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The LG 97-inch Signature OLED M3 4K TV and Zero Connect box.

LG’s giant, wireless OLED TV gets a giant price

If you want to hang LG's 97-inch wireless TV on your wall, here's how much it will cost and when you can get one.
A closeup view of an owl displayed on a Hisense U8K TV.

Hisense kicks off its U8K mini-LED TV availability with deep discounts

Hisense has just released its flagship 2023 U8K mini-LED TV and has thrown in some big discounts to mark the occasion.
Samsung S95C QD-OLED 4K TV.

TV model numbers are confusing enough, and Samsung’s making it worse

TV model numbers are confusing enough, but what Samsung is doing with its OLED TVs is downright misleading.
Hisense U6K mini-LED TV.

Hisense’s mini-LED U6K TV arrives, starting at $500

Hisense has released the most affordable mini-LED TV you can buy – the 2023 U6K, which comes in 55-, 65-, and 75-inch sizes starting at $500.
The Roku Channel app on Google TV.

The Roku Channel is now available as a Google TV app

The Roku Channel — the free, ad-supported streaming service from Roku — is now available on Google TV and Android TV as a standalone app.
A press image of the Samsung 83-inch S90C OLED television.

This Samsung S90C OLED TV news is literally huge

Samsung's excellent S90C OLED line now comes in a whopping 83 inches, with a price tag to match.
The box for the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

How we test streaming video devices

Whether it's Roku, Amazon, Apple, or others — we apply the same standards to every streaming device that comes our way. Here's how we test them.

How we test TVs

We explain our testing methodology for TV reviews and explain how that translates into a TV review you can trust.
Vizio SmartCast Home Screen 2023.

Vizio’s aging SmartCast reborn as Vizio Home Screen, with better content discovery features

Vizio gives its smart TVs a full visual and usability refresh with an updated home screen that makes content discovery easier.
iPhone screen mirroring menu.

How to mirror your smartphone or tablet on your TV

Casting apps and streaming services to your TV from your phone is cool, but with screen mirroring you can share whatever you see on your device. Here's how.
Formula E is coming to The Roku Channel in 2024.

Formula E adds Roku for streaming and expands on CBS

Formula E will find 11 races streamed on The Roku Channel, starting with its 2024 season.
Samsung 98-inch Q80C QLED 4K HDR TV.

Samsung takes on TCL with 98-inch 4K TV that costs just $8,000

The price of ultra-big screen TVs is dropping rapidly, and Samsung is doing its part with a new 98-inch version of its Q80C QLED TV that costs $8,000.
A phosphorescent OLED panel.

What is PHOLED? Your eyes (and your utility bill) are going to love it

OLED TVs offer the best picture quality you can get, but PHOLED technology is about to make these TVs even better.
how to pick the best tv for sports

How to pick the best TV for sports: what to look for and things to avoid

Anyone who says you shouldn't choose a TV just to watch sports is wrong. Here's what you need for a great view of a big game, plus a few big things to avoid.
Samsung 2023 S90C QD-OLED TV.

After years of bashing OLED, Samsung now set to buy panels from LG

An unconfirmed report from Reuters claims that bitter rivals, LG and Samsung, have inked a deal where LG will supply 77- and 83-inch OLED TV panels to Samsung.
TCL Q Class QM8 mini-LED 4K TV.

TCL’s 2023 mini-LED 4K TVs are shockingly affordable

TCL's 2023 TV lineup is here, and it brings the lowest price ever seen on a 98-inch mini-LED TV, the TCL QM8.
Sony A80L 4K OLED TV.

Sony releases its 2023 TV prices with one very big exception

Sony TV fans can now see just how much a new 2023 model will run them and when they'll be able to buy one – except for the company's flagship QD-OLED TV.
Roku Plus Series

Roku Plus Series TV review: better than you may expect

Roku's first streaming TV aims to find the perfect mix of premium and accessible, but has it done enough to compete with its own brand partners?
Roku Plus Series television in a living room setting.

Roku bets big on its own TV brand — but is it a good idea?

Is Roku's bid to be its own TV brand hot or not? Its choice could have big implications.
Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series TV.

Amazon celebrates 200 million Fire TV devices by launching more

Amazon is celebrating having sold 200 million Fire TV devices by launching new televisions at both the high and low ends of the Fire TV lineup.
Samsung 2023 S95C (left) and S90C QD-OLED TVs.

Samsung confirms its 2023 QD-OLED TVs start at just $1,900, are available now

Samsung has finally provided pricing and availability on its full 2023 QD-OLED TV lineup, including its most affordable S90C models.
Roku remote in hand with Roku home screen in. the background.

How to update your Roku device software

Updating your Roku streaming device's software keeps it in tip-top shape and delivers its latest features. It's as easy as a few clicks. Here's how to do it!
Roku Select Series television.

The first Roku-made televisions are now available at Best Buy

The Roku Select Series and Roku Plus Series televisions are the first to be made by the streaming veteran under its own name.
Example of screen burn-in on an OLED TV.

Does QD-OLED have a burn-in problem?

Samsung has thrown a lot of shade at LG's OLED TVs over the years over potential burn-in problems. Have the tables finally turned?
Samsung Micro LED

Every TV type, explained

LED, LCD, OLED, QLED. The alphabet soup of TV types can be confusing and overwhelming. This guide will make it simple to understand every TV type available.
The Samsung S95C on display at CES 2023.

Samsung accidentally reveals price of its 77-inch QD-OLED TV

Samsung appears to have revealed and then removed, the price of the 77-inch S95C QD-OLED TV from its website.
please dont mount your tv over the fireplace 3 1500x946

Should you mount your TV above a fireplace?

Designers and homeowners love mounting TVs above fireplaces. But for the sake of your health and the health of your TV, don't do it.
Nest Hub Max in the kitchen.

Why the Nest Hub Max still rocks as a kitchen TV

It's getting up there in age, but the Nest Hub Max is still an excellent option for a television in the kitchen.
Sharp OLED TV.

Sharp is bringing one of the first OLED Roku TVs to the U.S. in 2023

Now that Roku has released a reference design for an OLED Roku TV, Sharp has indicated its intention to sell one in the U.S.
Best of CES 2023 Awards Our Top Tech from the Show Feature

Digital Trends’ Top Tech of CES 2023 Awards

From dual-screen laptops to smarter smart rings, the top tech of CES 2023 took existing technologies and made them practical enough to finally buy. Here are our favorites.

What is a Micro Lens Array, and how does it make OLED TVs brighter?

OLED screens have taken another leap forward at CES 2023 thanks to Micro Lens Array (MLA) tech. But what exactly is it, and how does it improve brightness?
TCL's Scott Ramirez at CES 2023.

Did Roku just upend the midrange TV landscape?

Roku may well have just sent a sizable shockwave through the affordable TV market. The question, really, is a matter of degree.
Man playing a video game on an LG 97-inch Signature OLED M3 4K TV.

LG’s giant 97-inch M3 OLED TV eliminates HDMI cables

LG's Signature OLED M Series removes all AV wires between the TV and devices like set-top boxes and game consoles, by betting big on wireless. Will it pay off?
A Roku-branded smart TV.

Roku will start making its own Roku TVs and OLED reference design

In a pretty seismic shift in the smart TV market, Roku announced that it will start selling its own branded Roku TVs instead of only relying on its partners.