Galaxy Fold and Google Glass show how our attitudes toward new tech have changed

The reception to the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Google Glass show how our attitude to expensive, innovative new tech has changed over the past years, and the impact it has on new products.
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The third generation of Google Glass may be nearly ready for release

Google Glass may not have been as popular among consumers as Google had hoped it would be, but the company is still developing the concept. In fact, according to recent reports, Google has finished testing the third generation of Glass.
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New augmented reality ‘coach’ aims to help autistic people build life skills

Now available for preorder on Indiegogo, Brain Power’s Empower Me system is hailed as the world’s first wearable smart glasses platform that's designed explicitly to help autistic people.

Volkswagen staff appear to be using Google Glass at work

It seems as if Volkswagen logistics staff are using Google Glass for work. It certainly looks that way, with the car company issuing what it describes as "3D smart glasses" to a number of employees following a successful three-month trial.
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