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Smart Home Guides

The Roku Smart Home Monitoring System SE on a table.

How to set up Roku Home Monitoring System SE

Setting up the Roku Home Monitoring System SE isn't too difficult, but there are a few things to keep in mind as you move through the process.
The Roku Indoor Camera SE with a red light.

How to set up Roku Indoor Camera SE

Trying to install the Roku Indoor Camera SE? Here's how to get it properly set up in your home, along with a few tips for troubleshooting common issues.
The Ring Video Doorbell 3 installed near a door.

How to fix dark footage on Ring Video Doorbell

If your Ring Video Doorbell is producing images that are unusually dark, there are a few ways to fix the problem. Here's what you need to know.
simplisafe home security system deals the haven 14 piece by

How to add a family member to SimpliSafe profile

SimpliSafe doesn't let you add multiple users to your account, but there's a simple workaround for the oversight. Here's what you need to know.
The Hearth package by SimpliSafe.

How to add a new sensor to an existing SimpliSafe system

You can easily add new sensors to an existing SimpliSafe system. In fact, the process can be done using a phone or the SimpliSafe Keypad. Here's how it works.
SimpliSafe review

How to reset the SimpliSafe Base Station

You might need to reset your SimpliSafe Base Station if you're running into connection errors. Thankfully, the process is easy. Here's what you need to do.
A Nest Learning Thermostat installed on a wall corner next to the kitchen.

Are smart thermostats worth it? Pros and cons of connected thermostats

Are smart thermostats worth it? Between the cost, the hassle of installation, and having to learn a whole new system, there's a lot to invest.
The Harth Sleep-Shift Light Bulb running next to a bed.

Are smart lights bulbs worth it?

Smart light bulbs give you several ways to control their performance or alter their appearance. But are they worth the inflated price tag?
The Ecovacs T20 Omni docked in a living room.

Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni vs. Ecovacs Deebot T20 Omni: Is the T20 worth it?

The Deebot T20 Omni is the latest robot vacuum to join Ecovacs' lineup, but is it a big enough improvement over the Deebot T10 Omni? Here's a closer look.
The Ring Video Doorbell in Satin Nickel, installed beside a doorway.

How long do video doorbells last?

Video doorbells are great smart home gadgets, but they won't last forever. Here's a look at how long they'll be supported and when they should be replaced.
amazon echo vs apple homepod

How to connect smart home gadgets to your Amazon Alexa device

Here's a look at how to connect your smart home devices to Alexa, along with tips on how to easily control them with your voice or smartphone app.
A blue Echo Pop sitting on a table.

How to factory reset an Echo Pop

Performing a factory reset on the Echo Pop is simple, but there's a way to reset the smart speaker that isn't as permanent. Here's what to know.
The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra cleaning up pet fur.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra vs. Roborock S7 Max Ultra: Which is the better robot vacuum?

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra and S7 Max Ultra are two of the best robot vacuums on the market. But which is best? Here's a closer look to help you decide.
Roborock S4 Max cleaning a carpet.

How to choose a robot vacuum

Considering getting some robot housekeeping help? Shopping for a robot can be intimidating. Here's what to know before you buy a robot vacuum for your home.
A blue Echo Pop sitting on a table.

How to set up the Echo Pop

The Echo Pop is an affordable smart speaker that offers full support for Amazon Alexa. Here's how to set up your new Echo Pop, along with tips for using it.
ECOVACS DEEBOT T1 OMNI with nearby dock

How to create a map with Ecovacs robot vacuums

Mapping your home with an Ecovacs robot vacuum is easy, although there's a bit of a trick to getting it to work properly. Here's what you need to know.
Side profile view of August smart lock on a door.

Smart lock buying guide

Need to make access to your home easier or more secure? Here's what you need to know about smart locks and how to pick one for your home.
Ring Floodlight Camera placed on a wall outside.

How to turn off Amazon Sidewalk on Ring devices

Amazon Sidewalk is a local networking feature that keeps your Ring devices online in the event of a web outage. Enabled by default, here's how to turn it off.
Echo 4th Gen

What to know before you enable Alexa Guard

Compatible Amazon Echo smart speakers and displays can help protect your home with a feature called Alexa Guard. Here are all of the details you need to know.
ECOVACS DEEBOT T1 OMNI with nearby dock

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra vs. Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni: which is the better robot vacuum?

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra and Ecovacs Deebot T10 Omni are two popular robot vacuums, but which is best for your home? Here's a closer look to help you decide.
A robot lawn mower in a backyard while a family relaxes.

How do robot lawn mowers work?

Robot lawn mowers are one of the most intriguing smart home items available in 2023, but how exactly do they work? Here's what to know before making a purchase.
Apple HomePod 2023 in a home office.

How to enable Sound Recognition on your HomePod and receive smoke alarm alerts

The HomePod and HomePod mini can now send alerts to your smartphone to let you know when a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm is going off. Here's how it works.
Product still of the Awair Element, tabletop

The best air quality monitors

Toxic particles can wreak havoc on your indoor air, but an air quality monitor can alert you to these unseeable pests. Here are our favorite monitors for 2023.
Ikea Starkvind air purifier

10 tips to make the most of your air purifier

If you're learning how to use a smart air purifier, we have tips and answers to commonly asked questions to help you get the cleanest air at home.
The Nanoleaf Essential lineup installed in a home theater.

How to fix the Nanoleaf unreachable error

If your Nanoleaf product is showing up as "unreachable," you'll be glad to know there are several ways to fix the issue. Here's a look at what you need to do.
Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) LED light ring

What does the Amazon Echo yellow ring color mean?

Your Echo device has an LED indicator to provide all sorts of useful Alexa information. Let's take a look at what the common yellow ring light means for users!
Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) with Clock on table.

Most common Amazon Echo Dot problems, and how to fix them

Echo Dots are easy to use and fun to play with, but sometimes they can run into trouble. Here are six of the most common Dot issues and how to fix them.
The Roborock Q7 Max+ in action cleaning crumbs off of carpet.

How to clean a Roborock robot vacuum

While your Roborock robot vacuum can help keep your home clean, it's up to you to maintain the robot itself. Here's how to clean your Roborock robot vacuum.
The Mila Smart Air Purifier.

How do I clean my smart air purifier?

Air purifiers need to be cleaned to keep the filters working and avoid problems with mildew. Here's how to thoroughly clean your smart air purifier, and when.
Tradfri smart plug connected to a bathroom outlet.

Do smart plugs really help to cut down energy use?

Smart plugs are a great addition to any smart home, but do these web-connected outlets really help to lower your energy bill? The answer may surprise you.
Arlo camera installed outside.

Is a DIY smart home security system better than a professional one?

Trying to figure out if you should build a DIY smart home security system or opt for a professional one? Here's a closer look at both to help you decide.

Is a robot lawn mower worth it in 2023?

A robot lawn mower will trim your property to perfection in as little as a few hours, but with price points hovering around $1,000 or more, are they worth it?
Apple TV 4K hardware with remote and retail box.

Apple TV: price, hardware, software, and more

Is Apple TV the right streaming device for your home system? What does it offer? Our guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Apple TV.
A Wyze camera placed outside in the snow.

Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Mount vs. Wyze Cam Pan v3: which is best?

The Blink Mini Pan-Tilt Mount and Wyze Cam Pan v3 can both rotate to cover all corners of your home. But which indoor camera is best? Here's a closer look.