A wristband that can detect cancer cells? It could become a reality in five years

Google successfully secured a patent for a wristband that could detect tumor cells in the body. Even though the device is still at least five years away from FDA approval, the possibilities for the device are endless.


Google cozied up to the White House to end antitrust investigation

Google was the subject of an FTC antitrust investigation in 2011, but it soon reached a settlement. Now, details of the numerous meetings Google held with the White House and the company's huge lobbyist presence have been revealed.


Google wants to stick airbags on the outside of its driverless car

In an apparent effort to reassure the world's pedestrians that its self-driving cars – should they ever take to the road – will be among the safest vehicles around, Google is planning to equip them with external airbags.


YouTube reportedly prepping launch of game-streaming service to take on Twitch

Google was close to buying game-streaming startup up Twitch last year, but in the end Amazon inked a deal. Apparently still interested in the space, Google-owned YouTube is reportedly developing a Twitch competitor for launch later this year.


Pony Express is Google’s plan for bill pay within Gmail

A new Google project currently under development will reportedly allow users to pay bills from within Gmail. Pony Express could centralize all of your bills in a single location: your email inbox

Android Army

Google Glass isn’t dead, says Eric Schmidt, it’s just getting started

Google executive Eric Schmidt says that Google Glass isn't dead. The smartglasses are still in development and in need of improvements, Schmidt insisted, while also discounting rumors that Glass failed.


Android 5.1 Lollipop is here, and it’s now on the T-Mobile Nexus 6

Google introduced the latest version of Android Lollipop 5.1 to most Nexus devices this week. Already, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon have announced rollout schedules for some devices.


DT Daily: Prepare yourself for Sharknado 3

Today on DT Daily: Google puts a bunch of tiny bullseyes on cancer, the stars come out for the next Sharknado movie, sorta, and if you want wind energy, go fly a kite - a really BIG kite.

DT Daily

Google’s first drone project has crashed and burned, but it’ll fly again later this year

Google says it's scrapped the single-wing design of the UAV it first showed off last summer. However, it says it's working on a new flying machine, one that it hopes will one day deliver vital supplies to locations cut off by natural disasters.

Cool Tech

Android 5.0 Lollipop hits the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from Sprint and AT&T

The latest version of Google's Android mobile OS, 5.0 Lollipop, could be coming to your smartphone very soon. Here's the latest news on which phones will be getting it, and when it's scheduled to arrive.


Google’s making the Play Store safer with new app review process and age-based ratings

Google's improving the app submission process for the Play Store. It's also adding age-based ratings to games and apps. These new policies should make the apps in the store safer and more reliable.


Google releases EMIC, a short film influenced by Interstellar

Designed to create a time capsule of knowledge related to our experiences on Earth, EMIC is a new documentary film that was inspired by the recent theatrical release, Interstellar.

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YouTube replaces those annoying annotations with slightly less irksome cards

YouTube's annoying annotations are finally getting a less pesky replacement: cards. The cards look much nicer than the annotations, and you can even make them go away, if you don't want them cluttering up your view.


Wildly entertaining Google Feud game will put your knowledge of popular searches to the test

Test your knowledge of Google search autocorrect with this amazing Google Feud game. You'll have three wrong answers before you get thrown over to the next query that you need to complete.