Vivo injects A.I. into its new Super HDR photo tech for more beautiful pictures

Vivo is the latest smartphone maker to add artificial intelligence to its camera app with Super HDR, an enhanced HDR mode that exploits AI's ability in scene recognition to create beautiful photos in any lighting.
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Despite rumors, Instagram isn’t going back to a chronological feed

A video of one Instagram users' feed in chronological order has created a rumor that the news feed is going back to chronological. But according to Instagram, the algorithm-based news feed isn't going anywhere.

Adobe enables faster workflow with updates to XD, InDesign, and Illustrator

Adobe is adding a handful of user-requested features designed to create a more efficient workflow inside XD, Illustrator, and InDesign The updates includes both updates to the user interface options and shortcut-like updates.

The $277 gadget that turns old film cameras into digital shooters is back

I'm Back is a digital back for film cameras that allows old 35mm cameras to shoot digital files -- and it's back on Kickstarter with an updated and fully funded version. The new Pro version adds a screen and corrects vignetting.

Which smartphone has the best camera? We found the sharpest shooters

They say that the best camera is always the one you have with you and that makes your smartphone camera very important indeed. Join us for a closer look at the best camera phones available right now.

PicsArt Gold brings ad-free photo edits with thousands of graphics

PicsArt Gold is a new subscription option for the popular photo editing app that brings ad-free edits and a giant library of assets. The enhanced app costs between $4 and $8 a month, but PicsArt says the free version isn't going anywhere.

This Leica camera from 1923 fetched a record $2.96 million at auction

Leica cameras are expensive, everyone knows that, but $3 million? The huge sum was paid by a private collector for a 1923 Leica 0-Series camera at an auction in Austria over the weekend.

Going somewhere? Capture more than your phone can with the best travel cams

Hitting the road or doing some globetrotting this summer? Bring along the right camera to capture those once-in-a-lifetime vacation memories. Here are some of our current favorites.

More than selfies: Google’s apps bring the world of art to your phone

Google's new Arts & Culture Experiments want to turn your phone into an art museum, with some new apps that let you browse paintings by color palette or explore the 20th century with Life magazine's iconic photos.

Frightened by flash? Learn to light with an LED panel first

Confusing to learn and even more difficult to master, flash photography can be a hard topic for novice photographers to face. Fortunately, if you want an easier way to learn about lighting, a small LED panel may be just the solution you…

Photo FOMO: Meet the $15K glow-in-the-dark camera and the 15-stop ND filter

With a matte black exterior designed to blend in, glow-in-the-dark controls make Leica's latest special edition stand out. The new camera and more in this week's Photo FOMO for photo industry news.