Google’s latest diversity report shows very slow progress

Google has released its latest diversity report, showing slow progress, but progress nonetheless. Google is quick to highlight that these numbers do not reflect where the company wants to be.

Android's next flavor is Nougat and it's version 7.0

Google has long been teasing Android N's potential name to be Nutella, but you can say goodbye to the chocolate spread as Nougat has taken the cake. Android Nougat is expected to be released some time this summer.

Google’s background search gets you answers despite your shoddy connection

Got a spotty connection? Running a Google search might lead you nowhere, especially when your connection is severed. Google is trying to help with a feature that would run the search in the background, and alert you when you're back online.

The next Google Nexus phone from HTC could be a killer flagship

After working with LG and Huawei last year, Google might be planning to partner with HTC for the Nexus program. We have more information about both devices. It would be the first time Google has partnered with HTC on a mobile since 2010.

Google’s European troubles continue as its Spain offices get raided by tax officials

Hot on the heels of the announcement that the EU would be leveling its third set of antitrust charges against the tech behemoth, Google's offices in Spain have been raided.

Was that an earthquake? Google will now let you know

Google has announced a new partneship with the U.S. Geological Survey to add detailed earthquake information to its search results. Google says this will allow people to get timely information to help them stay safe.

Google’s $300M undersea Internet cable between US and Japan is now live

Back in 2014, Google teamed up with five telecom and communications firms to install an undersea cable network between the US and Japan to help deal with increasing Internet traffic. And now, that cable is live.

Google Maps for Android finally lets you set multiple destinations

Google Maps for desktop has long let you set multiple destinations for your trip, however it has been missing from Android so far. Not anymore! Now you can finally set multiple destinations to your trip in Google Maps for Android.
Android Army

Google, Qualcomm bring Project Tango tech to Snapdragon processors

Thanks to help from Google, Qualcomm has adapted the search giant's Project Tango tech to much of its existing lineup of Snapdragon processors, including the the 600 and 800 series.

Fan-made website shows how powerful ‘OK Google’ really is

How many "OK Google" commands can you think of off the top of your head? Having some trouble? Check out this fan-made site, which offers an extensive list of OK Google commands and their variations, with more on the way.

Google may soon let you test your internet speed straight from search results

Responding to web users' growing interest in testing their internet speeds, Google is apparently looking to launch its own tool, embedding it at the top of searches for such a service.
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With Google’s new Expeditions app, teachers can take their whole class on a VR field trip

There are already more than 200 different Expeditions which can be taken -- with each one curated with integrated descriptions, talking points, and questions. Currently, trips include visits to historical landmarks, diving…