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A photo of Sundar at the Google I/O 2024 keynote.

The 4 biggest things Google didn’t announce at Google I/O 2024

The Google I/O 2024 keynote has come and gone. Here are the biggest things Google didn't announce during it.
Sergey Brin demonstrating Google Glass on stage at Google I/O 2012.

10 years on, Google Glass is still a Google I/O high point

lifelogging lives on without the promised benefits google glasses

Lifelogging isn’t dead. It lives on, just without any of the promised benefits

apple iphone x tv 4k watch old technologies tim cook announcement

Apple Glass may be coming soon. Here’s everything we know

ar therapy for kids with autism google glass stanford

AR therapy for kids with autism may be headed for FDA approval

Google Glass and the Samsung Galaxy Fold together, on a table in front of a fan.

Galaxy Fold and Google Glass show how our attitudes toward new tech have changed

google glass patent touchpad batteries woman

The third generation of Google Glass may be nearly ready for release

episode 135 new google glasses

Digital Trends Live: Google’s new Glass, Impossible Sausage, and more

google glass enterprise edition 2 product photography of the wearable

Google’s new $999 augmented reality smartglasses are ready for business

vuzix blade ar smartglasses news main

You can finally buy Vuzix’s AR smartglasses, but it’ll cost you $1,000

google glass monthly update october

There’s a new use for the failed Google Glass: Helping kids with autism

google glass update world cup

New Google Glass smartglasses: Everything we know

Sigma 16mm F1.4 Contemporary review

Poll: Would you wear Intel’s new smartglasses in public?

Intel's new AR glasses look like ordinary glasses. But considering what happened with Google Glass, would you actually wear these in public? Take our poll and see what others think.
hands on with vuzix blade smartglasses at ces 2018 1

Vuzix built the smartglasses Google wishes it did

Google Glass died an untimely death, but the smartglasses concept lives on in the Vuzix Blade.
autistic google glass headset brain power  will clark jack

New augmented reality ‘coach’ aims to help autistic people build life skills

The Empower Me system is hailed as the world’s first wearable smart glasses platform that's designed explicitly to help autistic people.
google glass enterprise streye

You can buy Google Glass again — but only the Enterprise edition

While the consumer edition of Google Glass is no longer available, a company called Streye is now marketing the device to businesses.
augmented reality gesture controls google glass ar feat 2

Before augmented reality becomes the next big thing, here’s what needs to happen

google glass enterprise agco

Glass is back! Google takes the wraps off Glass Enterprise Edition

Google Glass, Google's heads-up AR headset, is back in Glass Enterprise Edition. It's a new version designed for industrial applications.
google glass xe23 gopro developer program vuzix

Google Glass, the ill-fated AR headset, got its first update in three years

Google Glass, Google's first, failed stab at augmented reality, isn't dead yet. The heads-up display's update enhances Bluetooth support.
Best products 2016 pixel

Why is the Pixel’s camera so good? Google explains it, and what’s next

When Google couldn't fit the right hardware in a small device, they turned to computational photography for the camera inside the Pixel.
amazon gaze assisted object recognition patent looking at tv feat

Look at your TV to turn it on? Amazon could be making it happen

A patent filed by Amazon reveals potential plans for new technology that lets you control lights, buy products, and more using your eyes.
apple smart glasses rumor google glass diane von furstenberg 14

Apple could be planning new wearables, starting with Carl Zeiss smart glasses

It appears that Apple might be getting in on the smart glasses game, a risky market in which Google famously failed with its botched Google Glass project.
vuzix blade 3000 ces 2017 rsz img 20170104 201343 1

Vuzix’s Blade 3000 augmented reality smart glasses are Google Glass reborn

The Vuzix Blade 3000 are augmented reality glasses adapted to a sunglasses form factor. They're expected to ship to enterprise clients in the coming months.
vue smart glasses kickstarter

Vue’s new glasses on Kickstarter are the smart glasses we always wanted

A new Kickstarter campaign has been started for a pair of smart glasses called Vue. These, however, are a little different than Google Glass.
google glass patent touchpad batteries woman

Next version of Google Glass could be powered by AA batteries, patent shows

According to its latest patent, the next version of Google Glass could have a number of significant changes, such as a touchpad.
blincam crowdfunding blincam01 feat

Blincam brings the blink-to-shoot feature to a regular pair of glasses

A Japanese crowdfunding project is looking to bring the blink-to-shoot feature to a pair of plain glasses.
CoolGlass ONE

Before China becomes a tech superpower, it needs to face its copying conundrum

skullconduct google glass human skull

Your skull has a unique ‘fingerprint’, and SkullConduct lets you use it as a password

Researchers have developed an innovative biometric authentication technique by tapping into the unique sound pattern of each person's skull.
Google Glass

Google Glass is removed from Twitter and Instagram

google patents version glass affixes monocle end flexible headband featured

Google patents version of Glass that affixes a monocle to the end of a flexible headband

A future version of Google Glass could make you look like a futuristic version of Mr. Peanut, according to a new patent for a monocle-like wearable.
vw makes high tech specs standard issue for logistics staff smart eyewear

Volkswagen staff appear to be using Google Glass at work

Google Glass

Google working on two Glass-like devices ‘without displays’

Google Glass Store Sign

Google renames Glass team ‘Project Aura’, working on ‘cool wearables’

google glass patent touchpad batteries woman

Google Glass 2.0 news: Enterprise Edition may have a foldable hinge and ruggedized body

All eyes are on the upcoming Google Glass 2.0, and rumors suggest that the new device will focus on business use.