Another WordPress exploit hits thousands of sites

WordPress is often targeted by hackers and nefarious individuals, and this week is no different. Another flaw in the system has been found and it's permitting the infection of thousands of sites and making millions of visitors vulnerable.

Get in with the times! Build a better website with these 7 services

We compiled a list of the best website builders, both paid and free. If you don't want to pay for someone to make your website and want to do it yourself, this roundup should point you in the direction you want to go.

WordPress vulnerability affects millions of sites, and yours could be next

A new XSS vulnerability discovered by the security firm Sucuri could put millions of WordPress websites at risk, thanks to a defect in a default theme that's pre-installed with every updated loadout.
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Remember LiveJournal? The blogging site from 1999 still has fans

While all the popular social networks reported growth in the first quarter of 2015, one of them may surprise you: LiveJournal. Created in 1999, the once-popular community blog apparently still has a following.

There’s a new app for Selfies from the makers of WordPress

Are you a keen selfie snapper? A new Android app just released by WordPress developer Automattic aims to make sharing photos of yourself easy and fun, and you can try it out right away.
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WordPress vs. Tumblr vs. Blogger

There's more than one quality blogging platforms out there. In fact, we can name three. Check out our direct comparison of WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger for a closer look at which each platform has to offer and which is best suited for…
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WordPress bloggers can now post photos, videos using Google Glass

Potentially ideal for anyone that regularly posts to their personal Wordpress blog, a new plugin has been developed that allows Google Glass owners to post images and video directly to their blog.
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Best free blogging sites

It often seems like everyone and their mother is running some sort of blog these days. Here are our top choices for the best blogging sites on the Web, whether you're looking to start an underground news network, cooking blog or something a…
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Gnip hits the social media data jackpot with API access to Instagram, Bitly, and Reddit

Social media data gathering has been made even better for companies as Gnip gains access to six new public APIs, enriching their social reporting even more.

Best apps of the week: Blink, GetGlue, The Simpsons Tapped Out, MoviePass, and more

Looking for some new, fresh apps or a couple of updates for your favorites? We've got you covered with all of the fresh apps to become available this week. Check out all the great options like Twitter, MoviePass, Life is Magic, and more.

What I do and don’t want Zeen to be

YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen are about to launch Zeen. At it's best, it could be a new CMS model; at it's worst, yet another way to become a 'curator.'

Bloggers can post pictures from their iPhone’s Camera+ straight to WordPress

The updated versions of WordPress and Camera+ on iOS allows bloggers to post their pictures directly to their blogs, making the transaction more seamless and hassle-free.