Cool Tech

Google wants to deliver stuff using self-driving trucks with storage lockers

Besides the drone its developing, Google also wants to use self-driving trucks to deliver goods to customers, a new patent suggests. The trucks would contain storage lockers, with customers able to access their goods with an access code or…

Google releasing new email security features that remind you not to send unencrypted personal info

In case you're hesitant about sending sensitive, potentially dangerous information over the Web, Google has your back with a new set of email security indicators designed to prevent malware.

No more flash: Google moves to HTML5 only for AdWords and DoubleClick

Google continues its crusade against Flash, insisting that all new advertisements uploaded to AdWords and DoubleClick must be displayed in HTML5 instead of the insecure and increasingly archaic Adobe Flash.

After a one week hiatus, Google reinstates Adblock Fast to the Play Store

Ad blocking is no longer a luxury for just iPhone users. Samsung rolled out an update to its Android browser, giving it the ability to block ads using third-party apps such as Adblock Fast.

Moto 360 2015's release notes for Android Wear 1.4 show Doze mode, app permissions support

Your smartwatch just got smarter. Android Wear 1.4 Marshmallow introduces big new features, including support for phone calls on select devices, support for third-party messaging app dictation, a bevy of new gestures, Doze mode, and app…

Google Project Ara tablet rumors and news

Google's Project Ara lets you swap out components of your smartphone, so you can upgrade just the camera, for example, instead of buying a new phone outright. But we could be seeing a tablet first -- a device with a 13.8-inch display has…
Virtual Reality

Google said to be building new VR headset, no cardboard in sight

With one major VR success already behind it in the form of Cardboard, it seems Google may now be developing another headset made of sturdier stuff. An FT report suggests the new device has a "solid plastic casing" with sensors and improved…
Cool Tech

Google is looking into wireless charging for its driverless cars

It's not enough that Google's cars don't need drivers -- now, they don't want plugs either. The autonomous technology is now also looking into wireless charging, because you can't have too much of a good thing.

Google’s driverless cars are going to London

Google's self-driving cars are crossing the Atlantic. According to reports from the Guardian, transport officials in London are in "active discussions" with Google to make the British capital one of the trial cities.

Google will begin showing anti-ISIS ads to counter terrorism

Not all weapons have a trigger, and that doesn't make them any less effective. No, I'm not talking about bombs, but rather about Google's new strategy to use its highly targeted advertising system in the battle against ISIS.

How to download and install Google's February security OTA updates on Nexus devices

The Android Marshmallow update is rolling out to Nexus devices, but waiting for it over-the-air can be a drag. That's why we put together this complete guide on how to download and install the update right now.
Home Theater

Google reveals Justin Bieber video is most complained about clip on YouTube

A senior Google exec has revealed that the YouTube video users have flagged as inappropriate the most amount of times comes courtesy of Justin Bieber.