1:44

Google apparently forgot to mention that the latest iOS app for the new Chromecast isn't quite ready yet, and a quick look at all the best new stuff Microsoft just revealed.

How to download and install the Android Marshmallow OTA update on Nexus devices

The Android Marshmallow update is rolling out to Nexus devices, but waiting for it over-the-air can be a drag. That's why we put together this complete guide on how to download and install the update right now.