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Backpack that quickly turns into a boat makes the great outdoors even greater

K-Pak is a 9-foot-3-inch “skin on frame” boat-in-a-backpack from the aptly named Folding Boat Company. Best of all? It unfolds in less than four minutes, and weighs just 21 pounds.

Nintendo’s Switch is small, but it can slug it out with PS4 and Xbox One

Nintendo has unveiled its next console, Switch, in a new trailer. While the exact hardware specifications haven’t been released, we know enough to say how it’ll stack up against the Xbox One and PS4.

Faraday Future’s first production vehicle will bow at CES 2017

Faraday Future has announced that it will unveil its first production vehicle at CES 2017. The product is described as a premium electric vehicle and will make its debut in early January.

IBM’s switch to Macs in the workplace is saving the company quite a bit of money

Despite their reputation as being expensive, Apple's Mac computers are saving partner IBM a boatload of money -- hundreds of dollars per Mac. The reason? Fewer service calls, IBM says.

Microsoft to hold its next ‘bug bash’ on November 8-13 to help disinfect Windows 10

To help continuously improve Windows 10, Microsoft periodically hosts specific events aimed at identifying issues, and it has another of these "bug bashes" coming up on November 8-13,

Trends with Benefits: First look at the Nintendo Switch and Tesla goes all-in with autopilot

Nintendo's mysterious NX hybrid console is now officially being called the Switch, and we got a first look at it today. Will this be a success, or is the NES Classic going to be Nintendo's real winner?
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'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' clip gives JJ Abrams' take on Rey's 'Forceback'

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens 3D collector's edition is due out shortly, bringing with it new special features. In the meantime, though, a new commentary clip with J.J. Abrams' insight on Rey's "Forceback" has debuted.

How Arc’teryx uses tech from vacuum cleaners to save your life in an avalanche

The Arc’teryx Voltair airbag pack could save your life if you're ever caught in an avalanche. But did you know that this lifesaving technology started as the result of designers playing with RC helicopters and vacuum cleaners?

Flickr revamp includes responsive redesign, updated notification system

Yahoo-owned photo sharing network Flickr has released a minor redesign, including a new responsive layout, an updated preview feature, and an improved notification system, which includes the long-awaited group notifications.
Movies & TV

Ever wonder about Willy Wonka's origin story? Prequel film aims to tell it

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's eccentric chocolatier Willy Wonka will reportedly get his own prequel movie after Warner Bros. Pictures purchased the rights to make the film from author Roald Dahl's estate.
Product Review

Bowers & Wilkins P3 Series 2 Review

The Bowers & Wilkins P3 Series 2 proves to be a divisive sequel.

Want to go solar? SolarCity to pay $1,000 to any Airbnb host who makes the switch

To help more people turn to solar energy, SolarCity says it will pay $1,000 to any Airbnb host who opts to install its solar panels on their home. The new incentive program will run until the end of 2017.