Get great underwater footage with TomTom's new Bandit Action Cam software

The new Underwater Scene Mode is TomTom’s latest move toward providing an all-in-one solution for action videographers. When enabled, the Bandit automatically color-corrects footage, improving color and clarity.

Radical new 'free-form' mobile lens is the sharpest iPhone lens yet

Oowa has invented a radical new lens design that uses rotationally asymmetrical optics to produce crisp, clear images from edge to edge without any of the drawbacks normally associated with mobile lens attachments.

Google takes on Apple with better revenue deal for app developers, report says

On the same day that Apple revealed it's improving its revenue deal for app developers, a report suggested Google is planning a similar change, though with one important difference.

Vivendi acquires Gameloft; Ubisoft now at risk of a hostile takeover

French mass media company Vivendi now claims mobile gaming studio Gameloft as a wholly owned subsidiary following a hostile takeover, and publisher Ubisoft may be the conglomerate's next target, according to multiple sources.

Instagram update adds systemwide iOS uploading with Share Sheet extension

After pulling away a handful of API rights for third-party developers, Instagram's latest iOS update brings systemwide sharing through the use an extension for the operating system's native Share Sheet.
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Be the master of your own Insta-verse: how to manage multiple Instagram accounts

After years of waiting, Instagram has finally made it possible to manage multiple accounts. Using these helpful tips and tricks, you'll be toggling between accounts like a pro.

Bug in iOS Photos app lets you zoom into every pixel of your photos

A weird bug in Apple's iOS Photos app gets around the limited zoom capabilities during playback, by rotating the image 90 degrees. Don't expect it to last long, as it'll likely be gone by the next iOS update.

Google has made it easier to find your phone and see the data it's collecting on you

Google's debuted a new phone-finding tool in its My Account security dashboard dubbed Find My Phone. It's also added new ways to quickly access My Account: a vanity link and voice command.

PayPal will now only support its apps on iOS and Android

PayPal is doing some spring (or summer) cleaning, and it's really clearing out the closet. In a blog post, the payment processor announced that it would be discontinuing mobile apps for Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Amazon's Fire OS.

Google’s iOS app revs up to high speeds, thanks to Accelerated Mobile Pages

The Google app for iOS is getting a few improvements. The latest update improves the speed of searches, and adds sports highlights and keyboard shortcuts for iPad users with an external keyboard.

Samsung Pay may be coming to iOS devices and PCs in the form of a new app

Samsung may launch Samsung Pay Mini, a streamlined mobile payments app, for third-party Android devices, iOS phones, and computers later this year. The service could debut as soon as June 2016, rumor has it.

AmpMe, an app that turns smartphones into portable sound systems, raises $10M

Montreal-based tech startup AmpMe has raised $10 million to fund its phone-linking speaker app and added YouTube integration to its arsenal. It's a great cheap option for tunes on the go.