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Plex for iOS gets total redesign, video chapter support, now free

Revamping the existing format and design of the mobile Plex application, Plex has launched a new iOS application for the iPhone and iPad with a bevy of new features for both brand new and veteran users.

Google Maps’ new night mode for iOS means no more blinding light

Android users have been able to take advantage of Google Maps' night mode for a long time, and now it's finally come to iOS. The new feature cranks up automatically and offers darker graphics whenever you're using the app to navigate after…

Latest iOS 9 update makes it easier to ditch dodgy Wi-Fi

iPhone owners can say goodbye to frustratingly weak or unstable Wi-Fi connections — the latest version of the iOS 9 beta can automatically switch back to a cellular connection if needed.

iOS apps take a big step toward Windows 10 compatibility with the Windows Bridge

In an effort to bring software and developers into the Windows 10 fold, Microsoft is rolling out Windows Bridge for iOS, an open-source tool to easily convert apps, and it's available now.

Masque Attack News: Researchers find new risk in iOS ‘Masque Attack’ bug

Researchers found a new flaw in iOS called "Masque Attack," which allows hackers to access personal data by replacing real apps with fake versions that use the same name. The flaw affects devices with iOS 7 and iOS 8 onboard.

Moodnotes will track your feelings and help you manage your mental health

We all have stress and anxiety, but dealing with them is never easy. A new iOS app called Moodnotes will help you better identify your feelings to promote a greater sense of well-being. It's available now through the App Store

Spit in a tube to get a personalized health regimen based on your genes 1:48

Wondering if that new diet or exercise fad is right for you? Don't waste time trying it out, because this $100 DNA test is designed to help identify what lifestyle and diet choices are right for your body.

Twitter’s News tab lets you know what’s going on in the world today

Twitter's experimental News tab, which is live in Japan, aggregates top headlines from around the social network in a single list. It's one of the company's many ongoing attempts to curate Twitter's firehose of hashtags and tweets.

Mobcrush aims to be Twitch for mobile, hires Apple, Google, and Xbox leads to do it

Startup Mobcrush, now in open beta, is bringing Twitch-style live game streaming to mobile phones and tablets. The beta is currently only open to people with iOS devices and Mac computers, but Windows and Android betas will follow.
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Getting too many notifications of Periscope broadcasts? New ‘mute’ feature limits the noise

If you're an avid Periscope viewer but feel a little put upon when notifications from an over-enthusiastic user pop up on your phone a little too often, the live-streaming app's latest feature helps quieten things down.

Apple puts a stop to app reviews left by anyone with a device running iOS 9 beta

Apple has pulled the ability to review apps from devices running a beta version of iOS. The move is aimed at curbing the negative feedback given to apps that aren't configured to run on the new version yet.

Pocket for iOS now offers handy text-to-speech feature

It's been available to Android users for a long time but Pocket has finally gotten around to rolling out its text-to-speech feature for iOS users, too. The new feature for the read-it-later app offers you another way to tackle your growing…