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Sonos speakers are getting a whole lot smarter thanks to IFTTT integration

While still not in the same league as speakers from Amazon or Google, Sonos is getting smarter thanks to newly announced integration with If This Then That technology to work with your smart home.
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Automate all the little stuff in your life with these awesome IFTTT recipes

Curious about what kind of awesome things you can do with If This Then That? IFTTT recipes allow you to set up a variety of automated routines to make life easier. Check our list of the best and you'll be automating your life in no time!
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How to make a to-do list with Google Home

You can make lists with your voice using Google Home, but it takes a little work. Here's how to make a to-do list with Google Home by linking the right apps to your Home device and uses the phrases you need to create your lists.
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Microsoft Cortana gradually gains ground on Alexa with new integrations

Microsoft's Cortana recently announced its compatibility with more smart home providers as well as IFTTT, making it easier for users to control smart home devices from anywhere at anytime.

Orion Labs partners with IFTTT, makes the Onyx far more productive

Orion Labs has officially unveiled its integration with automation service IFTTT. Onyx users will now be able to link voice-driven apps to their devices, helping them stay productive even while on the go.
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Want to sleep better? Air-monitoring device Awair has some insights

Awair is growing up, and providing users not only information, but actionable insights as well. The company has just launched a Sleep Report feature in the companion app for both Await and Glow air quality monitors.
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IFTTT data reveals what people are doing with Google Home and Alexa

After surveying over 1,500 platform users, IFTTT has compiled data about how people are using their voice assistant devices. From playing music to checking the weather, people are certainly making use of their assistants.
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How to use Alexa and Google Home to make your home safe and sound

As Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Home continue to battle it out, home security is important to many owners. Here are some ways that both companies are leveraging their smart speakers to make your home more secure.
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Bright idea? Aumi nightlight sends notifications when your phone is asleep

This smart Aumi nightlight uses its IFTTT integration to send you notifications. Changing color to tell you the weather? Good. Flashing to let you know your boss has emailed? Not great.

IFTTT’s Data Access Project seeks to make public data more accessible

IFTTT's Data Access Project makes it easier than ever to tap the U.S. government's public transportation, health, and cybersecurity info. It's launching in June, with a broader rollout to come later in the year.

IFTTT makes linking devices easier with improved developer program

IFTTT, the platform that facilitates links between devices, websites, and apps, is making it easier to customize those connections. Now, developers can create entirely custom routines and make them publicly available.
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OK, Google: What can Home do? The speaker’s most useful skills

With the introduction of Google Actions, Google Home owners are about to have many more command options, skills, and apps available to them. Here are some of our favorites things you can do with the Home.
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Domino's and IFTTT team up to make people lazier, one pizza at a time

Dominoes integrated its pizza tracker with IFTTT, and by connecting the platform to your smart home, you can get all ready for your pizza dinner without even getting up off of the couch.
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Don't get bogged down by smart home devices, just push a button and swipe

Tantiv4's FetchItGo is a smart home remote that uses IFTTT recipes to control smart device actions by pushing buttons. Sixteen buttons on the device can trigger 16 different actions.

Microsoft is taking on IFTTT with even more supported services in Microsoft Flow

Microsoft has added a slew of new services to its web automation service Flow -- services like WordPress, Disqus, and more. Microsoft is clearly on track to make Flow more and more helpful -- and will continue adding new services in the…
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Connect your unconnected devices with the Sense home energy monitor

After a successful pre-order release last year, Sense Labs, maker of the Sense home energy monitor, has announced general product availability, integration with IFTTT, and a $15 million series A round of financing.
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Stringify automator app comes to Android, and strings IFTTT along, too

Stringify, the IoT app that looked to take on the might of IFTTT in smart integration, has finally released an app for Android, and announced partnerships with IFTTT, Steam, Twitch, Foobot, Smappee, and Sengled on the eve of CES 2017.
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Automation service provider IFTTT unveils new ‘applets,’ extending functionality

If you are someone who likes automation and more importantly, easy automation, then chances are that you are at least familiar with IFTTT even if you have not used it directly.