Shooting with Canon lenses on your Sony camera just got easier

With a recent firmware update, Metabones brings Sony's "native" autofocus modes to its Canon EF to E mount Smart Adapters and Speed Boosters. While many issues persist, it's now easier than ever to use Canon glass on a Sony camera.

These rules of composition will greatly improve your videos

Photography and Videography share many things in common, one such commonality is generally accepted rules for composition. This quick video goes over the important rules of composition that apply to video.

Filmora’s free app could help you get more from your videos

Need more video effects? Filmora just released an update for the editing app and desktop software -- and it includes a new special effects store with options from themed packs to individual filters and special effects.

No surprise here: Sony a6300 offers best image quality of any APS-C Sony

Sony continues to dominate the mirrorless camera scene with its latest flagship APS-C camera, the a6300. With image quality improvements across the board, it is a capable machine even when pitted against Sony's own full-frame cameras.

Want to see what 53-billion pixels looks like? Bentley constructs image as big as a football field

Sure, you could use the tech developed by NASA to take photographs of Mars for scientific applications, but wouldn't it be more fun to shoot a luxury car with it? Bentley just unveiled a 53 billion pixel for an ad -- and it's pretty cool.

Capture One photo editor gets workflow enhancements in latest version

Shortly after Adobe's imaging suite updates, Phase One has released the latest version of its photo editor. The bottom line? The latest version includes several useful workflow enhancements.

Farewell to a photography giant: Studio to stop producing huge Polaroid 20×24 film

Polaroid's 20x24 film is on its way out. Kept alive over the last decade solely by 20x24 Studio in New York, production of the the celebrated large-format instant film will stop by the end of 2017.

Nikon releases a so-so solution for the D5's paltry 4K recording times

While 4K may be one of the headlining features of the Nikon D5, the flagship DSLR can only record in three minute clips. That's changing with a firmware update, but there's a catch on that extended 29-minute recording time.

How to upgrade your camera bag zippers for less than $5

In his latest video, Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter shows how a few small pieces of paracord can be used to upgrade the frustrating zippers of your camera bag for only a few bucks.

Shooting smooth, sexy video footage is easier than ever with DJI’s handheld Osmo camera 3:13

Using the same technology found on DJI's iconic line of quadcopters, the Osmo is essentially a Zenmuse X3 camera incorporated onto a powered (and detachable) stabilizer handle.
Social Media

Instagram is getting instantaneous text translations in its apps

Instagram has announced that users will soon be able to instantaneously translate captions, comments, bios and more within its applications with a tap of a button. The feature is set to be released in July 2016.
Cool Tech

Incredible AI app can ‘repaint’ your photos, make them look like they were composed by famous artists

The free, Russian-made, photo app allows users to customize their images by feeding photos through an artificial intelligence that "repaints" them in the stye of great artists like Van Gogh, Munch, and Picasso.