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Apple Watch SE Prime Day deal: Price prediction for tomorrow

A person wears an Apple Watch SE displaying its apps.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

In the past few years, Apple has worked on expanding its network of subscriptions and services involving its ecosystem. In fact, one of the most significant selling points for Apple is the user-friendly experience, and a good chunk of that comes from the Apple Watches, which act as both a smartphone utility and a standalone fitness device. As such, you’re probably browsing through the  earlyPrime Day deals to see if you can pick one up, and the best one, if you’re looking to save a bit of money, is to grab the Apple Watch SE. Here’s what Apple Watch SE Prime Day deal we expect to see tomorrow.

Will there be an Apple Watch SE Prime Day deal?

Prime Day is often one of the best times of the year to pick up awesome tech, including electronics such as the Apple Watch SE. Of course, the truth is that Apple tends to keep a tight rein on prices and deals, and that’s why we rarely see any deals coming from Apple’s website or online shop. Even so, since the sales are happening through Amazon, we’re likely to see a deal on them, even if they aren’t that substantial, and therefore it’s a good opportunity to pick one up during the Prime Day Apple Watch deals. Of course, there are other sales events during the year that are good for electronics, and those are primarily Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which try to have the same sort of sales as Prime Day, but because they are overstock sales, the deals aren’t that broad, and stock is usually limited, so you have to be on top of it constantly.

As for the Apple Watch SE and its price, that’s a bit more complicated to predict, especially since it’s a relatively new Apple Smartwatch, and they’re already budget-priced, so it can be a bit like trying to gaze into a crystal ball while there’s a thin piece of cloth over it. That being said, we have looked at the historical price data and have some idea, although that’s not taking into account the Watch 3 rumors that the Watch 3 is going to be discontinued, which may mean a more significant discount on the Watch SE.

RRP Prime Day 2021 Black Friday 2021 Cyber Monday 2021 Lowest Price 2022 Today’s Price Prime Day 2022 (Prediction)
Apple Watch SE $279 $249 $219 $219 $230 $229 $210 – $230

Keep in mind while looking at this table that it is a predicted price based on price history, and we may see a better deal. Either way, keep an eye on here since we’ll be updating regularly as we find the best deals on the Apple Watch SE.

Should you buy the Apple Watch SE on Prime Day?

As mentioned earlier, Prime Day is one of the best times to grab yourself a piece of electronics, and the Watch SE is a great smartwatch to pick up. While it’s true that you can wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday, we very much doubt that you’ll see better deals then, especially since they overstock sales. Therefore, we encourage you to pick up the Watch SE if you find a deal that fits your budget; we consider it the best Apple smartwatch to go for if you want the best bang for your buck.

That being said, if you want something a little bit fancier, the Apple Watch 6 may be a good option since we feel that it’s a much more feature-rich version of the Watch SE. While we have a full comparison of the Watch Series 6 vs. Apple Watch SE, most of it boils down to what you’re willing to dish out for the nicer features. For example, you have more power under the hood, a nicer screen, a better heart rate sensor and ECG, and so on, although the differences can be somewhat minimal compared to the Watch SE, so that’s something you have to consider. If you’re still on the fence and aren’t sure about either watch, you can always browse all the information on Apple Watches to help make your decision.

Of course, another option is to check out the Watch 3 Prime Day deal coverage since the Watch 3 is also still a relatively good smartwatch, being slightly less powerful than the SE but still saving you a bit of extra cash. And, as we mentioned earlier, there’s a possibility it might be discontinued so we may see a good deal on it tomorrow.

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