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Tesla’s Roadster rides again! New upgrades give the existing model a 400-mile range

Tesla has announced an upgrade package for owners of its debut electric vehicle. The package achieves a 50% increase in range by improvements made to the battery, as well as a reduction in drag, made possible by retrofitted body mods.


PSN and Xbox Live hackers turn their attention to Tor

Sony and Microsoft aren't the only ones with hackers to deal with this Christmas — the same organization that targeted PlayStation and Xbox networks is now going after the Tor platform.


Andrew Jones strikes sonic gold again by designing the best sounding sound base we've heard yet.

While it isn’t without a couple of quirks, Pioneer’s first sound platform has been expertly tuned to offer cinematic excellence, and great music playback to boot, putting it at…

  • Pros: Smooth and silky midrange , Clear extension in the treble…
  • Cons: Bluetooth hiccups , Rudimentary UI makes adjustments a pain

Japanese artist indicted for trying to 3D-print her vagina into a usable Kayak

A Japanese artist, who uses her genitalia as the model and inspiration for her work, has been indicted by Japanese authorities for violating obscenity laws. The charge? Attempting to crowdfund a "unique" 3D-printed boat.


Smart rings, fiber-optic fabrics, and more wearable tech trends coming in 2015

Wearables may be niche products now, but in 2015, they’ll go mainstream. Smart clothing, smart jewelry, and better fitness bands are just some of the trends we’re seeing.


Underneath the subdued, Teutonic styling of the 2016 Audi R8 beats the heart of a Lamborghini

The 2016 Audi R8 is right around the corner, and it's set to do battle with some pretty tough competition. Here's what we know so far about the second generation of Audi's supercar.


Your say Friday: Was there a new PC under your tree?

What was wrapped under your tree this holiday? Was it a new computer, a new monitor, or something else? Tell us in this week's poll!


Leaked images show first look at WhatsApp calling

The plans that WhatsApp and owner Facebook have for world domination include voice calling capabilities, and we now have our first look at how that might work thanks to a set of screenshots.


Don’t kick it to the curb: 11 things to do with your Christmas tree

Once you've taken all the decorations off, there's not much use for a Christmas tree, right? Wrong! There are plenty of ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle with your pine, spruce, or fir.


The Interview fills theaters on Christmas Day

Americans keen to support the constitutional right of free speech – or perhaps simply curious to see what all the fuss has been about – packed theaters on Christmas Day to check out The Interview.

Movies & TV

Startup targets Hollywood with ‘secret messaging’ app

The recent Sony Pictures hack saw thousands of private emails go public, causing many faces at the movie studio to turn a bright shade of red. With that calamitous event in mind, a NY-based startup has begun pitching its secret messaging app to Hollywood.


Turn your PC into the life of the party with yule logs, music, trivia and more

The holidays are a time of family togetherness, and that means it's time to turn off your electronics. Or maybe not. There are ways your computer can make Christmas better.


Ignore the exterior. Ram's ProMaster City offers van-like versatility and car-like economy

Don’t call it a comeback … or a van, for that matter. Rather than classifying it, the easiest way to explain the ProMaster City is by comparing it to a similar vehicle from Ford, the Transit Connect. These two represent a new, more efficient alternative to…


Get up close and personal with the demon monkeys of Temple Run VR

Temple Run VR, a first-person version of Imangi's popular infinite running game, is now available as a free download for the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition headset.