The third generation of Google Glass may be nearly ready for release

Google Glass may not have been as popular among consumers as Google had hoped it would be, but the company is still developing the concept. In fact, according to recent reports, Google has finished testing the third generation of Glass.
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Digital Trends Live: Google’s new Glass, Impossible Sausage, and more

On Tuesday's episode of DT Live, we discuss Google’s new version of Glass, the Impossible Sausage debuts at Little Caesar’s, the post office’s self-driving truck trials, Stanford’s new robot dog, and more.
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You can buy Google Glass again — but only the Enterprise edition

Wearable specialist Streye has officially opened orders for Glass Enterprise, a new iteration of Google's ill-fated Google Glass augmented reality hardware that is tailored for use in the workplace.

Google working on two Glass-like devices ‘without displays’

Google's Glass team is reportedly working on three new headsets, two of which don't include a display. Details are sketchy at the moment, though at least one of the devices is thought to be an audio-focused gadget aimed at sports enthusiasts.
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