Google's Jamboard is a connected, collaborative whiteboard for enterprise

Google's Jamboard is the whiteboard of the future: it connects to the internet, features real-time collaboration, and supports Chromecast. And it ties into Google's suite of enterprise apps.

AT&T’s spying practices may be larger than previously thought, report says

It looks like AT&T's citizen-spying practices are far more wide-reaching than was previously thought. Not only that, but the company could be making a profit by spying on its customers, according to a report from The Daily Beast.

PlayStation 4 hack enables Linux on recent Sony firmware

A showcase event at this week's GeekPwn conference in Shanghai suggests that Sony's PlayStation 4 has been hacked, as a recently released video shows the console running an unsanctioned Linux build courtesy of a web browser…
Cool Tech

Data science artist shows 'virality' of 'Pokémon Go' with data visualization

Swiss artist and data scientist Kirell Benzi has created a stunning data visualization project to show how 'Pokémon Go' exploded in popularity online, as seen through the spread of YouTube videos.

Microsoft is adding windowed messaging and more to the Outlook Mail app

Windows 10 Insiders on the Fast Ring have received some new features that definitely make the Outlook Mail client a good deal more functional, including windowed message support and more.

Zotac unloads three special edition products to celebrate 10 years of excellence

To celebrate 10 years of "excellence," Zotac serves up three new special edition products: a GTX 1080 graphics card, a Magnus miniature PC, and an SSD. The company also said it refined its VR Go backpack, but did not provide any specifics.

Close to the Metal Ep. 18: GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti live review

Nvidia's GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti are the company's new budget video cards, with prices that start as low as $110. Can you really use these cards as an upgrade to your existing desktop, and do they beat the competition form AMD?

Opera 41 speeds up your browsing experience by boosting multitab performance on startup

Opera 41 tweaks the way that the browser loads tabs on start-up, prioritizing certain pages over others to ensure that users can access the content they're looking for as quickly as possible.

LinkUK will take LinkNYC’s free Wi-Fi kiosks across the Atlantic

Having ironed out some of the kinks of the LinkNYC program, plans have been announced for a consortium to partner with BT in an effort to transform London's disused payphones into free Wi-Fi kiosks.

Buy a GeForce GTX 1050. Just get the cheapest one you can find

PC gamers have been waiting with bated breath for the new GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti cards, and we’ve got four GPUs worth of benchmarks. While some of the cards shine, others are too pricey for their own good.

Want Hollywood results on a budget? Here’s the best free video editing software

Video-editing software doesn't have to cost you a paycheck and a half. Here are some of our favorite pieces of free software for making quick and extensive edits, so you can channel your inner Hollywood director.

After Friday’s attack, XiongMai recalls millions of devices that use its tech

Internet-connected devices that use XiongMai's components will be recalled in the wake of Friday's massive DDoS attack. This will mostly consist of webcams although the company also provides motherboards for many web-connected DVRs.