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Seagate speeds up data access on its hard drives, but they won’t match SSDs

Seagate wants to speed up hard drive access in the data center with its new multi-actuator technology. These drives will have two sets of readers that rely on the same pivot point, thus data is written in two short waves.

Are enterprise hard drives more reliable than mainstream models? Report says no

A recent study issued by cloud service provider Backblaze reports that hard drives built for data centers aren't more reliable than models sold on the mainstream desktop market. The company compared two 8TB drives from Seagate.

Microsoft wants your cloud storage to sleep with the fishes, literally

As part of Microsoft's plan to toss your data -- and its data centers -- into the sea, a recent patent filing illustrates just how the Redmond, Washington, company would keep your data safe in underwater data centers.

Intel Optane-branded solid-state drive for data centers spotted in leaked specs

A recent leak reveals the specs of an Intel Optane-branded P4800X Series SSD, destined for data centers with a 375GB capacity. It will have a read speed of up to 2,400MB per second and a write speed of up to 2,000MB per second.
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Scandinavian cool: Inside Facebook’s Arctic data center

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has shared the first detailed look inside the firm's Lulea data center, located just 70 miles south of the Arctic Circle. The massive facility is the size of six football fields.

Google goes greener than ever with new promises for zero-waste data centers

On Wednesday, Google announced a new commitment to achieving "zero waste in all [its] data centers globally," something the company calls "an ambitious goal and just the kind of challenge that excites us."

Facebook tests its apps in a data center that houses 2,000 smartphones

Facebook's latest data center isn't like the others -- instead it's designed specifically for app testing, housing a hefty 2,000 smartphones, many of which are actually somewhat outdated.

LinkedIn splashes $59 million on its first international data center in Singapore

LinkedIn has opened its first data center outside of the U.S. The social network has chosen Singapore as the location for the $58 million facility, in the hopes that it will help it to capitalize upon its growth in the Asia-Pacific region.

Want to visit Google's data center in Oregon? Just pick up the nearest Google Cardboard

Google launched a massive data center in The Dalles, Oregon, back in 2006. Many Google employees aren't allowed into the facility, but now anyone can take virtual tour thanks to a 360-degree video upload to YouTube. Viewers can even use…

AMD still thinks more cores are better cores, plans up to 32 in Zen processors

A speaker at a CERN event included a slide in their presentation that confirms some interesting rumors around the upcoming Zen Architecture, but how many of them will actually make it into PCs?

Microsoft is making a digital Atlantis by putting data centers under the sea

Keeping our data close at hand without impacting the environment isn't easy. Microsoft's Project Natick has a novel and unusual solution to the problem -- put the data center under the sea.

Russia plans to build its largest data center on top of a nuclear power plant

While most of the world still balks at the notion of using nuclear energy to power large-scale enterprises, Russia recently announced plans to build what could be its largest data center right on top of the Kalinin nuclear power plant.