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A smartwatch with underwater GPS coordinates.

This app gives any smartwatch underwater superpowers

Experts at the University of Washington have created an app that allows any smartwatch to gain GPS-like location tracking capability underwater.
Domino's pinpoint delivery feature showing on its app.

Domino’s now lets customers pin almost any location for delivery

GPS map data from an Apple Watch Ultra and the Apple Watch Series 8 shown on an iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone SE 2022.

Why GPS is critical to your smartphone — and desperately needs an overhaul

Person holding a smartphone while playing Pokémon Go.

The 10 best location-based games

TomTom Go 520

The best GPS for your car

spacex starlink gps earth satellites

How SpaceX could transform Starlink into an ultraprecise GPS network

gps alternatives john deere qualcomm johndeere gps2

Measuring microns: The quest to build a better GPS

Decoy turtle eggs

GPS-tracking, 3D-printed decoy eggs can help root out illegal poachers

google maps changed history 15th anniversary 3 of 6

How Google Maps put turn-by-turn navigation in your pocket

car electronics deal for best buy cyber monday 2019 garmin drive 65

Best Buy slashes prices on car electronics and GPS devices for Cyber Monday

selectable drive modes turn your car from commuter to racer driving 1

Amazon slashes TomTom GPS prices ahead of Cyber Monday

iOS 6 Google Maps iPhone 5

iPhone 5 owners, update your device today to keep it working

Lockheed Martin GPS-III-On Orbit

GPS 3 is the future of navigation, and it’s set to roll out in 2023

After years and years of waiting, the next-generation GPS III satellites are finally being launched. When the global navigation system finally goes live, it will be a game-changer for civilian and military GPS devices.
Google Maps

A Google Maps detour trapped 100 drivers on a muddy one-lane road

You can't always trust your map app: faulty Google Maps directions led some Aurora, Colo. area drivers to a strange and muddy detour on Sunday. The app seemed to be trying to route them around a crash, but instead ended up causing a separate traffic jam. 
six off road tech features kia telluride feat

Six advanced tech features that make off-road driving easy

SUVs and pickups carry more advanced off-road driver assistance technology than ever before. We looked at six unique tech features on current-year trucks and SUVs that make any modern AWD or 4WD vehicle a mighty off-road vehicle.
space weather predictive model spaceweather

Predicting space weather to protect spacecraft from killer electrons

Weather events aren't only a problem on Earth - they can cause serious issues in space too. Space storms of high-energy particles bombard satellites or spacecraft, causing serious damage. Now a study has found a way to predict the arrival of these storms, giving scientists and astronauts time to prepare.
Lockheed Martin GPS III Satellite art

Don’t freak out! Older GPS devices could suffer Y2K-style bug tonight

Remember the Y2K bug? When we worried that our computers would stop working at the turn of the millennium due to two digit dates turning from 99 to 00. That turned out to be just fine, and didn't cause a major problem at all. But experts are warning that a similar bug could affect GPS devices today.
garmin instinct spring 2019 colors r hr 8000 4

Garmin adds a splash of spring color to its Instinct hiking smartwatches

Just in time for the spring season, Garmin is refreshing its Instinct GPS smartwatch with a fresh coat of paint that brings three new colors to this outdoors-focused watch. These fun, fresh colors won't make your next climb any easier, but they will help you stand out from the crowd.
antbot polarized light navigation 192456 web 1

Ant-inspired walking robot navigates without GPS by using polarized light

What do you get if you cross Boston Dynamics and Ant-Man? You get Antbot, a robot from the French National Center for Scientific Research which uses ant-like navigation to move around without the aid of GPS. Antbot uses an optical compass that detects polarized light to determine its heading.
Lockheed Martin GPS III Satellite art

Earth’s magnetic field is shifting, vital map can’t be updated due to shutdown

The movement of the Earth's magnetic field is described by the World Magnetic Model, used by navigation systems of all kinds. The most recent version of the model should have been good until 2020, however, the magnetic field has moved so quickly that an update is required sooner than that.

TomTom debuts end-to-end autonomous driving system at CES 2019

GPS company TomTom is moving into the realm of autonomous vehicles in a partnership with Japanese automotive components manufacturer Denso. The collaboration will produce an autonomous driving system which is capable of both perceiving objects in the environment and planning a path from one location to another.
A father and daughter using video calls on an Echo Show.

Amazon Alexa enhancements add geolocation, kids’ Routines, and more

Amazon's Alexa continues to evolve at a remarkable rate and the company has unveiled a host of new features for the end of 2018 including new features that use geolocation to help users find and contact local businesses as well as new features embedded into Routines to help parents get their kids to sleep.
quantum accelerometer no gps  compass

Quantum-based accelerometer can locate objects without GPS

Researchers at Imperial College London have created a quantum "compass" that allows navigation without reliance on satellites. The instrument, technically called a standalone quantum accelerometer, is small enough to be transportable and has a very high level of accuracy.
Apple iPhone 8 reviews camera sample forest

Autonomous drones perform search and rescue without the need for GPS

Researchers at MIT have developed an autonomous drone that can explore densely forested areas and produce collaborative maps without the need for GPS. The drones could be used to find lost hikers who cannot be seen by helicopters or traditional drones because they fly above the forest canopy.
spot x satellite messenger 1

Spot X brings two-way satellite messaging to the masses

The new Spot X satellite messenger is the first new device from Spot in several years and a significant upgrade over previous models. It provides the ability for users to send two-way text messages for the first time on a Spot device, along with SOS features, GPS tracking, and more.
GoGolf GPS

The wearable GoGolf GPS always knows the distance to the hole

GoGolf is a GPS sensor that pairs with a smartphone to provide accurate shot information, including distance to the pin from your current ball location. The device's can be worn on a cap and has a custom app that offers a database of more than 30,000 golf courses from around the world.
Garmin Zumo

Garmin’s Zumo 396 LMT-S helps motorcycle riders find the road less traveled

Garmin has introduced the newest member of its Zumo line. Called 396 LMT-S, the $399 device functions like a basic GPS with a few more tricks up its sleeve. It features Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth compatibility, and keeps riders safe via an innovative Automatic Incident Notification feature.
garmin tactix charlie close

If you’re ever lost, Garmin’s Tactix Charlie smartwatch will guide you home

Garmin has introduced the new Tactix Charlie, heralded as a "new-and-improved ruggedized GPS wearable" for your next adventure.
gps free navigation boots utah bootutah

These smart boots can achieve GPS-style accuracy indoors, no satellites required

Researchers at the University of Utah have created smart navigation boots that can track a wearer's location indoors, no GPS technology required.
pennsylvania drone swarm no gps cover photo

Watch this coordinated drone swarm fly in tight formation — without GPS

Researchers have created the world's biggest drone swarm that doesn't rely on either GPS or external motion capture in order to fly.
TomTom Runner GPS Running Watch

Wearables are a hard business, and TomTom is getting out of it

TomTom has announced that it's laying off 136 employees in order to shift focus away from wearables and towards mapping and navigation.
Best in-car GPS Garmin DriveLux GPS

No more maps mishaps? Broadcom's incredibly accurate GPS chip coming in 2018

Broadcom has announced plans to manufacture a new GPS chip that will offer distinct improvements to the positioning ability of smartphones.

Tractive lets you track your pet’s location in realtime using 3G-based GPS

The Tractive 3G GPS pet tracker allows users to keep tabs on the whereabouts of their dog or cat at all times.
Cosmo Connected Brake Light

Cosmo Connected Review

Greater visibility and a helping hand in case of accidents makes the Cosmo Connected an appealing accessory for any two-wheeled road warrior.