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boss sensor digital face recognition

This creepy quiz tells you which government agencies may have a photo of your face

The EFF wants to use this quiz to make people aware that it is nearly impossible to know which government agencies are sharing your photos, and with whom. 
buy refurbished mac best

Documents suggest some Best Buy Geek Squad employees were paid to inform by FBI

as coronavirus scams increase heres what to watch out for unsplash email

Oft-delayed Email Privacy Act is back for another go-round with Congress

hp eff third party ink printer 1

HP needs to reverse its firmware update that blocked third-party ink, EFF says

t mobile fcc settlement

T-Mobile’s latest family plan has net neutrality advocates pissed off

windows 10 insider preview 14955 outlook mail calendar narrator upgrade

Watchdog not letting Microsoft off the hook on Windows 10 privacy, choice issues

researchers use ambient light sensor data to steal browser exhausted man computer problems desk hacking hackers malware frust

Petitioners want Microsoft investigated over Windows 10-based business practices

citizen jailed without charges for refusing to decrypt drives police 01

Ex-police officer jailed indefinitely for refusing to decrypt hard drives

tmobile bingeon youtube google play movies t mobile binge on

EFF sides with YouTube, says T-Mobile is throttling video on its network

google docs adds new templates budgetlaptops dellchromebook11

EFF wants Google to stop tracking schoolchildren’s Internet searches

dmca exemption revives defunct single player games usloc thumb

U.S. government grants DMCA exemption for defunct video games

Internet privacy

Block online tracking with the EFF’s new Privacy Badger extension

eff draws attention to ethiopian internet surveillance during obama visit ethiopia

EFF draws attention to Ethiopian Internet surveillance during Obama visit

While President Obama visits Ethiopia this week, EFF has used the event to draw attention to the alleged surveillance the country carried out an American.
activists take skies nsa spying protest blimp

Activists take to the skies in NSA spying protest

spying is expensive nsa surveillance program may cost more than 35 billion seal

The NSA claims its systems are too complex to stop deleting incriminating data

The NSA is claiming that its systems are so complex that it cannot prevent the destruction of evidence that may be damaging to its case in a lawsuit.
FBI facial recognition

FBI’s facial recognition database holds records on 1/3 of all Americans

New documents uncovered by the EFF reveal some telling details about the FBI's rapidly expanding database of biometric information.
Andrew Auernheimer is not Aaron Swartz

Andrew Auernheimer is not Aaron Swartz

Outrage over broken anti-hacking laws have blinded tech pundits like myself to the clear wrongdoings of "AT&T iPad hacker" Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer.
Facebook graph privacy search

Batten down your privacy settings; here comes Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search may create a "discoverability problem" for users – one that could push them to finally get serious about their privacy settings.
3D printing patent trolls

The EFF wants YOU to help protect 3D printing from patent trolls!

CISPA House of Representatives

Five things everyone needs to know about CISPA


It’s CISPA day on Capitol Hill: Where to watch, and what you need to know

CISPA House of Representatives

Fixing CISPA: A guide to the cybersecurity bill’s key amendments

Console jailbreaking may follow smartphone jailbreaking as a legally acceptable practice

US Ambassador David Gross talks about UN 'takeover' of the Internet

US condemns ‘three strikes’ P2P downloading laws


Bill would require warrants to search email, cell phones

The cast of The Expendables.

Largest ever BitTorrent lawsuit targets 23,000 file sharers


Internet ‘kill switch’ bill revised, still angers civil rights activists