Place your bids on an electric, 70 mph Tron Lightcycle replica

Evolve Xenon Tron LightcycleCredit cards at the ready, here’s your chance to buy a custom-made Tron Lightcycle replica powered by an electric motor, and do your bit for charity. Could there be a better deal?

The opportunity comes via, where a “Customized Xenon Light Motor Bike” is being auctioned off in aid of Global Green USA.

The bike’s fiberglass frame hides an electric motor with a range of 100 miles and a top speed of 70 mph, while those massive 32-inch, hub-less wheels come wrapped in OLED light tape which continues around the bodywork. The 40,000 watt motor is powered by a series of lithium-ion batteries, which take a mere 3 hours to charge up.

If you miss out on the auction, the Xenon is available to buy for $55,000 from Evolve Motorcycles, however here the winner will be able to customize their prize by choosing different light-strip colors, and also alter the motor and internal specifications.

Evolve sells a range of electric scooters and motorcycles, all of which offer the same low charge time and 100-mile range, at prices that don’t seem all that different to their internal combustion-powered cousins. The company’s mission is to engineer 100% electric bikes made in the USA, with no gas, oil or emissions, hence the decision to support Global Green USA.

While Evolve is selling the Xenon, the body was built by Parker Brothers Choppers, and is apparently 8-feet long and 23-inches wide. As the bike doesn’t have a fuel tank, a holder for your iPad has been built into the space where one normally would be instead.

There’s no denying the Xenon is very cool, but in the real-world it may not work as well as Evolve’s other electric bikes, as not only does the riding position look slightly uncomfortable, it also looks slightly ridiculous.

But will that stop you from placing a bid?