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RX 7900 XTX installed in a test bench.

How to use MSI Afterburner, one of the top GPU overclocking and monitoring tools

If you want to monitor or overclock your graphics card, one of the best tools to help is MSI Afterburner. Here's how to use it so you can make the most of it.
PC build-out guide

PC troubleshooting: where to start if your PC won’t turn on

Is your PC not turning on properly, or at all? It's not an uncommon PC problem. If you want to troubleshoot your PC boot issues, here are a few tips.
A person's hands typing on a laptop placed on a black desk.

How to run a free background check

Need to find out what potential employers can find out about you online? Here are some methods that allow you to run a free background check on anyone online.

How to run Stable Diffusion to make awesome AI-generated art

Stable Diffusion is one of the most impressive generative AI art tools available today. Here's how to run Stable Diffusion online and on your PC.
ChatGPT and OpenAI logos.

Here’s why ChatGPT might be ‘at capacity’ for you still

AI-powered ChatGPT has recently been frustrating a sizable number of potential new users with an at capacity error.
A person sitting at an Asus Chromebook 15 and using it.

How to reset a Chromebook

Starting over can be difficult when your PC goes haywire. Luckily, resetting a Chromebook is easy. Our guide covers Powerwashing and a full-blown recovery.
A MidJourney rendering of a student and his robot friend in front of a blackboard.

GPTZero: how to use the ChatGPT detection tool

ChatGPT and AI text is a plagiarism problem at schools, but GPTZero is here to help detect if a document has been written by a human or a machine.

Spilled water on your laptop? Here’s how to fix it

You've just spilled water on your laptop. What now? Turn your system off right away, and then follow these steps. If you're lucky, you might be able to save it.
returnal pc release date gameplay

Returnal PC: best settings, ray tracing, Steam Deck, and more

Returnal is finally on PC, and we've rounded up the best settings for the game, along with some testing with the Steam Deck, ray tracing, and DLSS.
The MacBook Pro open on a wooden table.

How to change your Mac’s screen resolution in macOS Ventura

How do you change your Mac’s screen resolution? It depends on whether you have an external monitor connected, but our guide makes it super clear and easy to do.
Two students lean over a cauldron in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy PC: best settings, ray tracing, DLSS, and more

Hogwarts Legacy has some issues on PC, but our guide to the best settings can help you optimize your performance.
Checking a Wi-Fi router and internet connection on a phone.

What is Wi-Fi 7: Everything you need to know about 802.11be

Wi-Fi 7 is the next generation of wireless data transmission and it's coming this year in a range of routers and devices. Here's everything you need to know.
Acer ROG Strix Review CPU

How to check your CPU temperature

Learning how to check your CPU temperature is a great way to troubleshoot PC problems, and make sure you're getting maximum performance from your processor.
A top-down view of the Mac Mini.

Apple Mac mini M2 vs. Mac Studio: mini PCs with powerful insides, compared

Does the M2 Mac mini render the Mac Studio obsolete? Let's explore the inner workings of these two Apple mini PCs and pick a winner.
The MacBook Pro open on a wooden table.

MacBook Pro M2 Pro/M2 Max buying guide: how to make the right choice

The MacBook Pro M2 Pro and M2 Max have a host of configuration options and two machine sizes to consider. This buying guide helps break everything down.
Reddit app icon.

Reddit was hacked — here’s how to set up 2FA to protect your account

Setting up 2FA, or Two Factor Authentication, on Reddit will help you protect your account in the event of a site breach. Here's how to get it up and running.
WhatsApp messaging app

How to use WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Messenger is a hugely popular international mobile chat and calling app, but it can also be used within your web browser. We show you how to do it.
A person typing on a laptop.

How to make a GIF in Photoshop (or a free alternative)

Love sharing GIFs but wish you could make your own? Here's how you can make your own GIFs in Photoshop or using a few other methods that won't cost you at all.
Close up of ChatGPT and OpenAI logo.

The best ChatGPT alternatives (according to ChatGPT)

Here are ChatGPT's thoughts on the best AI chatbots other than itself.
The Arc A770 graphics card running in a PC.

How to overclock Intel’s Arc GPUs for better performance

Intel's Arc GPUs are here, and if you've bought one for your gaming rig, you probably want to know how to start overclocking.
Someone typing on the Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra vs. MacBook Pro 16-inch

The Apple MacBook Pro 16 has established a high standard, but Samsung's new Galaxy Book 3 Ultra might be a worthy contender.
The M1-powered Mac Mini.

Apple Mac mini M2 buying guide: don’t make this mistake

The Apple Mac mini M2 is an impressive desktop, but don't make this critical mistake when picking one up.
A person using a laptop that displays various Microsoft Office apps.

Microsoft Word vs. Google Docs

Microsoft Word or Google Docs? The decision may seem simple if you're already integrated into either service, but there are other factors to consider.
Scheduling an email in Outlook in Firefox on a MacBook.

How to schedule an email in Outlook

Compose your emails or replies when you have time and send them later. We’ll show you how to schedule an email in Outlook on Windows, Mac, and the web.
The front of the HP Envy x360 13 on a table.

HP Envy x360 13 vs. Dell XPS 13: the best tiny laptop?

Dell and HP have two of the best compact 13-inch laptops you can buy. But which is better?
Apple Mac Mini M1 sitting on a desk.

Apple Mac Mini M2 vs. M1: don’t make a buying mistake

Apple's Mac Mini M2 offers better performance than the M1, but is the new desktop worth it with last-gen models going for bargain prices?
The HP Dragonfly Pro Support app.

HP Dragonfly Pro vs. Apple MacBook Pro 14: a solid alternative?

HP's new Dragonfly Pro is aimed at Apple's MacBook Pro 14, trying to gain a foothold in the most popular laptop size. Does HP's new machine have what it takes?
samsung introduces its own 256gbit 48 layer nand chip solid state drive

The best SSDs for 2023

The best SSDs deliver the fastest read and write speeds on the market in a durable, compact package. Here are the best and why these cards make great upgrades.
Control protagonist Jesse explores the game's facility.

DirectX 12 vs. DirectX 11: which is best for PC gaming?

DirectX 12 has been around for a few years, but some games still use DirectX 11. We break down differences between the graphics APIs so you know which to use.
DirectX 12 Ultimate logo.

What is DirectX, and why is it important for PC games?

DirectX is a bit of hidden tech that helps your game talk to your GPU. Here, we break down what DirectX is, and why DirectX 12 Ultimate is so important.
A man playing games on the computer, wearing a headset.

How to use Nvidia ShadowPlay to record your gameplay

If you have an Nvidia graphics card and want to record your gameplay or take instant replays, Nvidia Shadowplay is a great tool. Here's how to use Nvidia Share.
ChatGPT and OpenAI logos.

How to detect ChatGPT plagiarism — and why it’s becoming so difficult

I tested out some of the most popular ChatGPT plagiarism detector apps, and discovered just how tricky catching AI can be.
Apple MacBook Gold 2015 speaker grill

How to fix audio issues in macOS

Having sound troubles with macOS? There are several common reasons for audio issues with macOS. Luckily, most can be fixed by adjusting a few settings.
rog flow x13 vs zephyrus g14 asus 2023 front

ROG Flow X13 (2023) vs. ROG Zephyrus G14 (2023): compact gaming laptops

Asus has updated two of its most portable gaming powerhouses, the ROG Flow X13 and the ROG Zephyrus G14. Each has received updates, but which is the best?