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10 essential tips and tricks to make your OnePlus 3T even more awesome

Your new OnePlus 3T is a thing of beauty, as is its like-minded predecessor, so why not learn how to use it properly? Here's everything you need to know about making the most of your newfangled OnePlus device.

You may be able to rate movies and TV shows straight from Google search results

Google wants to make rating movies and TV shows a little easier. The company is testing the ability to rate movies and shows straight from its search engine, meaning you won't have to visit other websites to rate or see ratings.

One of the world’s biggest steelmakers may have lost industry secrets to hackers

European steel conglomerate ThyssenKrupp has published a statement about a major hack that was carried out earlier in the year, which is thought to have been carried out in connection withy industrial espionage.

End of the line: Galaxy Note 7 to be disabled in the U.S. starting December 19

Samsung's incendiary Galaxy Note 7 is officially dead. The company has issued a second recall for the device, including the replacements, and will begin disabling all remaining phones through a software update later this month.

Samsung will remotely disable all U.S. Galaxy Note 7s on December 19

If you decided to ignore the Galaxy Note 7 recall because you're not bothered about the possibility of it spontaneously combusting, then be warned -- Samsung is about to render your device completely useless.

Conan O'Brien mourns a dead tree in 'Battlefield 1' during "Clueless Gamer"

Conan O'Brien and actor Terry Crews tried out Battlefield 1 for "Clueless Gamer" and mourned the loss of a tree gone far too soon. The game stands as one of the few that O'Brien genuinely enjoyed during the show.

Typewriter-style computer keyboard is perfect for the steampunk fan in your life

German designer Nanoxia has unveiled its new vintage-style Ncore Retro Keyboard, which harks back to the glory days of the mechanical typewriter. It's perfect for the steampunk fan in your life!

Michigan claims national leadership with fully autonomous vehicle regulations

Michigan's Governor Snyder signed legislation today that regulates the testing, use, and sale of driverless vehicles in the state. Michigan is the first state in the nation with comprehensive autonomous vehicle laws.

Some lucky Microsoft fans are receiving their First League invitations

Microsoft is sending out invites to fans that applied for their First League program, which provides access to Microsoft staff and product information, exclusive access to devices, free Office 365 license, and more.

The 15 best iPad accessories to make more of your Apple tablet

Your Apple tablet is capable of all sorts of things directly out of the box, but you can easily increase its functionality with a few simple add-ons. Check out our picks for the best iPad accessories, whether you're into stands, keyboards…

You will need a constant online connection to play ‘Super Mario Run’

Security and stability concerns have apparently prompted Nintendo to decide that its upcoming smartphone release, Super Mario Run, will require a constant internet connection during play.

It’s more than the wallet-killer: Everything you need to know about NFC

NFC is catching on in several ways, and will only become more commonplace in the future. Here's everything you need to know about the burgeoning technology, including how it impacts your future purchases and file-sharing practices.