Can't tell Monet from Manet? Let Google's latest app be your tour guide

Google's latest Arts & Culture update allows users to tour a museum virtually, or head out on a self-guided tour. The beta program will use artwork-recognition software and a smartphone camera to offer all the background…

Google makes deciphering comic book speech bubbles easier with Bubble Zoom

Google's new Play Books feature, Bubble Zoom, uses machine learning to intelligently enlarge the text of digital comic book speech bubbles. It's launching on Android in technical preview.

Google is crowdsourcing information to help make Maps more accurate

Google wants you! Why? To help edit all the information on Maps, of course. The company has announced a number of new features aimed at making maps more accurate. Features include a suggest an edit button and an add a missing place button.

Google's DeepMind is helping the company save money on its electricity bill

Much of Google's power usage is due to its vast data centers. Now its DeepMind AI technology is looking for ways to cut power bills while maintaining efficiency. It's already showing promise, and saving millions.

Android Nougat Easter Egg: Gotta cat-ch 'em all

Android Nougat's final developer preview is here, and this version's Easter egg is all about cats. Lay out some treats from your notification drawer and attract cats to your collection.

Latest version of Camera MX app brings live photos to Android for the first time

The latest version of the popular, all-in-one Camera MX app adds Apple Live Photos-style image capture, a first for the Android platform. A host of real-time filters and other features were also added with the update.

The last Android Nougat developer preview is out, and the official launch is coming soon

Android Nougat Developer Preview 5 is now available and it signals that the final official version will be out soon. There's not much new, but here's everything you need to know about Android Nougat.

Google adds support for 19 additional rural banks and institutions

Android Pay is Google's mobile payment system, which turns your phone into a wallet and negates the need to pull out your credit card in stores. It's now live in Australia, so here's everything you need to know about it.

Google got more government data requests than ever at the end of 2015

According to Google's latest transparency report, the government asked the company for more data than ever at the end of 2016. Google also handed over more data in the second half of 2015 compared to the first half of the year.

Google wants to make ads more useful by showing prices for services within them

Google is making looking for prices of services a little easier. The company today announced a change to search ads that will show the prices for some services on mobile. Prices will only show for ads in the top ad spot.

Android 7.0 Nougat is coming soon as the final developer preview rolls out

The final developer preview is here and it should be rolling out to your compatible device Monday if you have signed up for the Android Beta Program. You won't find any new features in this release, just a lot of optimization and squashed…
Virtual Reality

Google's standalone headset may feature augmented, virtual reality

Google is working on a mobile virtual reality headset for its upcoming Daydream VR platform that will reportedly blend augmented and virtual reality features, but it's unclear if this is the same headset Google is releasing this fall.