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Deck out your desk with Harmon Kardon speakers thanks to a new line of XDesks

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Like it or not, the majority of us are spending at least 40 hours of every week at a desk. While we might not be able to do much about that time, we may be able to do something about that desk. NextDesk, the Texas-based power-adjustable standing desk company, has a new look and a new name, and hopefully, a new workstation that will make those 40 hours go by a little easier. Meet XDesk and its new product line, XDesk Vintage.

Five years after its initial launch, XDesk now has more than 12,000 desk combinations with various materials, finishes, and accessories available for customers to completely personalize their workspace. And moving forward, the company is looking toward even greater levels of customization. As XDesk Director Jamie Fertsch noted, “Listening to our customers shaped the new direction for XDesk. We no longer need to tell our customers that standing desks will help them burn more calories or help with a bad back — they already know that! XDesk customers are seeking desks that can make daily life and mundane tasks easier, faster and as hassle-free as possible, and that’s where customization and personalization plays a huge role.”

Enter the XDesk Vintage line, comprised of four new desk models (the Copland, Porter, Wynstone, and Dalton) and coordinating bookshelves, cabinets, and accessories. All of these new products draw inspiration from vintage and industrial furniture designs, with a focus on longevity. All of these pieces are said to be created with sustainable woods and solid steel (and like the rest of XDesk’s line, are made and manufactured in the United States). All these desks also have optional tech add-ons, including Harmon Kardon sound systems, built-in USB and audio ports, and additional storage.

Of course, the new desks also transform seamlessly into standing desks, with lifting columns that promise increased strength, stability, and speed. Plus, the desk’s Active Safety Protection sensor system claims to detect obstacles and automatically reverse the movement of a desk if any danger is detected.

The XDesk Vintage line is available for purchase with desks starting at $4,485 and accessories (like the company’s filing cabinets, bookshelves, and more) starting at $590.

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