Virtual Reality

Oculus doesn't think users will have room for room-scale virtual reality

While its biggest competitor is going all-in on room-scale virtual reality, Oculus is still very wary of space requirements, according to the company's head of content Jason Rubin.

Lexar product manager explains how not all memory cards are created equal

UHS, U1, U3, Class 10 – trying to understand memory cards is befuddling. So we spoke with Lexar's product manager to get the skinny on formats, features, and quality as well as her opinion on the current format war between XQD and…

Why every browser sucks eventually (It’s all your fault)

The more you use a browser, the more you bog it down. Which is why you should never trust that new browser smell. Every browser sucks, eventually, and it's all your fault.

Oracle wants a new trial after accusing Google of ‘lying,’ now funding an anti-Google group

Lawyers for Oracle allege that Google wasn't entirely truthful about its Android operating system in court. It's requesting a retrial following its loss against the search giant on appeal. Oracle is also funding an anti-Google group.

Hate iTunes as much as we do? Here’s how to give it the ax

Apple's iTunes is a major performance drain in Windows, and it's not exactly sprightly in Mac OS X either. That said, removing the media player be a serious boon to your desktop's performance. Here's how to get rid of iTunes in both…

You can now unlock Chrome OS with nothing more than a PIN

A new developer update lets you unlock your Chrome OS with nothing more than a PIN. "This will definitely come in handy for touch devices," wrote Google employee Francois Beaufort in a Google+ post.

Why the world's fastest quantum computer … really isn't a quantum computer

Over the past six-and-a-half years, Lockheed Martin has made steady upgrades to its Quantum Computation Center — and now the company has a potent 1,152-qubit rig at its disposal. But it's not exactly a quantum computer.

Google Earth Pro used to cost $400 a year — here’s how to get it for free

Google used to charge $400 a year for Google Earth Pro, but these days, it's free. Here's how to install and use this advanced, 3D-mapping software. You'll be exporting HD video and zooming all over the planet in no time!

Asus crams the Nvidia GeForce GTX 10-series of GPUs into six ROG gaming laptops

Asus has announced that six Republic of Gamers notebooks now offer Nvidia's GeForce GTX 10-Series graphics chips, calling a "world's first" with the GX800. This model packs an 18-inch screen and supports an external liquid-cooling dock.
Cool Tech

Microsoft Kinect camera helps assess symptoms in multiple sclerosis patients

Researchers at McGill University have created a motion-recognition algorithm that lets the Microsoft Kinect camera help evaluate walking abnormalities in patients with multiple sclerosis.

RIP Chrome apps: Google is killing them off for Windows and Mac

Looks like Chrome apps weren't as popular as Google may have liked them to be, which is why the company will be phasing them out over the next few years. By early 2018, Chrome apps won't be available on Windows or Mac.