T-Mobile’s free streaming plans top 100 partners with Amazon Music, ESPN, and more

T-Mobile's controversial but extremely popular Binge On and Music Freedom streaming plans have added several new services, including Nickelodeon, Spike, and TV Land, as well as audio streamers Amazon Music and ESPN Radio -- 16 new partners…
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In celebration of Web culture, Webby Awards announces its 2016 nominees

If there's one place on Earth where improvement is constant, it's the Internet. And now, to celebrate exactly how little you can't do online, the Webby Awards are back for its 20th year.

The Beatles Anthology recordings finally hit streaming services

The Beatles Anthology Series, a collection of rare B-Sides, demos, and other performances released in the mid-1990s, has been remastered and released on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.

Future iPhones could automatically censor music and audio books

Apple has a patent on replacement and removal of explicit audio content in music and audio books. Data that contains the location of undesirable audio can be used to replace it with alternate audio, a beep, or silence.

Musi turns your messy room into music

Here's something to make everyone feel a little less guilty about the mess they come home to. The Musi turns the objects around it into music, letting you create music by being dreadful at cleaning.

Watch Taylor Swift fall off a treadmill in her new Apple Music ad

In a new ad for Apple Music that has already garnered over 7 million views since it was posted Friday, Taylor manages to win us over once again with her bad rapping, apparent distaste for cardio, and klutzy ways.

Weekend Workshop: How to build an uber hip DIY turntable wall clock

Instead of letting an old turntable continuously gather dust in an attic, turn it into a beautifully functioning wall clock this weekend with this simple, step-by-step walkthrough.

Paul McCartney to release new four-record compilation of post-Beatles hits

Iconic songwriter Paul McCartney is preparing to release a compilation of 67 songs called Pure McCartney, aimed at at fans who want to have a little fun exploring his post-Beatles life in song.

Kanye’s The Life of Pablo LP hits Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play (Update)

Kanye West's latest record The Life of Pablo may finally hit streaming services besides Jay Z's Tidal, expected to launch on Spotify, Apple Music, and Rhapsody beginning this Friday.

Happy 40th birthday, Apple! Go back in time to see the Apple I, the first iPhone, and more

It has been 40 years since Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak set out to work on the Apple I computer, after selling their prized possessions -- a VW Microbus and an HP-65 Calculator. Here are the company's best innovations for the past 40…

Jay Z wants part of the $56 million he paid for his stake in Tidal back

Jay Z is looking to get some of the $56 million he paid for his stake in Tidal back, saying the former owners said the service had 540,000 subscribers, while the actual number was much smaller.
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Tidal is poised to go beyond music and offer movie streaming

Tidal may be known for the star-studded artist coalition that owns the service, but the streamer is looking to expand beyond music. Moving forward, Tidal is looking to stream movies as well, including original content.