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Prepare to die 200 times in Destiny’s first raid

The stats for one of the first successful playthroughs of Destiny's 6-player co-op raid are in, and it's looking pretty challenging.


Watch Conan’s (slightly NSFW) take on the Minecraft acquisition

The ink is barely dry on Microsoft's acquisition of Minecraft and its developer Mojang, and Conan O'Brien has offered his take on what the game's creator is doing to celebrate.


Toy Box 2.0 to be available as standalone download for Disney Infinity

Fans of Disney Infinity who own the first version will be able to download Toy Box 2.0 as a standalone on November 4, making their game compatible with the upcoming 2.0 play sets.


WWE 2K15 delayed to November 2014 for PS4, Xbox One

2K has announced that its upcoming wrestling game, WWE 2K15, has been pushed back until November 18 in North America and November 21 internationally for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


NHL 15 review

EA Canada draws a major game misconduct penalty in NHL 15's opening minutes, with a half-baked current-gen edition that feels inferior to its last-gen sibling in almost every way.

  • Pros: Smooth on-ice play , Huge improvements to the presentation…
  • Cons: It is literally half the game that the last-gen release…

Nvidia adds 4G LTE and more storage to Shield gaming tablet, increases price to $400

Nvidia put an updated version of the Shield gaming tablet up for pre-order. The new device now has 32GB of internal memory and 4G LTE connectivity built-in, but you'll pay an extra $100 for the privilege.


Destiny’s ‘Vault of Glass’ 6-player raid is now live, and it will destroy you

The first 6-player cooperative raid for Destiny, titled Vault of Glass, is now live. It's got a recommended level 26 rating, but that's not a requirement.


Harmonix is going mobile in multi-game agreement with Tilting Point

Music game developer Harmonix Music Systems (of Amplitude, Guitar Hero and Rock Band fame) has signed a multi-game agreement with mobile publisher Tilting Point.


Destiny review

Destiny is immensely fun to play in the moment, a product of its Halo lineage, but it suffers considerably around the long game due to a lack of tutorializes, some questionable…

  • Pros: Tremendously satisfying shooter gameplay , Vast massively…
  • Cons: Baffling lack of tutorials to explain advanced concepts…

Dubai retailer to sell $14K golden PS4, Xbox One consoles, because rich people

For the gamer who has everything and then some, United Arab Emirates retailer Jumbo Electronics plans to sell PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles with a genuine rose gold case.


Xbox One isn’t very portable, so a modder turned it into a laptop

Amateur hardware modder Ed Zarick has taken apart an Xbox One and rebuilt it into a custom, portable laptop with a built-in 1080p screen, the XBook One, and you can buy one.


Take control of Destiny’s Crucible with our multiplayer guide

In Destiny, the Crucible is where you go to make with the player-versus-player action. Use this guide to get a better sense of how it works and how you should prepare yourself.


Canon mulls security concerns after hacker gets Doom running on a Pixma printer

White hat security researcher Michael Jordon has managed to get id Software's 1993 genre-defining first person shooter Doom running on a wireless Canon Pixma printer.


Microsoft buys Minecraft, and the developer behind the blocks

The rumors are true: Microsoft confirms its acquisition of Minecraft developer Mojang. There's no word on what's next for the Sweden-based studio, but Minecraft will continue to live on as a cross-platform franchise.


Rumored Microsoft acquisition of Minecraft dev aimed at mobile growth

The rumored Microsoft acquisition of Minecraft developer Mojang is expected to be announced on Monday, September 15, and many believe the purchase is aimed at boosting mobile growth.