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You can finally buy Vuzix’s AR smartglasses, but it’ll cost you $1,000

If you loved Google Glass, but missed that boat when Google shut the project down, then look no further than the just released Vuzix's Blade for the smartglasses you've always desired.
Emerging Tech

There’s a new use for the failed Google Glass: Helping kids with autism

Stanford University researchers may have found the perfect application for Google’s ill-fated Google Glass smart glasses: Helping kids with autism to deal better in social situations.

Google files a patent that shows hidden wiring in smartglasses

The Google Glass smartglasses may have largely disappeared from the public eye but that doesn't mean Google isn't working on a new version. Here's everything we know about the new Google smartglasses.

Poll: Would you wear Intel’s new smartglasses in public?

Vault is Intel's new VR glasses that actually projects lasers directly onto your retina. Even more, there's no camera or mic included. But considering what happened with Google Glass, would you actually wear these in public? Take our poll…

Vuzix built the smartglasses Google wishes it did

Google Glass died an untimely death, but the smartglasses concept lives on in the Vuzix Blade, a shockingly normal-looking pair of smart specs that allow you to read mail, take photos, and even watch movies through a clever “waveguide”…
Emerging Tech

New augmented reality ‘coach’ aims to help autistic people build life skills

Now available for preorder on Indiegogo, Brain Power’s Empower Me system is hailed as the world’s first wearable smart glasses platform that's designed explicitly to help autistic people.

You can buy Google Glass again — but only the Enterprise edition

Wearable specialist Streye has officially opened orders for Glass Enterprise, a new iteration of Google's ill-fated Google Glass augmented reality hardware that is tailored for use in the workplace.
Virtual Reality

Before augmented reality becomes the next big thing, here’s what needs to happen

Today’s augmented reality is usually confined to smartphone screens, and even when available with a headset, users have few options for interacting with both the real and the virtual. Gesture controls could solve that problem, and lift…

Glass is back! Google takes the wraps off Glass Enterprise Edition

Google Glass, Google's augmented reality headset, is back in as an Enterprise Edition. It's a new version designed for industrial applications, including supply chain tasks and research.

Google Glass, the ill-fated AR headset, got its first update in three years

Google Glass, Google's failed stab at augmented reality, is not dead yet. The heads-up display's most recent update enhances Bluetooth support and upgrades the companion MyGlass app to work on newer devices.

Why is the Pixel’s camera so good? Google explains it, and what’s next

When Google couldn't fit the right hardware in a small device, they turned to computational photography for the camera inside the Pixel and Glass -- and now, they're sharing how the tech took five years to develop.
Smart Home

Look at your TV to turn it on? Amazon could be making it happen

A patent filed by Amazon reveals potential plans for new technology that lets you control things in your home, like lights, with your eyes. The tech could make it so you can simply stare at an object with your eyes and get info or…

Apple could be planning new wearables, starting with Carl Zeiss smart glasses

Apple might be looking to get in on a risky market where Google famously failed with its botched Google Glass project. According to rumors, Apple is currently exploring smart glasses as part of a push into augmented reality.

Vuzix’s Blade 3000 augmented reality smart glasses are Google Glass reborn

The Vuzix Blade 3000 are augmented reality glasses adapted to a sunglasses form factor. They pack Bluetooth and a built-in processor, and are expected to ship to enterprise clients in the coming months.

Vue’s new glasses on Kickstarter are the smart glasses we always wanted

A new Kickstarter campaign has started for a pair of smart glasses called Vue. But what makes these different from the likes of Google Glass? The fact that they look like everyday glasses.

Next version of Google Glass could be powered by AA batteries, patent shows

According to Google's latest patent, the next version of Glass could have a number of significant changes, such as a touchpad for easier control and the ability to power the device with AA or AAA batteries.

Blincam brings the blink-to-shoot feature to a regular pair of glasses

A Japanese crowdfunding project is looking to bring the blink-to-shoot feature to a pair of plain glasses. While it's too early to tell if it will solve the issues raised by other blink cameras, the Blincam has grabbed the attention of…

Before China becomes a tech superpower, it needs to face its copying conundrum

China wants to be a tech superpower, but a well-known reputation for shamelessly copying innovators is giving the country’s manufacturers a bad name, and obscuring their own innovations.