Emerging Tech

These ‘tentacular’ jellyfish lamps bring the deep sea to the surface

A German designer has created a a stunning lamp that mimics the appearance and movement of jellyfish. The Jellyfish Motion Lights are part lamp, part installation, and completely captivating.

It’s all in the trident. Meet the man who makes Maseratis look like Maseratis

Alfa Romeo and Maserati are both over 100 years old, yet they've remained faithful to their heritage through periods of ups and downs. We sat down with Klaus Busse to learn how to balance tradition while breaking new ground.

Chrome OS notification center redesign borrows from Windows 10 Action Center

Chrome OS will soon combine notifications and quick system settings together in one menu. The new look, similar to Windows 10's Action Center, could be part of what many consider to Material Design 2.0.
Emerging Tech

Scientists mimic odd leaf structure for potential use in cleaning up oil spills

To tackle some of today’s most pressing man-made disasters, a team of researchers from the University of Southern California has now turned to the leaves of a floating fern, which have strange eggbeater-shaped protrusions.
Emerging Tech

Your future pair of Levi’s could be made by lasers

Levi's is turning to laser tech to make distressed jeans via a new process that reduces the company's impact on the environment. In a video showing the technique, we can see eight different designs made from the same base pair.
Emerging Tech

Martians may call these massive domed greenhouses “home”

Designed by researchers at MIT, the immense domed greenhouse are intended to house around 50 people, equipped with open spaces of plants and water harvested from the Martian plains.
Emerging Tech

Good birdie! This box trains crows to collect cigarette butts for cleaner cities

The Crowbar is designed to offer crows a tasty treat every time they deposit a cigarette filter. The device may help keep our city streets cleaner by incentivizing crows to do the dirty work.
Emerging Tech

Odd delivery drone design carries cargo while keeping it safe

Researchers at EPFL have designed an origami-inspired delivery drone that could someday bring goods from sellers to buyers, keeping cargo safe in a cage along the way. Though there's more work to be done, the concept could influence future…
Emerging Tech

SolarSack water purifier taps sun to bring clean H20 to developing regions

Two students have developed what they’re calling an affordable and sustainable solution for purifying water in developing regions. It includes a 4-liter pouch that purifies water when placed in direct sunlight for four hours.
Emerging Tech

These 7 quake-resistant buildings are designed to withstand the next big shockwave

In areas with increased seismic activity, earthquake resistance is a major engineering consideration. Here are 7 of our favorite buildings designed to withstand a major earthquake.

Ubisoft overhauls logo to better represent the game worlds it creates

Ubisoft once again changed its logo, though this time it is stripped of all color. It will change depending on the game it is helping market, altering its color and texture to be in line with Ubisoft's game worlds.

3 WebVisions speakers that got our minds spinning

With 14 presenters on tap for this year's WebVisions conference in Portland, Oregon, those in attendance learned about everything from tech's growing role in activism to content strategy for paleontologists.

How Infiniti stopped aping Germany and learned to go bold

Infiniti design boss Alfonso Albaisa discusses how to tell a story with design, and how emerging technologies like electric power and autonomous driving will change the way cars look in the future.

A modern-day Noah’s Ark? The Tsunamiball may help people survive natural disasters

In the wake of the 2011 tsunami that rocked Japan, designer Chris Robinson decided to begin work on a safety capsule called the Tsunamiball that would be able to help people stay safe during natural disasters.
Smart Home

Put a cork in it: Tiny, minimal cork home is kind to the eye and environment

Taking up just about 97 square feet, the Ecocubo is designed to be both environmentally friendly and inconspicuous among its surroundings. The Ecocubo is positioned on stilts for minimal impact to the landscape.
Smart Home

Zen and tranquility ripple through this artistic installation of wood pallets

Designed and constructed by the New Delhi-based design firm Mofa Studios, India's Pensieve art installation looked to Harry Potter for its unique name and required over 1,000 wooden pallets for construction.

Waste your time like you mean it by following the best Instagram accounts

Humans spend nearly 30 minutes every single day listlessly perusing their Instagram feeds. Of the millions of pages to choose from, here are some of the best Instagram accounts we've seen.
Smart Home

Recycled gas pipes keep this Canadian cottage high and dry

Designed by Canadian architecture firm, DINS Projects, Manitoba's Pole House turned to recycled gas pipe stilts to overlook the nearby Lake Winnipeg and to save it from potential flood and water damage.