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The 43-inch and 85-inch Samsung The Frame TVs are on sale today

Samsung's 65-inch Class 'The Frame' QLED 4K Smart TV displaying a famous oil painting.

Samsung has some fantastic discounts on its ever-popular The Frame TV range: The 85-inch model is reduced by $500 to $3,800, and the 43-inch model is reduced by $200 to $800. If you’re looking for great TV deals that garner you a stylish yet practical TV, this is your chance to do so. Keen to learn more? Let’s take a look at what the Samsung The Frame QLED TV has to offer.

Samsung The Frame 43-inch QLED TV — $800, was $1,000

Samsung The Frame 85-inch QLED TV — $3,800, was $4,300

Why you should buy the Samsung The Frame QLED TV

Samsung is one of the best TV brands around, and its particular penchant is all things QLED — as well as making some stylish TVs that blend into your surroundings well. With the Samsung The Frame QLED TV, you get both of those things. The quantum-dot based display adds a layer of quantum dots to a TV’s LED backlight. Those quantum dots emit their own light with a very high level of efficiency, with such light able to be tuned to specific portions of the color spectrum. That means greater accuracy and fantastic levels of brightness.

With the Samsung The Frame QLED TV, you get 100% Color Volume, which saturates the screen with a billion colors. It looks gorgeous with bold detail just where you want it. Quantum HDR delivers an expanded range of color and contrast with an impressive spectrum which deepens blacks and brightens colors just how you need your movie watching experience to look. The TV also has anti-reflection technology with a Matte Display Film premium finish which limits light distraction so there’s less glare and a better looking image.

However, the thing that makes the Samsung The Frame QLED TV one of the most interesting TVs around is its Art Mode. By switching to Art mode, you can turn your TV into a picture frame on your wall. Effectively, it’s your very own art exhibit. You can choose art purchased from the Samsung store or pick out your own favorite images.

Whichever size you go for, you’ll love the Samsung The Frame QLED TV. The 43-inch model is currently down to $800 from $1,000 at Samsung, or you can invest in the 85-inch model for $3,800 instead of $4,300. Check them out now before the deal ends soon.

Samsung The Frame 43-inch QLED TV — $800, was $1,000

Samsung The Frame 85-inch QLED TV — $3,800, was $4,300

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