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1More’s true wireless ANC earbuds are a preview of what’s coming to CES 2020

CES 2020 is still a few weeks away, but we’re already getting a preview of what’s in store for us when we arrive. 1More’s new True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones are a great example. It’s the company’s first true wireless earbuds to offer active noise cancellation (ANC), a feature that is rapidly becoming a must-have option for products that want to compete with the best the category has to offer.

But the True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones go beyond mere ANC. They’re also the first true wireless earbuds to combine ANC with a multi-driver architecture, according to the company. That setup uses one dynamic driver and one balanced armature to produce sound that is good enough to be considered for THX Certification.

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Battery life is not quite as exciting: You’ll get a claimed six hours of operation between charges if you keep ANC off. With it turned on, that number drops to five. The portable charging case provides three additional full-length charges for 22 hours of total battery life. That puts the True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones within spitting distance of the AirPods Pro‘s specs for battery life.

The control system is another area worth noting. Each earbud has a multi-functional button along with G-Sensor that enables touch control. This lets you turn ANC on/off, control volume, song selection, answer/end calls, and get the attention of your voice assistant. The 1More Stylish was notably missing volume control, so it’s great to see it added here.

There are two levels of active noise cancellation, a pass-through mode for hearing the outside world, wireless charging and aptX + AAC compatibility.

We’re optimistic that these new earbuds — which so far do not have a price or a confirmed release date — will be worth serious consideration when they launch. We’ve been very impressed with 1More’s recent products. It’s Stylish true wireless earbuds sat atop our list of best true wireless earbuds for months, and its Triple-Driver earbuds remain one of the best you can buy in a set of wired buds. The fact that the True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones are already Innovation Award winners for CES 2020, adds to our optimism.

Speaking of awards, 1More also announced two other new models of earbuds, and they’ve both picked up CES 2020 Innovation Awards.

The React True Wireless earbuds are designed for workouts. They feature a two-chip system that lets them keep the mic always-on so it can listen for your voice assistant’s wake word, like “Hey Siri,” or “Alexa.” That’s a feature we’ve only seen on the Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro, plus the Amazon Echo Buds. For those engaged in activities that require constant use of their hands, this is a big convenience.

Battery life is again somewhat unspectacular at a claimed five hours on a single charge, with the portable charging case bringing total battery life to 24 hours. The earhook-based design makes the React look like they will be just as secure during workouts as the JLab Epic Air Sport and Beats Powerbeats Pro, two of the best workout true wireless buds we’ve tested.

The Dual Driver ANC Pro Wireless Headphones are a follow up to the company’s Dual Driver ANC Wireless Headphones. The “Pro” designation means that there are some new features, including Bluetooth 5 technology with LDAC and AAC. This offers longer battery life and better compatibility with both Android and iOS phones for hi-res music support.

Battery life is indeed much better: 20 hours on a single charge with ANC off, and 15 hours with it on. The previous model topped out at seven hours. The new headphones are also tougher, featuring IPX5 water resistance, letting you take them places the older version could never go.

There’s going to be tons of new headphones at CES 2020, so make sure you bookmark our CES 2020 page for all of the breaking news as it happens.

Follow our live blog for more CES news and announcements.

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