The Surface Hub 2 can ’tile’ four units into one big display

Microsoft's Surface Hub 2 arrives in 2019 packing a 50.5-inch screen with an UHD resolution. That's slightly smaller than the current 55-inch unit, but the next-gen Hub makes up for the size loss by providing a new tiling feature.

5 updates coming to Adobe Stock, including content from Reuters

Adobe is significantly enhancing its Adobe Stock image collection. AI-based search and PowerPoint plug-in will make finding images easier, while partnerships with Reuters, USA Today Sports, and Stocksy will expand the collection.

Just hovering over a link in PowerPoint can now infect your system with malware

A new PowerPoint malware only needs users to hover over a link with their mice to install a banking Trojan that has remote access, network traffic monitoring, information access, and other nefarious capabilities.

Microsoft demonstrates 3D integration planned for Windows 10 Creators Update

The Windows 10 Creators Update is scheduled for early 2017, and will bring a brand new 3D-centric version of Paint, as well as a host of other features intended to facilitate the creativity of users.

iPad and iPad Pro users get new inking and PowerPoint tools as part of Microsoft Office update

Microsoft Office users on the iPad and iPad Pro have something to get excited about. This month's updates includes inking, PowerPoint Designer and Morph, as well as Office Insider for Mac.

No more free lunches: Microsoft discontinues Office 365 trial bundles

Microsoft has announced that it's cutting the free Office 365 trial deal from its repertoire, but if you're in the market for a new PC, there are a handful of workarounds to keep your one-year free trial.

You can now control Microsoft PowerPoint for iOS from your Apple Watch

An update to the Microsoft PowerPoint app for iPhone and iPad arrived in the App Store today, and aside from a single line mentioning “bug fixes and performance improvements,” the focus is entirely on newly added PowerPoint Remote for…

Microsoft acquires startup LiveLoop to change the way you work with PowerPoint files

Today, collaborating with others on an important presentation for a business audience requires lengthy email strings with PowerPoint attachments and a cumbersome revision process. Microsoft’s recent acquisition of LiveLoop could change…

Microsoft’s Sway grows friendlier to external content sources with embeds and more

Sway, a presentation web app very similar to PowerPoint, has been updated by Microsoft to support embeds from various third-party content sources.

Microsoft opens the doors to Sway, its newest Office software

Sway, Microsoft's latest presentation web app, combines the productivity of Word, PowerPoint and basic web editing skills, and is now available for all.

How to password protect a Powerpoint document

Powerpoint documents could contain sensitive and/or confidential information, especially if you use Powerpoint at work. Here, we show you how to secure these docs with a password.

The most offensive thing about PRISM? That horrible PowerPoint – so this guy redesigned it

PRISM has some ugly slides, but don't worry Parisian designer Emiland De Cubber has spruced it up a bit despite regardless of the program's purpose.
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Wake up! PowerPoint alternatives and tips to caffeinate your presentations

PowerPoint has become the go-to solution for public-speaking amateurs and pros alike, but the tired tool has also become like a lullaby for audiences everywhere. Use these software alternatives and pro tips to step up your game.
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OnLive Desktop Plus impressions: A Windows 7 desktop on your iPad, now with a browser

OnLive has announced OnLive Desktop Plus, which offers access to a browser on a remote Windows 7 desktop. We sit down with CEO Steve Perlman for a demo and to chat about the future of the service.

Logitech announces the Cube presentation mouse

While Logitech offers plenty of mice and trackballs for everyone from the typical computer user to the hardcore gamer, the company is launching a new type of mouse with the business user in mind.

Thief forced to pay nearly $10K for stolen laptop data

How much value should the legal system put on stolen data and the time it takes to rebuild it? One Utah court has upheld a sizable fine against an admitted laptop thief.

New Google plug-in takes Micrsoft Office into the cloud

Google has beaten Microsoft to the punch by releasing a cloud-based solution for Microsoft Office products.

Microsoft introduces ‘try before you buy’ Office for Macs

Now Apple users have an extra 30 days before dropping serious cash on Microsoft's Office suite for OS X, thanks to a free trial.