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You can now use Amazon Echo Buttons to set up multitasking Routines

Echo Buttons

Sometimes you just want to do everything at once. While that’s not always possible, your Alexa-powered devices can handle multiple tasks at the same time. Thanks to a recent update, Echo Buttons — Amazon’s physical buttons that pair up with other Alexa-powered devices — can now perform Routines.

If you’re not familiar with Routines, you’ve been missing out on a fair amount of functionality with your Alexa device. Introduced last year by the company, Routines allow Amazon’s virtual assistant to handle several tasks at the same time. They are linked together under a single command. For example, you can set up a Routine so when you say “Alexa, good night,” the virtual assistant will turn off all the lights in the house, lock the doors, and turn off your heating system. These macros can be customized depending on your needs and what connected devices you have hooked up in your home.

Now that functionality is available through Echo Buttons. Since the accessory looks an awful lot like the Staples “Easy” button, it’s a pretty fitting feature. Want to let your whole family know it’s dinner time? Set up a Routine to broadcast the message “Dinner is ready!” across every Echo device in your home so everyone under your roof knows to come downstairs. Want the house ready to go for you in the morning? Set up a Routine to turn on the lights start playing music, hit the Echo Button, and start your wake up routine. You get the idea.

According to Amazon, you will be able to set up different Routines for your Echo Buttons. First things first, make sure you have the latest version of the Alexa app installed on your device of choice. Once you are up to date, open the Alexa app and open the Routines feature. From here, just create the routine that you want Alexa to perform for you. Select your Echo Button as a trigger and the Alexa app will link that Routine to the Button. Next time you press it, Alexa will carry out the sequence of tasks you have assigned to it. Talk about an easy button!

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