Study shows skilled gamers play in moderation and form consistent habits

Two studies out of Brown University showed that gamers who played Halo: Reach consistently in moderation learn the fastest and highly skilled StarCraft II players used keyboard shortcuts habitually, even when unnecessary.

Close to the Metal ep 32: Tonight’s the Night for New GPUs 32:30

As we wait not-so-patiently for tonight's possible announcement of new GPUs from both Nvidia and AMD, we'll cover the rumors to this point, and talk possible implications on this week's Close to the Metal.

Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and GameStop to have limited Nintendo Switch stock for walk-in customers on launch day

The Nintendo Switch may make it to the masses eventually, but, currently, pre-orders are hard to come by. Here's where you can currently find the new console listed for purchase.
Product Review

Oculus Rift Review

Oculus Touch buoys the Rift, but there's still work to be done.

‘Battlefield 1’ Premium Pass expansions and perks revealed

Battlefield 1 players can expect a broad selection of new multiplayer maps, weapons, and elite classes to roll out over the next several months as part of the game's upcoming slate of Premium Pass content.

Xbox Game Pass offers unlimited access to more than 100 games

Xbox One Game Pass is a new subscription service launching this spring that offers access to more than 100 games for $10 a month. The program is very similar to EA's EA Access service.

Ubisoft apologizes for ‘For Honor’ server outage with in-game rewards

For Honor suffered a server outage over the weekend, and Ubisoft is making it up to players with a free in-game reward. Other games like The Division and Rainbow Six Siege appear to also have been affected by the outage.

Eagerly awaiting your Nintendo Switch? Here’s the games you’ll want on day one

When the Nintendo Switch launches on Friday, you will have 12 games to choose from. From an obvious choice to games that show off the console's more unique features, here are the four games you should considering pick up on launch day.

'Job Simulator' turns 'Overwatch' into an all-out office supply war

Job Simulator developer Owlchemy Labs has recreated Blizzard's Overwatch in the game, leading to some hilarious results. If you want to make a sniper rifle, all you need is a coffee mug and some grape juice.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Starting Tips & Tricks for new mecha-hunters

'Horizon: Zero Dawn' features monstrous machines that are as dangerous as they are awesome. Thankfully, you can quickly master the hunt with these essentially starting tips and tricks.

Asus 15.6-inch Full-HD Gaming Laptop is now $150 off retail price

If you're looking to invest in a gaming laptop, but don't want to spend an arm and a leg, look at a more affordable option such as this Asus 15.6-inch Full-HD Gaming Laptop currently marked down to only $800 on Amazon.

Need a new PC? Try one of these 6 awesome laptop deals

If you're looking for a laptop deal, we've collected some of the best deals going right now on new computers. Save up to $150 on name-brand laptops from manufacturers like HP, Acer, and Apple.