Report claims first Xbox One virtual reality game is coming in 2017

An unnamed but "major" development studio is reportedly working on a virtual reality game for the Xbox One, fueling speculation surrounding a possible hardware revision launching in 2017.

New Windows 10 security update proactively hunts down viruses when your PC is idle

With its new update, Windows Defender will work in harmony with the antivirus software of your choice by running its own periodic scans on your computer at the most convenient time.

Facebook and Microsoft dive underwater to lay a new internet cable to Europe

In an effort to keep up with growing demand for high-speed online services, Facebook and Microsoft have joined to forces to lay a transatlantic data cable that'll mark "an important new step in building the next generation infrastructure of…

Say goodbye to ‘12345’: Microsoft is banning your lame passwords

Microsoft has had enough of your bad passwords, and is compiling a list of commonly used passwords that you'll no longer be able to use. That's right, no more using 'password' or '12345' in place of a real password.
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NASA is using HoloLens to build its next Mars rover in mixed reality

Microsoft's HoloLens VR headset is being put to work by scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is using the technology to both explore the Red Planet's surface and help design the future Mars 2020 Rover, Curiosity's…

Rumored Xbox One hardware upgrade may be built for Oculus Rift VR headset

Recent rumors suggest that Microsoft will overhaul its Xbox One console with a pair of new hardware revisions launching over the next two years, including an upgraded model that could feature Oculus Rift Support.
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Twitter hashes out future changes, Microsoft steps away from phones, Siri SDK 2:47

Twitter sticks to the 140-character limit but some major changes are on the way, Microsoft throws in the towel on smartphones, Apple to release an SDK for Siri in order to catch up to growing number of smart assistant competitors…

Microsoft (sort of) backtracks on sneaky Windows 10 upgrade tactic

Microsoft annoyed a lot of people by making the Windows 10 upgrade opt-out, rather than opt-in, but it's already responded to the outrage by adding another notification, to help those who are set to upgrade without their consent.

Is Microsoft finished making Windows phones?

Microsoft has announced Wednesday that it will cut 1,850 jobs, all related to smartphones, and radically restructure its mobile strategy. This means concentrating on universal and cross platform apps, rather than consumer mobile devices.

FBI finally warns private businesses about snooping KeySweeper devices

The FBI has issued a warning to private businesses about KeySweeper, a gadget revealed in January 2015 that looks like a mobile device charger but sniffs out and captures keystrokes transmitted by wireless keyboards from…

‘Goat Simulator’ and ‘The Crew’ free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers in June

June marks the third anniversary of Microsoft's Games With Gold program, and Xbox Live Gold service subscribers can expect to receive free copies of titles like Goat Simulator and The Crew throughout the next month.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update launches new hardware requirements, but don’t panic

Microsoft has provided new hardware requirements for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 desktop, Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview, and the IoT Core. Screen sizes have changed, memory requirements have been altered, and more.