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Neo smartpen N2 Hands-on review 2:06

The Neo smartpen N2, in the hands of a professional illustrator can do some amazing things, but it's really best for avid note takers.

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AT&T Innovation Showcase 2:03

AT&T Innovation Showcase AT&T aims to make its technology backbone of the emerging IoT world, a communication mechanism that will let your car talk to your drapes and door knobs.

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Narbis – First Look 2:17

Wouldn't it be great if there was a device that could train your brain to think better, focus faster, and get more done?

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How to cook the ultimate steak 3:28

Could you, in theory, create "the ultimate steak" if you got the best possible cut of meat known to man and cooked it in the most scientifically perfect way possible?

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Parrot BeBop Drone Hands-on review 3:01

Portable, durable, and incredibly simple to fly; Parrot’s Bebop drone is probably the best quadcopter you can get for under $500.

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Sinclair ZX Spectrum Recreated – Hands On 2:30

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Recreated - Hands On A fun, funky, cool piece of retro art, the Recreated ZX Spectrum lets you play 8-bit games like they were designed to be played, across almost any platform.

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DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Review 2:13

When you picture a drone in your head, chances are pretty good that you picture a Phantom 2. DJI has been making the drone for years now, and the various configurations of it have collectively become one of the more popular quadcopters in the world. We got our…

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Iotas Smart Apartment 1:51

Iotas Smart Apartment If you move into Grant Park Village in Portland, OR, half of the apartments are outfitted with built-in smart devices — though you might not notice the smart lights, plugs, and sensors. That’s by design. Iotas, the start-up that…

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MyFC JAQ Fuel Cell Charger 1:02

MyFC JAQ Fuel Cell Charger The MyFC JAQ is a new product from Sweden that lets you charge your phone up using a simple, credit card-sized cartridge, or fuel cell, filled with water and salts. The product consists of a beautifully designed, pocket-friendly…

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Robot Dances to Michael Jackson 0:00

Robot Dances to Michael Jackson You may not have heard of BQ, but the Spanish company is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in Spain. BQ produces a large selection of mid-range smartphones, tablets, and ebook readers. But who cares about any of that…

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Trends with Benefits: Should you trust smart TVs? Driverless cars? Old yogurt? 34:02

Trends with Benefits: Should you trust smart TVs? Driverless cars? Old yogurt? Podcast episode 17. This week’s podcast features Caleb Denison, Dan Gaul, Nick Mokey and Greg Nibler.  Live from the DT-atorium, we discuss Samsung’s eavesdropping…

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Healbe GoBe calorie counting smartwatch – review 3:08

Healbe GoBe calorie counting smartwatch - review The Healbe GoBe Body Manager is the first device that can track what you put in your body without requiring you to ever glance at a nutrition label. The GoBe told me precisely how many calories I’ve shoveled…

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