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Hurry! Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition of Nintendo Switch is back in stock

When Animal Crossing: New Horizons launched earlier this year, it took the world by storm. Over 22 million copies of the game have been sold, making it one of Nintendo’s most profitable and successful games. To mark its release, a special edition Animal Crossing: New Horizons console released. It featured a unique design and style that attracted fans around the world, instantly making the product a big seller. Since then it’s been hard to obtain as its limited release has encouraged fans to rush out and compete to grab the console.

With Prime Day approaching on October 13 and many Prime Day deals taking place, there’s no doubt that there will be many Nintendo Switch Prime Day deals. However, ahead of the massive discounts, Best Buy has put the Animal Crossing: New Horizons console back up for sale for $300. It’s known to sell out fairly quickly, so best act fast.

The console itself has a design on the back embedded into it that invokes Animal Crossing. Multiple trees, characters and other related items can be seen reflecting off the back. Both Joy-Cons also sport neutral colors to embody the calming nature of the game, with a pale green and blue Joy-Con on each side. If that wasn’t enough, the dock for the console is the star of the show. Covered in white, the front image showcases the popular character Tom Nook, along with Timmy and Tommy on an island next to some relaxing waves.

Best Buy also has the game in stock, making this deal a perfect excuse to pick up both in a bundle. Animal Crossing: New Horizons drops players on a remote island, on which they are tasked with cleaning it up, renovating it, and nurturing it over time. Numerous new inhabitants will join and befriend you, and numerous in-game events will take place. October is currently seeing a full Halloween season take place across the month, giving players the opportunity to grown pumpkins before the event culminates in a special trick-or-treat event.

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