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A power outage won't shut down your Lynx Solar security camera

Lynx Solar™ Smart Home Security, Powered by the Sun
Getting your power knocked out shouldn’t knock out your security features, and happily, smart home company Tend is of the same opinion. The California-based firm recently debuted the Lynx Solar, a security camera that runs on solar power, promising customers wire-free security that isn’t at the mercy of a power grid. So even if a nefarious actor attempts to cut your cords in order to cause some mischief undetected, the Lynx Solar won’t let that happen.

Promising to provide round-the-clock surveillance, the weatherproof Lynx Solar boasts a 1080p HD camera that will operate even in the face of a power or internet failure, as well as fully-integrated facial recognition software and a motion detector. And don’t worry — even if you live in a supremely dreary climate, you only need one sunny day in order for Lynx Solar to monitor your home or business for up to a week. Plus, the smart camera stores up to three days of recorded data locally and can easily transfer this data to Tend’s free cloud storage platform in the presence of an alternate power source or internet connection.

“Traditional home monitoring systems depend on utilities to function, so hazardous weather or other events that cause power and internet outages make it virtually impossible to monitor your loved ones and property, to ensure they’re safe. And, other battery-backup systems require you to change the batteries periodically,” Herman Yau, Tend co-founder and CEO, said in a statement. “The Lynx Solar is the first of its kind to eliminate those obstacles, using the power of the sun to keep you and your family protected, rain or shine. You simply set it up once and never have to change the battery again.”

Thanks to Lynx Solar’s intelligent facial-recognition technology, you’ll be able to upload photos of friends and family and receive notifications when a familiar face crosses your threshold. On the other hand, should a stranger appear in the frame, Lynx Solar can alert you to a potential disruption. As for the built-in motion detector, this feature will both trigger automatic recording and send notifications to the companion Tend app.

The Lynx Solar is said to take just minutes to set up and install, and pairs with existing Wi-Fi networks for 24-hour monitoring, including infrared nighttime visibility (so you don’t have to be afraid of the dark). The smart solar camera is now available to pre-order for $200 at Tend’s website.

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