Australian startup Snappr could be the Uber of photography, but photographers aren’t happy

Snappr wants to make photo shoots “quick and snappy," but not all photographers are happy with it. The complaints stem from a set pricing model that lowballs established professionals with unsustainable rates.

Spare your camera gear from rain and snow with this extremely cheap trick

Photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj shows how a simple plastic bag and a rubber band can be used to protect your camera gear for less than a dollar, eliminating the need to carry around those heavy plastic protectors.

Charles M. Conlon's iconic baseball photo collection expected to fetch $1M at auction

Charles M. Conlon is one of the most prolific sports photographers of all time, and now a collection of his life’s work – some 7,462 original negatives – is up for auction. It is expected to pull in more than $1 million.

Industry’s first whole-body editor shows a portrait is more than just a pretty face

PortraitPro Body aims to streamline whole body edits with simplified tools. With options from slimming down to beefing up, the program includes a mix of extreme edits and more subtle adjustments.
Social Media

Internet has the last laugh as burkini ban is repealed

Posting your opinion on the now repealed burkini ban in several French towns could get you faced with a lawsuit -- if that post includes images of the police anyways. One French town tried to sue social media sharers.

Insider video shows how a deconstructed burger commercial is filmed

Photographer and visual engineer Steve Giralt gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to film a deconstructed burger commercial using a Phantom 4K camera and a robotic arm.

Canon 5D Mark IV’s most intriguing feature was hidden away in a bullet point

The most interesting new tech introduced on Canon’s 5D Mark IV was easily overlooked. It’s called Dual Pixel RAW, and will allow photographers to digitally correct optical errors after an image was taken — but only to a very…

Instagram on the desktop just got better thanks to this third-party app

Ramme is yet another unofficial desktop app for Instagram, but it's the most versatile one we've tried. It lets you browse, like, comment, search, and even post photos – all from your Mac or PC.

Searching for a photo? Updated EyeEm app’s AI uses keywords to find it

A new artificial intelligence system will now automatically tag photos in EyeEm, an app that mixes social and stock aspects. The new feature aims to help users sell more of their images in less time.
Virtual Reality

Celebrate ‘America’s best idea’ with President Obama on a VR tour of Yosemite

On the 11-minute tour, Obama takes viewers along during his trip to the park over Father’s Day weekend. He visits landmarks including El Capitan, the Cathedral Rocks, and Yosemite Falls.
Social Media

Snapchat’s live sports filters touching down at high schools

Snapchat is courting teens by expanding its live sports geofilters to include high school football games. The app says the real-time filters will appear at 5,000 games per week, starting in September.

Is a Hasselblad camera module coming to the Moto Z? Leak says it’s possible

Hoping to improve your mobile photography? A new leak shows off the Hasselblad Moto Mod camera module, which will attach to the Moto Z and could seriously improve the quality of photos being taken with the smartphone.