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harman kardon soundsticks 4 anniversary edition review bluetooth 20th 1

Harman/Kardon Soundsticks 4 review: What’s old is new again

With impressive sound for $300, the Soundsticks 4 present excellent value -- despite a few quirks -- with a style that will take you back to the year 2000.
pantheone speaker review 7

Pantheone I speaker review: Sonos smarts, superior sound

With outstanding audio reproduction, integration with Spotify Connect, and multi-room audio, Pantheone I is poised to unseat the king — if not for the price.
Klipsch the Fives

Klipsch The Fives review: Soundbar killers

The Fives by Klipsch are the first powered speakers that are HDMI ARC compatible, and they put soundbars to shame with their incredible audio quality.
Bose Home Speaker 500

Bose Home Speaker 500 review: Stylish, super sound

Smart speakers with great sound and a wealth of features don't come cheap, but the Bose Home Speaker 500 is a strong argument that it's worth the investment.
Sonos Move outdoors on a picnic bench.

Sonos Move review: Great outdoors

Sonos' first Bluetooth speaker was made for life outdoors, and can power a pool party single-handedly. But is it worth the investment? Here's our full review.
Marshall Tufton

Marshall Tufton Bluetooth speaker review: Big, bold block rocker

Most Bluetooth speakers are small, personal devices that emphasize portability over power. Not so with the Marshall Tufton. It's a no-compromises crowd-pleaser.
echo flex review hero

Echo Flex Review: A $25 plug-it-in Alexa speaker

Amazon released a new Alexa device called the Echo Flex. What is the Echo Flex? What can the Echo Flex do? What features does it boast? Is this $25 device a suitable alternative to larger, more expensive Echo speakers? We tested the speaker for two weeks, and here’s our full review of the Echo Flex.
Bose Portable Home Speaker

Bose Portable Smart Speaker review: Great sound, anywhere

With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, smart assistants, and a built-in battery, you can take this great-sounding speaker anywhere.
Polk Audio Legend L100

Polk Audio Legend Series L100 speakers review: Pure clarity

Polk's ambitious new Legend speakers come in hot in the approachable L100 bookshelf speakers, offering audiophile sound from a brand that has long embraced the budget buy. The latest from Polk goes back to the company's roots with clear, dimensional sound that's refreshingly dynamic.
ikea sonos symfonisk bookshelf speaker review

Ikea-Sonos Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker review

Can a $99 speaker deliver the kind of sound and convenience that Sonos users have become accustomed to? In a word: Yes. And then some. The Ikea-Sonos Symfonisk Bookshelf speaker manages to sound great while fitting into nearly any space in your home, and can also double as an actual bookshelf.
svs prime wireless speakers review feat

SVS Prime Wireless speakers review

The latest from SVS, the Prime Wireless speakers, are a new and convenient way to enjoy the incredible sound of the Prime Series speakers without the need for amplification. While they do come with a few caveats, those looking for gorgeous sound in an equally gorgeous package will want to give them a long look.
Marshall Stanmore II Voice review

Marshall Stanmore II Voice review

Can a Bluetooth speaker combine voice assistant smarts with great sound quality, or do you always have to separate the two? Marshall's Stanmore II Voice adds Amazon Alexa to prove it’s possible, while maintaining the signature sound we’ve come to expect.The Stanmore II has been shaking our floor, and here's our review.
Roku Wireless Speakers

Roku Wireless Speakers review

Roku boldly steps into audio with its new Roku Wireless Speakers, an affordable, tailor-made sound solution for your Roku TV. But do they hold up under sonic scrutiny? We put them to the test to find out if these speakers are worth choosing over a soundbar or other audio solution.
Riva Concert Review

Riva Concert review

The Riva Concert series speaker is a fantastic small-profile smart speaker with Alexa integration, truly excellent sound, and great looks, making it the perfect addition to your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. With even more features than the Sonos One.
Vizio M Series

Home theater calibration guide: Manual speaker setup

Make your home theater rumble just right with our manual speaker setup guide, a simple, step-by-step walkthrough to getting the most from your audio equipment without needing to rely on automatic calibration, which often can't produce the same stellar results as manual calibration.
paradigm persona b review bookshelf speakers xxl

Paradigm Persona B hands-on review

Paradigm’s astonishingly transparent Persona B bookshelf speakers offer incredible sound to bring you inside the studio, onto the stage, and closer to the souls of your favorite musicians than ever. With the ability to virtually disappear behind the instruments, they offer one of the most satisfying listening experiences you’ll find.
amazon echo sub review 11

Amazon Echo Sub review

Amazon introduced the Echo Sub for Echo speaker owners who wanted to inject some room-moving bass into their smart speaker experience. We took the new Alexa-friendly sub for a spin and quickly learned that it’s a niche product, but one that does its odd job extremely well.
Marshall Kilburn II review

Marshall Kilburn II hands-on review

You’ll have to speak up, because we’ve been testing the Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth speaker -- and it’s shockingly loud. Designed not just for indoors use, this speaker has a battery inside that makes it ideal for outdoor use too. Aside from the volume, how does the Kilburn II sound and perform?
LG ThinQ WK7 review

LG ThinQ WK7 review

There’s a lot to like about the LG WK7 smart speaker with ThinQ technology. It offers solid sounding bass and vocals, and gets the job done as a Google Assistant smart speaker. We tested the speaker out to learn more about LG’s latest effort, which also happens to be a pretty affordable option for those seeking more thump.
JBL 306P MkII review

JBL 306P MkII review

The JBL 306P MkII are a stylish and affordable set of powered studio monitors geared towards budget conscious content creators. Whether you’re a podcaster, videographer, or bedroom musician, the 306P MkII are a perfect tool to shape the sounds of your latest home project.
Focal Dome Flax 5.1 review

Focal Dome Flax 5.1 review

There are plenty of ways to land high-quality surround sound, but Focal’s Dome series does things differently. Small yet powerful speaker packages that can setup in almost any room, the Dome Flax are the latest (and priciest). At $2,000, are the Dome Flax worthy of consideration?
logitech g560 review speakers memset2

Logitech G560 review

Looking to upgrade your gaming cave? Look no further than the Logitech G560 gaming speakers, which offer powerful sound and multicolor light arrays which react to the games you’re playing.
Focal Sib Evo Dolby Atmos 5.1.2

Focal Sib Evo Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 review

Focal’s Sib Evo speakers offer real, multi-channel Dolby Atmos sound in a package that’s as affordable as a soundbar, and almost as discrete. We put them to the test.
Bowers & Wilkins 702 S2 review

Bowers and Wilkins 702 S2 Review

The Bowers and Wilkins 702 S2 speakers are a beautiful pair of floorstanding speakers that beautifully reproduce instrumental music, but they may not be right for everyone.

Klipsch Forte III review

The Klipsch Forte III loudspeakers are throwback floorstanders without the drawbacks of age -- a gorgeous US-made reissue of Klipsch’s best-selling classics that transform every tune into a special musical event.
Tivoli Model One Digital Review

Tivoli Audio ART Model One Digital review

Our Tivoli Model One Digital review reveals that despite great sound, problems with Wi-Fi and limited streaming support stops us short from falling totally in love.
SVS SB-16 subwoofer in corner.

SVS SB16-Ultra subwoofer review

If you’ve ever wondered what’s the best subwoofer you can buy, then wonder no longer. The SVS SB16-Ultra is it.
definitive technology demand series d9 review 792

Definitive Technology Demand Series D9 review

Definitive Technology’s D9 Demand Series speakers showcase incredible clarity and stereo imaging in our review. But are they worth the extra green?
Monoprice Monolith K Bas review speakers covered

Monoprice Monolith K-BĀS review

Monoprice’s Monolith K-BAS speakers deliver bass worthy of the speaker’s name, but a dip in the treble and midrange glosses over details.
Polk Signature Series review

Polk Signature Series review

Our Polk Signature Series review reveals the company still knows how to design a high-performance speaker that’s easy on the wallet.
Aperion Verus II

Aperion Audio Verus II Grand review

In our Aperion Audio Verus II Grand review, we find out how well the company’s latest audiophile tower speakers stack up to the competition.
Crosley Radio S100 review

Crosley Radio S100 review

Can powered, Bluetooth-enabled bookshelf speakers for less than $200 win your heart? Read our Crosley S100 review to find out.
KEF Q150 bookshelf speaker REVIEW MAIN1

KEF Q150 bookshelf speakers review

sennheiser flex 5000 review hero1

Sennheiser Flex 5000 review

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