Google spokesperson says company is cooperating fully with Paris authorities

Google's Paris headquarters have been raided by French authorities, in connection with an ongoing tax evasion investigation. France is seeking nearly $1.76 billion in back taxes from the search giant.

Leaks suggest Nvidia has 1080Ti and a new Titan in the works

If the leaked specifications for the rumored Pascal 1080Ti and Titan from Nvidia turn out to be true, it seems more than likely that they will steal this generation's performance crown. The question remains, can AMD compete at the…

Have you been hacked? These four websites can tell you

Hacking is difficult to defend against because there's often no indication you've been compromised until damage is done. Thankfully, these four monitoring websites can tell you if your accounts have been involved in a breach.

Get your rig ready for ‘Overwatch’ with new drivers from Nvidia

Blizzard's online shooter Overwatch is one of the biggest releases of the year, and now players can download the latest Game Ready drivers for Nvidia to ensure their PC is up to the task.

Next MacBook Pro said to include OLED ‘touch bar’ to replace some keys

Will Apple ever update its MacBook Pro machine? A usually reliable analyst says to expect a lighter, slimmer design before the end of the year, adding that it'll include an OLED "touch bar" across the top as well as Touch ID support.

LandscapePro offers advanced edits of landscape photos with minimal know-how

Want to edit your landscape photos without the advanced learning curve of programs like Photoshop? LandscapePro from Anthropics Technology does just that. The basic version costs just $40.

3 WebVisions speakers that got our minds spinning

With 14 presenters on tap for this year's WebVisions conference in Portland, Oregon, those in attendance learned about everything from tech's growing role in activism to content strategy for paleontologists.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update launches new hardware requirements, but don't panic

Microsoft has provided new hardware requirements for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 desktop, Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview, and the IoT Core. Screen sizes have changed, memory requirements have been altered, and more.

Steam can run on the PlayStation 4 thanks to Arch Linux, a jailbreak, and old firmware

An individual named OsirisX managed to install Arch Linux on the PlayStation 4, enabling him to run the Steam client and the Bastion game without any visual problems. OsirisX used patched Radeon libraries provided by homebrew…
Product Review

Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim 2TB Review

Seagate's tiny Ultra Slim external hard drive is both pocketable and affordable.

Does faster RAM really make a difference in your frame rates?

Memory hasn't traditionally had much of an effect on gaming. As long as you had enough, that was fine, but it turns out that contemporary, higher-resolution titles actually can benefit from faster memory by a surprising amount.
Virtual Reality

Oculus DRM debacle continues as Revive resurrects itself, cracks Oculus store

You don't even need to have bought the games to get Oculus Home working on your Vive any more, thanks to the latest Revive update. That wasn't the intention, but the developers felt that Oculus' crackdown forced their hand.