How to block calls on an iPhone

Looking for a way to block calls on your iPhone? Read our how-to guide to blocking calls, messages, and Facetime using iSO 7-9, the iBlacklist app, your phone's Do Not Disturb mode, and other call-blocking apps.

Grab your popcorn: Netflix-style torrent app Popcorn Time is now on iOS

Popcorn Time, the controversial Netflix-style streaming service, has just come out with an app for non-jailbroken iOS devices. The group also announced plans to open a sort of underground app store.

Best jailbreak apps and games for iPhone

We sift through the best Jailbreak apps and games for your iPhone so you don't have to waste your time figuring out which ones to get. Multiple members of the Digital Trends staff contributed to this list.

UPDATE: Evasion iOS 7 Jailbreak released, controversial Chinese app store removed

The first jailbreak for iOS 7 has arrived a couple months ahead of schedule, but with a healthy dose of controversy. The Evasion jailbreak is not compatible with Cydia and some are accusing Evasion of taking a $1 million bribe from Chinese…

How to Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with Evasi0n

Evasi0n, the latest Jailbreaking service for iOS 6, makes jailbreaking for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch easier than ever. This guide takes you through the entire process in detail and explains what jailbreaking will do for you.

Unlocking your smartphone will soon be illegal, and other DMCA new rule insanity

New rules governing exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) dictate that it will soon be illegal to unlock your smartphone without carrier permission. Jailbreaking your tablet is also forbidden, as is ripping a DVD into a…

Surprise, surprise: iOS 6 is already jailbroken on A4-powered devices

The iPhone Dev-Team has done it again, releasing a iOS 6 jailbreak just hours after the official release of the new Apple update.

Was Apple really censoring the word ‘jailbreak’ in iTunes?

It may have been a bug, an unexplained corporate decision or an accident, but for some hours today, iTunes users searching for the term 'jailbreak' would have found themselves finding 'j*******k's, instead.

Three methods of jailbreaking new iPad surface within hours of its release

Within a matter of hours, three methods of jailbreaking the new iPad were unveiled in record time.

You gotta fight! For your right! To jailbreak your iPhone

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is asking users to help extend and expand the right to jailbreak smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles. Here's how to get in on the action.

Goodbye 2011, goodbye Windows Phone unlocks, as ChevronWP7 tokens sell out

All the tokens needed to perform the ChevronWP7 unlock for Windows Phone devices have been sold out and although there are discussions on whether to continue the service, as of now it's no longer available.

Apple TV hacked to allow the running of full-screen iPad apps

A pair of iOS developers brew up a hack that allows a second-generation Apple TV to run iPad in full-screen 720p resolution.