AMD’s upcoming Radeon RX 480 8GB card won’t be that expensive after all

AMD Poland previously revealed the price of the upcoming Radeon RX 480 8GB card on Facebook, but the listing is no longer available. The card launches in late June, based on AMD's Polaris 10 XT architecture and 14nm FinFET process…

'For Honor' masters the art of the duel

For Honor may have carved itself out a compelling niche my mastering an oft-bungled type of hack-and-slash gameplay: one-on-one combat. Ubisoft Montreal manages to make these duels thoughtful and intense, even against an AI opponent.

'Resident Evil 7' Takes to VR With the Best Lessons from the Series — and 'PT'

Capcom’s E3 demo for Resident Evil 7 looks back to the series’ "horror roots" while taking big steps in new directions. The game is a perfect balance of unsettlingly creepy and mysteriously enthralling.
Virtual Reality

Nintendo of America doesn’t think VR is ready for mainstream consumers

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently spoke to Bloomberg during E3 2016 about the company's take on virtual reality. The interview follows recent, skeptical comments about the VR industry from Take 2 Interactive's CEO.

‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ is Stalingrad meets ‘Battlestar Galactica’

The latest ‘Call of Duty’ takes to outer space, and nails the huge, bombastic feel of the series despite its sci-fi setting. Infinite Warfare seemingly has serious potential to take the Call of Duty franchise to some very new places.

SmartBoy turns your Android phone into a GameBoy, buttons and all

Last year's April Fool's Day joke turned into reality, Hyperkin Lab's Smart Boy runs Game Boy cartridges on directly on your smartphone. The software is open source and the company has started taking pre-orders.

It's time for your annual ‘The Last Guardian’ update

As The Last Guardian enters the home stretch, it remains unclear if it will be able to stand on its own merits, or if it will be simply serve as a time capsule of a game that missed its window.

Crowdfunded survival game ‘ReRoll’ canceled, backers will not get refunds

The creators of crowdfunded survival game ReRoll announced this week that the project is no longer being developed, and backers who supported the campaign will not receive refunds.

Mario, Zelda, and more Mario: The 10 best games for Wii U

The Wii U has had some of the most interesting games of this console generation. Here are our picks for the system's 10 best games, whether you like building platforming levels or fighting demons in style.

‘Fictorum’ is the action-RPG exclusively for magic users

Fictorum is an action-RPG from Scraping Bottom Games that puts all the focus on magic users. A destruction system allows you to demolish enormous building with lightning and fire abilities.

Marvel is well aware that fans want more ‘Marvel vs. Capcom’

Marvel knows that there are plenty of fans hungry for a new instalment of the long-dormant Marvel vs. Capcom series — but that doesn't necessarily mean that the project will come to pass.

Anyone keeping count? ‘Mighty No. 9’ has been delayed again on Xbox 360

Mighty No. 9 is available now on PC and almost every console imaginable, but the Xbox 360 version has suffered a last-minute delay. Developer Comcept expects it to be ready in a few more days.