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Tik Tok app

TikTok beware: Legacy tech owners can spell trouble for trendy sites

Some of the most popular platforms suffered massive devaluations, stagnation, or even death when big legacy companies purchased them.

Here’s how to claim $100 or more from Yahoo’s massive data breach settlement

yahoo mail photo sync caller id smart phone mobile app smartphone

Yahoo agrees to pay $50M in damages for biggest-ever data breach

yahoo mail blocks users install ad blockers browsers part test

Garbage to gold: How Yahoo unethically sells your spam email


If you’re still using Yahoo email, it’s still spying on you

yahoo messenger shutdown yahoomessenger03

Yahoo Messenger will soon die as Squirrel lives on in its wake

facebook was always too busy selling ads to care about your data cambridge analytica breach

7 of the biggest scandals in tech history

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is about to make RSVPing to an event a whole lot easier

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail makes it easier for online shoppers to find the best deals

Verizon NFL deal

Verizon will help you watch the NFL … even if you’re not a Verizon customer


Firefox reverts to Google search engine, ending deal with Yahoo

Yahoo Mail

Be ready to roll on Black Friday with Yahoo Mail’s handy coupon list

Compuserve Forums

Compuserve forums set to close after two decades of service

The long-running Compuserve forums are set to be closed in mid-December as part of continued fat-trimming under Verizon's leadership.

Yahoo’s 2013 data breach is worse than believed — 3 billion users were affected

Verizon has confirmed that all 3 billion Yahoo accounts were compromised in a 2013 hack, making it the largest data breach in history. 
Yahoo Mail

Yahoo retires cult favorite News Digest app in favor of Newsroom

Days after Verizon completed its purchase of the internet giant, Yahoo has shuttered News Digest -- a light, streamlined news reading app.
verizon cuts off rural customers just ate time warner v2

Verizon CEO confirms it is preparing its own live-TV streaming service

Verizon is planning to use its upcoming acquisition of Yahoo and AOL to launch its own live- TV streaming service in the near future.
According to rumors, the iPhone X may be discontinued this summer, we'll take a first look at the Galaxy S9. Also, 50 Cent is beyond wealthy in bitcoins, the Amazon Go Store goes public and the dream a robot to bring you a beer, may finally be a reality.

Trends with Benefits: Does the Yahoo data breach mean Russia knows your Final Four picks?

Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer

U.S. Justice Department charges two Russian spies and two hackers in Yahoo breach

The U.S. Department of Justice will file charges against four Russians, including two state spies, for hacking Yahoo in 2014.
yahoo mail photo sync caller id smart phone mobile app smartphone

Yahoo’s new chatbot Captain will help chart a course for your busy life

Joining the ever-growing ranks of Yahoo's bots is Captain, described as "a bot assistant that helps manage lists and reminders...via text."
verizon stick yahoo purchase new scratch dent price dtd02212017

Verizon to stick with Yahoo! purchase, but at new scratch-and-dent price

Plus: Samsung looks to refurbish the infamous Galaxy Note 7 phones for resale, and WhatsApp wants to know your status.
verizon cuts off rural customers just ate time warner v2

Verizon renegotiates deal to buy Yahoo to the tune of a $350 million discount

Yahoo's security breaches are costing the company more than $350 million. Good for Verizon, maybe bad for Yahoo.
yahoo knew of mail hack in 2014 1

Yahoo is warning users over state-sponsored cookie-forging attacks

Yahoo is emailing users to warn them that their accounts may have been compromised by state-sponsored cookie-forging attacks.
yahoo mail photo sync caller id smart phone mobile app smartphone

Yahoo Mail gets a couple updates, including caller ID and photo syncing

The Yahoo Mail app will behave as a file-sharing service between your mobile device and desktop, and also ID your incoming calls.
how yahoo is mining for gold in your junk mail campus

The SEC opens an investigation into Yahoo regarding its data breaches

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Securities and Exchange Commission has now opened an investigation into Yahoo.

If Verizon deal goes through, Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer won’t serve on new company’s board

yahoo email spying lawsuit news sign

How much is the hacked Yahoo database worth? Try $300,000

It's been a rough last half of 2016 for Yahoo. The latest database hack of a billion users been sold on line for $300,000 to three groups.
yahoo 500 million accounts hacked on tablet

Update: Ever had a Yahoo account? Take these steps now to protect yourself

If you have ever had a Yahoo account, even if you don't use it anymore, you'll want to protect yourself from hackers. We tell you exactly what to do.
verizon yahoo acquisition 5 billion version 1469435806 offices headquarters hq sign logo

Yahoo was hacked in 2013, and more than 1 billion accounts were compromised

Yahoo has disclosed a massive hack in which over 1 billion accounts were compromised back in 2013.
how yahoo is mining for gold in your junk mail campus

Have a question? Tap a font of knowledge with the new Yahoo Answers iOS app

Got questions? Yahoo's got Answers, and now the popular feature has its own iOS app. The company has unveiled a native mobile app for Yahoo Answers.
yahoo knew of mail hack in 2014 1

Yahoo knew about its huge email hack two years ago

Late this summer, we learned of a massive Yahoo Mail security incident. Now we learn the web company knew about it back in 2014.
fantasy football apps

The Blitz bot from Yahoo will help you tackle your fantasy football rivals

Now that football season is well underway, so too is fantasy football season, and Yahoo has introduced a new bot to give you that boost.
verizon weighing options regarding yahoo buyout after hack incident dtd1014

Verizon weighing options regarding Yahoo! buyout after hack incident

Also: Google gets out their political microscope and a DT staffer wades into the belly of the tech toy beast to hunt down a battery in Shenzhen, China.
verizon withdraw yahoo store

Yahoo’s data breach has Verizon feeling buyer’s remorse, may withdraw acquisition

Yahoo disclosed it discovered a data breach from 2014 that affected 500 million accounts. Verizon thinks that could affect its deal to acquire it.
how yahoo is mining for gold in your junk mail campus

Yahoo is making it harder for users to leave by disabling email forwarding

As first reported by the Associated Press, it would appear that Yahoo has disabled its automatic email forwarding feature.