Android Lollipop Updates: Which phones are getting it, and when?

The latest version of Google's Android mobile OS, 5.0 Lollipop, could be coming to your smartphone very soon. Here's the latest news on which phones will be getting it, and when it's scheduled to arrive.


Google files patent for smart teddy bears that listen in and control devices

A patent filed by Google shows that stuffed toys that listen to you could soon become a reality. This technology could enable a teddy bear, for instance, to turn its head and listen to you before transmitting commands to other smart-home devices.


Google is developing an OS for the Internet of Things

Google is developing an OS for the Internet of Things codenamed "Brillo." This should be announced next week at Google I/O. This marks an important step in Google entering the IOT market after purchasing Nest and other companies.


You can now click to shop from YouTube ads

Google is launching shoppable ads on the YouTube ad platform, enabling potential consumers to access products they see advertised right from the video. It's called TrueView shopping and is aimed at driving higher ad retention and sales.


Google Maps in trouble over racist search that points to the White House

On Tuesday, a number of Google Maps users were alarmed by the the very disturbing discovery that searching the racial slur "n---- king" directed them to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, better known as the White House.


Skrillex and Google have made a trippy limited edition case for your phone

Google has teamed up with music producer Skrillex, and indirectly, Skrillex's dog, to produce a set of very cool limited edition cases for your smartphone. Each has unique artwork, and live wallpaper showing images taken from a satellite.


150 Awesome apps for Android Tablets (May 2015)

It's 2015, so we decided to completely overhaul our Android Tablet apps list. We've got more than 100 of the best tablet apps available on the Google Play Store and beyond including apps in every category, organized so you can find what you want quickly and…


Google gears up to unveil long-awaited standalone photo service

Google is gearing up to launch its long-awaited standalone photo service. Breaking free from Google+, the revamped offering will let users store and share images, and combine photos to create short animations and panoramas, with new features also likely.


New Chrome extension from Google yells at nearby computers to transfer data

An experimental new extension from Google sends URLs between computers using sound, in a manner of speaking. Its application may be limited, but the effect is undeniably cool.


Tweets fly back into Google search results after four years of exile

Google announced a partnership with Twitter that'll see real-time tweets added to search results. The move represents a reversal of the search giant's previous stance, which saw tweets removed in 2011.


DT Daily: Google’s little self-driving cars on the road this summer

Today on DT Daily: Google’s self-driving pods get ready to roll, gesture like a Borg with this thing, and who – and what – is tracking your cell phone.

DT Daily

Google will unleash its self-driving cars on public roads this summer

Google announced on Friday that its self driving car will be ready to start cruising the streets of Mountain View, California, starting this summer. This will be the first time that Google will be taking its own cars onto public roads.


Google’s Buy buttons could make mobile shopping much easier

If reports are to be believed, shopping for and purchasing goods through Google on a mobile device is about to get a lot more streamlined — but is the company inviting more regulatory scrutiny?


European mobile carriers might soon give users the option to disable Google’s ads

A recent report revealed that several European mobile carriers will soon block ads from Google and other companies on their networks. One carrier has allegedly installed the ad-blocking software and will soon offer it to subscribers.


Security researcher blabs that Google App Engine is vulnerable to attack

A Polish security researcher claims that a vulnerability has been discovered in Google's App Engine which gives hackers access to the company's cloud servers and confidential user data.