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iPad Air 5 back in hand.

How to watch Apple’s big iPad event on May 7

Apple's next press event is coming. Here's everything we know about the Let Loose event, including what to expect, when it starts, and how to watch it online.
Hisense Canvas mini-LED TV.

Hisense’s answer to Samsung’s The Frame TV starts at $999

Hisense has released some more details on its CanvasTV, a model that can show art when it's not in use.
An SK Hynix SSD over a dark and orange background.

The first 300TB SSD is on the horizon

SK Hynix just announced that it's ready to meet the AI challenge with larger-than-ever SSDs, reaching unprecedented capacities.
The Orion crew module for NASA’s Artemis II mission.

NASA’s Orion spacecraft has ‘critical issues’ with its heat shield, report finds

NASA intends to use its Orion capsule to send astronauts to the moon, but a report has found that issues with the capsule's heat shield could be a safety risk.
kingdom hearts 4 nomura interview revelations 3 shibuya

Kingdom Hearts 4: release date, trailers, gameplay, and more

This sequel's full picture isn't clear as of yet, but we've done our best to unlock all the secrets we can and share everything we know about Kingdom Hearts 4.
A Helldivers 2 player fires a laser canon.

Helldivers 2 PC players are furious over this controversial change

Helldivers 2 will require PC players to link their PlayStation Network accounts soon, and players are furious about it.
A person using the Generative AI wallpapers on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Galaxy AI is coming to more Samsung phones very soon

If you own an older Samsung phone or tablet, you're about to receive a special update that contains Galaxy AI. Here's which devices are getting it.
Image of a piece of space debris seen from Astroscale's ADRAS-J satellite.

Japanese satellite chases down space junk

A satellite from Japanese company Astroscale has taken an up-close image of a piece of space debris it has been chasing down.
Indiana Jones standing in the jungle.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle: release date window, trailers, gameplay, and more

Everyone's favorite part-time archeologist is getting the video game adaptation he deserves with Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. Here is everything we know.
This mosaic is made up of more than 100 images captured by NASA’s Viking 1 orbiter, which operated around Mars from 1976 to 1980. The scar across the center of the planet is the vast Valles Marineris canyon system.

NASA selects 9 companies to work on low-cost Mars projects

NASA is expanding its plans for Mars, looking at not only a mission to bring back a sample but also smaller, lower-cost missions to enable exploration.
The screen of the Galaxy Book4 Ultra.

Scores of people are downgrading back to Windows 10

Will the upcoming Windows 11 24H2 update help Microsoft boost the adoption of Windows 11?
This artist’s concept shows what the hot gas-giant exoplanet WASP-43 b could look like. WASP-43 b is a Jupiter-sized planet circling a star roughly 280 light-years away, in the constellation Sextans. The planet orbits at a distance of about 1.3 million miles (0.014 astronomical units, or AU), completing one circuit in about 19.5 hours. Because it is so close to its star, WASP-43 b is probably tidally locked: its rotation rate and orbital period are the same, such that one side faces the star at all times.

James Webb observes extremely hot exoplanet with 5,000 mph winds

Astronomers using the James Webb telescope have modeled the weather on a distant exoplanet, revealing winds whipping around at speeds of 5,000 miles per hour.
A close up of ratchet in ratchet & Clank Rift Apart.

How well do you know video games? This free game will test your knowledge

Do you know how long it takes to beat your favorite video games? This free browser game will put your knowledge to the test.
A character in XDefiant

Call of Duty competitor XDefiant is finally coming out this month

XDefiant, Ubisoft's crossover competitive shooter meant to take on the likes of Call of Duty, will finally launch later this month.
A photo of the AT&T logo on a building.

AT&T now makes you pay even more for its fastest 5G speeds

AT&T customers will now have to pay extra to get the fastest data speeds on their phones. The company calls this new add-on AT&T Turbo.
The cast of Cobra Kai.

Netflix debuts first teaser trailer for Cobra Kai season 6

Cobra Kai season 6 is being split into three parts, as Netflix plans an epic finale for The Karate Kid sequel series.
Taking a blood pressure measurement on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra: news, rumored price, release date, and more

A Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra could be arriving before the end of the year. Here's more about this possible wearable device and when it might launch.
Fubo splash screen on a TV.

What Fubo and others get wrong in their fight against new sports streamer

A number of live video distributors have sent a letter to Congress imploring the body to help them fight against an upcoming mega-sports streaming service.
Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU.

The RTX 4090 is more popular on Steam than any AMD GPU

The latest Steam hardware survey shows that Nvidia's RTX 4090 is still a popular GPU despite its insane price tag.
Bose SoundLink Max in blue.

Bose has a bigger Bluetooth speaker to power your next pool party

Bose takes its popular SoundLink Flex and adds more muscle, as well as stereo sound, to create the SoundLink Max.
Huawei Pura 70 pink, green, white, and black colors.

Huawei’s gorgeous Pura 70 phones just got expanded availability

The Huawei Pura 70 series, consisting of the Pura 70, 70 Pro, and 70 Ultra, are confirmed to be hitting the European market with May 2 preorder availability.
sims 4 for rent expansion pack shared living the 6

The Sims 5: release date speculation, trailers, gameplay, and more

The Sims 5 is currently being worked on under the code name Project Rene. Here's everything you need to know about your next life-sim obsession ahead of launch.
The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls 6: release date speculation, rumors, news, and more

While The Elder Scrolls 6 is in active development, you won't get to play it for quite some time. Here's everything we know about the follow-up to Skyrim.
Jack holds a sword in Ghostrunner 2 key art.

You don’t want to miss PS Plus’ great free game lineup this May

PS Plus Essential subscribers can claim four games this month -- and they're all worth picking up.
The Rabbit R1 standing upright on a wooden railing with its display turned on.

The Rabbit R1 is hiding a big secret

The Rabbit R1 is one of the hottest AI gadgets on the market right now — and it looks like it's hiding an Android-scented secret.
Windows Update running on a laptop.

The latest Windows update is breaking VPN connections

Microsoft has just confirmed that the April 2024 Windows security updates break VPN connections across client and server platforms.
Vizio QuickFit soundbar mounting system.

Vizio shrinks the price of a Dolby Atmos soundbar to $99

Vizio has lowered the cost of a Dolby Atmos soundbar to under $100 with its new 2024 soundbar lineup, which also includes a new TV-mounting system.
Nintendo Entertainment System with controller.

A Nintendo emulator is Apple’s top downloaded app after ban reversal

Delta, an emulator that allows you to play classic Nintendo games, is currently the No. 1 app on the iOS App Store after Apple reversed a ban on the program.
Batman stands in front of a bat shadow in Batman: Arkham Shadow.

The next Batman: Arkham game is a Meta Quest 3 exclusive

Batman: Arkham Shadow is coming, but you'll need a Meta Quest 3 to play it.
RX 7900 XTX installed in a test bench.

AMD’s graphics card sales just took a nosedive

AMD just reported its financial results for the first few months of 2024, and its gaming business isn't doing so hot.
The Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam Starlight on a shelf.

Ring is launching its first integrated pan-tilt security camera later this year

The Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam gives you 360-degree coverage of your home and carries a price tag of $80. It arrives on May 30, but preorders are now open.
Notifications related to Instagram's new algorithm to surface content linked to smaller accounts.

Instagram shows love to smaller accounts that post original content

Instagram is adjusting its algorithm in a move that will give more prominence to smaller accounts that post original content.
Lionel Messi on MLS Season Pass.

Apple discounts MLS Season Pass for the rest of the season

No more excuses -- Apple has lowered the price on MLS Season Pass for the rest of the 2024 season.
A SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft docked at the ISS.

Watch SpaceX’s Crew Dragon take one of its shortest journeys on Thursday

SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft is about to take a very short journey at the International Space Station and you can watch a live stream of the maneuver.