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What we’d like to see in House of the Dragon season 2

House of the Dragon season 1 did a brilliant job laying the groundwork for the Dance of the Dragons, but season 2 needs to kick things into full gear.
Daemon stands next to his dragon in House of the Dragon.

House of the Dragon season 1 finale recap: A shocking death leads to all-out war

House of the Dragon season one reached its highly anticipated conclusion with an explosive episode that finally began the long-awaited Dance of the Dragons.
Georgina Campbell crawls up a metal staircase in Barbarian.

Best horror movies on HBO Max

Horror movies and HBO Max are the perfect pairing for Halloween, and these seven movies are just a few of the awesome creepy flicks you'll find on the streamer.
Chloe Grace Moretz stares into a mirror in a scene from The Peripheral.

The Peripheral review: Westworld creators’ latest sci-fi series delivers

Prime Video's adaptation of William Gibson's sci-fi story The Peripheral delivers a complicated but intriguing mystery that unfolds across multiple timelines.
Griffith, Guts, Casca, and co. in Berserk: The Golden Age arc key art.

The best TV fantasy anime to stream now

Fantasy shows are incredibly popular in anime, and these are some of the best TV shows within that subgenre available to stream now.
A father stands as his daughter sits at a table in House of the Dragon.

More Targaryen lore that House of the Dragon could explore

HBO's House of the Dragon is doing an enticing job building up to the Dance of the Dragons, but there's plenty more to explore should it evolve in an anthology.
Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight in red promo art for The Batman.

Batman’s live-action future should be on HBO, not on the big screen

Matt Reeves' prospective The Batman trilogy is undoubtedly the current focus, but DC should be looking to the HBO brand when the next reboot needs a new angle.
Joel and Ellie in HBO's The Last of Us.

HBO’s The Last of Us trailer gives a first look at its game-accurate world

HBO released the first full trailer for The Last of Us, which gives us a look at its dark, video-game-accurate world.
Samsung - 65 Class 7 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Tizen TV.

How to download HBO Max on a Samsung smart TV

Samsung's TVs are smarter and more connected than ever, but you still need to get your favorite apps on the platform. Here's how to download and use HBO MAX.
Alicent and Rhaenyra look at each other in House of the Dragon.

House of the Dragon and the power of female rage

Female characters are front and center in the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon, allowing them enough agency to be dynamic and angry as hell.
Demon's Souls key art featuring the protagonist facing the undead and the looming Boletaria gates.

Video games to play for fans of House of the Dragon and Lord of the Rings

Fall 2022 is a great time for fantasy fans, and there are several excellent video games to check for fans of House of the Dragon and The Lord of the Rings.
Chihiro sitting with No-Face in Spirited Away.

The best Studio Ghibli movies on HBO Max right now (October 2022)

Some of the world's greatest animated movies have come from Studio Ghibli. We've picked the best titles available from the studio on HBO Max.
Jon Snow beyond the wall in Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones: the best Jon Snow episodes

House of the Dragon is the IP's next big endeavor, but with the Jon Snow-led sequel in development, here are some of his best episodes from Game of Thrones.
Morfydd Clark in "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power."

Why Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power can’t be a Game of Thrones rip-off

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power may seem like a Game of Thrones rip-off to naïve viewers, but if its creative team is smart, it will be anything but.
hbo max discount while content cut 1

Does HBO Max think you’re dumb?

HBO Max is offering a steep annual discount while at the same time severely cutting content. How does that make sense?
Early art for Batman: Caped Crusader.

Bye-bye, Batman: Caped Crusader. Animated series is no longer on HBO Max

HBO Max has dropped several animated projects, including Batman: Caped Crusader, which will all be shopped to find new homes on other services.
Young Princess Rhaenyra with her dragon Syrax looming behind her.

Everything you need to know before watching HBO’s House of the Dragon

Audiences will finally be treated to more Game of Thrones content with House of the Dragon, and these are things worth knowing going into the premiere.
Milly Alcock and Emily Carey in House of the Dragon.

Can House of the Dragon save the Game of Thrones franchise?

Game of Thrones dropped the ball with its final season, but George R. R. Martin's world has the perfect opportunity for redemption in House of the Dragon.
Young Princess Rhaenyra with her dragon Syrax looming behind her.

Game of Thrones: How George R. R. Martin’s world can expand in animation

HBO is doubling down on George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones IP, and there are more ways in which the world can expand in animation.
The Gunslinger and Vampiress fight off enemies in Demon Throttle key art.

Demon Throttle is an awesome retro shooter you’ll probably never play

Demon Throttle is a brand new physical-only game but will ultimately face some of the same issues that plague lost digital media.
HBO Max and Discovery+ app icons.

Combined HBO Max/Discovery+ streaming service to launch in summer 2023

We're finally starting to get some details about the future of the combined HBO Max and Discovery+ streaming service, but it'll take a while.
Jenny dances in We Met in Virtual Reality.

How do you film what isn’t real? Joe Hunting on his documentary We Met in Virtual Reality

In an interview with Digital Trends, director Joe Hunting talks about documenting virtual reality during COVID in the HBO Max movie We Met in Virtual Reality.
Daenerys Targaryen with Drogon behind her in Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones: Best Daenerys Targaryen episodes to prep for House of the Dragon

HBO's Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon is just around the corner, and these are the best Daenerys Targaryen episodes to watch to prepare.
The Rock hovers over the ground at SDCC 2022.

Hobbits, dragons, and Wakanda Forever: the best moments of San Diego Comic-Con 2022

2022 San Diego Comic-Con cemented its place as the apex of pop culture by delivering a slew of announcements and first-looks from nearly every major studio.
san diego comic con dtfocus

San Diego Comic-Con 2022: What you need to know about every major panel

From Prime Video's revival of Lord of the Rings to the return of Marvel, these are the San Diego Comic-Con panels you need to pay attention to in 2022.

Nathan For You’s best business proposals

Nathan Fielder is back in the world of cringe comedy with The Rehearsal, so it's a perfect time to look back at the best business proposals on Nathan For You.
Vote Joker in Harley Quinn season 3.

Vote for Joker in the new trailer for Harley Quinn season 3

The Joker is running for mayor this season on Harley Quinn, but not if Harley and Ivy can help it! They want Gotham City for themselves.
John Candy and Steve Martin in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Best movies to watch on an airplane

Need a quick movie (or three) to pass the time on a long airplane flight? Digital Trends recommends these movies to get your blood pumping or put you asleep.
Friends cast sitting together smiling.

How to watch Friends online: Stream every episode of the sitcom now

Keen to watch everyone's favorite 90s sitcom? Here's how to watch Friends online.
Jon Snow

Where Game of Thrones’ sequel series could take Jon Snow

In a surprising announcement, HBO is developing a Jon Snow-focused Game of Thrones series, and there are more places it could go than one might think.
Zatanna, Nightwing, Aquaman, Tigress, and Rocket reunite in Young Justice: Phantoms.

Young Justice: What comes next for season 5

Young Justice: Phantoms ended its fourth season with a wedding and a tease for two potential storylines that may become the basis for a potential fifth season.
Alicia Vikander wears a catsuit in Irma Vep.

Irma Vep review: A playful, uneven HBO remake

Olivier Assayas revisits one of his earliest triumphs with this HBO miniseries version of Irma Vep starring Tomb Raider star Alicia Vikander.
The shadowy silhouette of Batman standing atop a building in Gotham City.

10 best episodes from Batman: The Animated Series on HBO Max

With The Batman spreading its success over to HBO Max, fans should take a look at the revered Animated Series for some of the best Dark Knight stories.
Guts resting by an uprooted tree with the sunset in the background in Berserk.

Why Berserk still deserves a better TV anime adaptation

Berserk is a manga masterpiece, and while a few solid adaptations have been done, recent shortcomings and its legacy prove it deserves far more.